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  1. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Nothing of value has been lost with his show being canceled.
  2. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    John Hadl dead at 82. Former San Deigo Chargers quarterback who is in the College Football Hall of Fame after playing for Kansas.
  3. DeathClock

    38. Bill Treacher

    But, who will have sex with me with my wife gone?
  4. DeathClock

    38. Bill Treacher

    I've taken the loss of Mr. Bill Treacher very hard. I have been unable to get out of bed which has caused me to lose my job. I have only showered and brushed my teeth twice since his passing. Today, my wife left me and took the kids. Please help.
  5. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Adam Zimmer, son of former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, dead at 38. He spent time as co-defensive coordinator for the Vikings. He also spent time with the Bengals, Saints, and Chiefs. John McVay, former head coach of the Giants and general manager for the 49ers, dead at 91. Grandfather of current Rams head Coach Sean McVay. He has 5 Super Bowl rings.
  6. DeathClock

    29. Jerry Lee Lewis

    My guess is that he is on his death bed and TMZ wrote his obituary in preperation. The intern just pressed upload on accident.
  7. DeathClock

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Giving strangers a portion of his will. You love to see it!
  8. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Another former New York Jets offensive lineman is dead.
  9. DeathClock

    3. Angela Lansbury

    I am saddened to learn about the tragic passing of Angela Lansbury. She was so young. R.I.P.
  10. DeathClock

    Michael J Fox

    His whole appearance at the event:
  11. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    https://twitter.com/RichCimini/status/1576585476936331264?s=20&t=GvXo7uatlEPv7b95UsK5Tw "Tragic news: Two former #Jets greats, OT Marvin Powell and C Jim Sweeney, have passed away, the team announced. Two fantastic OLM in different eras. Gone far too young: Powell only 67, Sweeney 60. RIP."
  12. DeathClock

    Political Frailty

    Former New Jersey Governor (1990-1994) and eight-term United States congressman (1975-1990) Jim Florio has died at 85.
  13. DeathClock

    48. Jean-Luc Godard

    How people are taking this post seriously is beyond me
  14. DeathClock

    48. Jean-Luc Godard

    A more significant death than Queen Elizabeth, imo.
  15. DeathClock

    Prince Andrew

    If we lived in the 1600s I feel like King Charles would have him executed

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