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  1. philheybrookbay

    The 8th Death of 2020

    Nobby Styles. Which means it wont be him given my luck.
  2. philheybrookbay

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Sorry if it's been posted before...
  3. philheybrookbay

    13. Betty White

    Given my flatmate who is watching a Golden Girls marathon with me ( heck anything is more cheerful than the news) was stunned when I corrected him that they'd not all passed away. Good olde Betty White gawd love her.
  4. philheybrookbay

    Holiday Thread

    Well this aged...badly. Currently Zakynthos is with the rest of Greece on a fortnight lock down. They've had 1 death from Corona following a pilgrimage from Israel. 8 weeks to go, but let's be fair, I think we can forget it.
  5. philheybrookbay

    Quiz Show Hosts

    Has he had a stroke?? Looks like it to me.
  6. philheybrookbay

    Room 101

    Prescription charges in England. Scotland, Wales they're free. Here its nearly £10 a pop. Yes I have a prepayment system but it's a extra tax which doesn't seem all that fair on us in England.
  7. philheybrookbay

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Via connections Nadine Dorries to Boris Johnson to Prince Charles to Prince Phillip......
  8. philheybrookbay

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Or do what I did at work. Put a sign up saying infected with unknown virus. Then refusing to go home
  9. philheybrookbay

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Whilst yes its worrying, if you have a normal immune system then you should be able to fight this off speaking to a GP friend of mine. Mind you, theres a nasty cold/cough doing the rounds here at the moment which I caught over the weekend and is now developing nicely on my chest via a hacking cough. Unless that Chinese student who coughed over me by the University last Thursday wasnt in the clear!
  10. philheybrookbay

    The 5th Death of 2020

    I need some new shoes Imelda..
  11. philheybrookbay

    The 4th death of 2020

    We seem to clearing the top 5 rather well so Prince Philip for me
  12. philheybrookbay

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Agree Kirk was like Zsa Zsa to us long term Deathlisters. Hes just been here for that long. Sad day....
  13. philheybrookbay

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    As a Corrie fan, he was a fine actor during the late 60s until he left in 1978. The reintroduction of Ray in 2005 was a time when bringing a character back just worked and his scenes with Anne Kirkbride and Bill Roache were excellent.
  14. philheybrookbay

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    Agree. It's got all the hallmarks of an abusive relationship with our Megan. Trouble is, her old man isn't playing ball, what with the interviews it's all coming across as rather sordid now. I guess the mess Andrew is in is deflecting matters slightly, but with a pending court case for all, itll come back into focus. But like I said before, loose respect of the relatives of the other half and you've got to be pretty cast iron solid to survive.
  15. philheybrookbay

    Nicholas Parsons

    Yup sad news. Just about remember Sale of the Century, and his Just a Minute was the stuff of true legends. Rest gently old friend

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