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  1. DeathClock

    The 12th Death of 2018

    I want to say Wouk or Bush, but I have a feeling there will be no more hits this year.
  2. DeathClock

    13. Stan Lee

    I’m low key pissed off at the media for paying no attention to his death. I was flipping through channels and no one is talking about it. For someone who impacted millions of people you would think they would give him some respect.
  3. DeathClock

    American Football (And Other Yank 'sports')

    I like the Bears this season. If they beat Minnesota at least once they should win the NFC North. But, I can’t see them getting far in the playoffs with the Rams and Saints. Anyway, the Bears should win tomorrow, the Lions aren’t really that good. Have Fun!!!
  4. DeathClock

    25. George Bush Senior

    Needs assistance to press buttons on a machine “Meanwhile, Baker, Bush’s former chief of staff, leans over his shoulder to offer some assistance.”
  5. DeathClock

    Death In The Family

    R.I.P; William M. November 28, 1963 - October 21, 2018 Thank you guys for all of your kind thoughts and comments. It honestly helped me through his final hours and now that he is dead. I honestly think that I will be okay. I have to be strong for my mom, brother, and sister. I will make you proud dad, I promise. Don’t forget guys to eat right, and get some exercise once in a while.
  6. DeathClock

    Death In The Family

    My Dad, 54, suffered a stroke 4 days ago. He’s on life support in the ER. He has been sleeping since he had the stroke. His heart, kidneys, and liver numbers has decreased every single day. The doctor said, that it’s a good time to start gathering family members. I’m only 18, I can’t lose my father yet. Why, God? Why?
  7. DeathClock

    25. George Bush Senior

  8. DeathClock


    It’s pretty embarrassing that the committee picked people in the 1980’s, early 1990’s, that are still alive in 2018.
  9. DeathClock

    2. Leah Bracknell

  10. DeathClock

    40. Denis Norden

    Apparently, his wife, whom he was married to for 75 years died two months ago. Maybe that helped him kick the bucket.
  11. DeathClock

    The 10th Death of 2018

    George Bush Sr.
  12. DeathClock

    14. Stirling Moss

    89 Today!!!
  13. DeathClock

    25. George Bush Senior

    I highly doubt he was the one to write that statement.
  14. DeathClock

    25. George Bush Senior

    Does anyone else think things have been way to quiet with him? I have a feeling he might be in his final days/weeks.
  15. DeathClock

    8. John McCain

    Watching the memorial service at capital hill. Roberta McCain looking ridiculously good for 106.

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