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  1. philheybrookbay

    Death In The Family

    Sorry Drol for your loss and Biblo- horrible time for you both.
  2. philheybrookbay

    Holiday Thread

    It’s a struggle this Greek wine and Metaxa ...
  3. philheybrookbay

    Holiday Thread

    Depends. By 8pm tomorrow night I won’t give a flying. Greek brandy has that effect on me
  4. philheybrookbay

    Holiday Thread

    Off to Zante tomorrow for a fortnight. Can’t wait for that Mythos beer and a Metaxa or five under the hot sun
  5. philheybrookbay

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Having been a poll clerk last Thursday the turnout although pitiful at around 35%, The was a lot of anger- voters asking how to spoil their paper. Itll be interesting to see the kicking the stories and Labour get later tonight
  6. philheybrookbay

    Theresa May

    Yup she really aged.....
  7. philheybrookbay

    Death In The Family

    Sad news- take care Willz
  8. philheybrookbay

    The 4th Death of 2019

    Into World Cup time of year- Nobby for me
  9. philheybrookbay

    47. Tina Turner

    True or National Enquirer True??
  10. philheybrookbay

    The 3rd Death of 2019

    Tony Britton... Just a hunch
  11. philheybrookbay

    Richard O'Sullivan

    This ones doing the rounds on the Thames TV/LWT fan site on Facebook today. Taken at Richards 75th birthday (possible nurse in background so Brinsworth?)
  12. philheybrookbay

    Death In The Family

    There was a terrible fatal road accident near here on Thursday in Cornwall on A38. Sadly it’s my mates Mum who was the person killed. Just dreadful to wake up to read the heartbreaking news from him this morning.
  13. philheybrookbay

    The Weather

    Meanwhile the UK has just had the coldest Early May bank holiday since they started, temps only got to a max of 13.8c. Last year we were up around 27/28c. More worryingly, is the fact we’re in near drought. It’s barely rained here all winter- in fact it’s rained properly here overnight for the 1st time in about 6 weeks. The last two properly cold Mays with the same drought like conditions were 1995 and 1976. And we know what sort of Summers the UK had those years ( the hottest and longest in recorded history)
  14. philheybrookbay

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Only 1 Ward changes-Peverell goes Labour. Current Labour Lord Mayor is from Stoke Ward hence why white.
  15. philheybrookbay

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    I’ve a sneaky feeling the Green candidate in Drake Ward here in Plymouth (covering the University) whilst not winning will take the 2nd spot and comfortably at that. It’s gone from being a Conservative ward to strongly Labour in the last few years with the Greens doing very very well. Shame the rest of the City is split between the big two now (UKIP vote collapsed last time around and they lost 2 Cllrs with the others defecting to Tory. It needs a shake up tbh

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