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  1. DeathClock

    15. Rosalynn Carter

    Honestly, every 95-year-old has some sort of memory problem and maybe some form of dementia. Therefore, I'm thinking her memory problems are severe enough to warrant being diagnosed and statement.
  2. DeathClock

    15. Rosalynn Carter

    She's just confused because she thought Jimmy would be dead by now
  3. DeathClock

    The 8th Death of 2023

  4. DeathClock

    The 6th death of 2023

    I have come to terms that Jimmy Carter is immortal. Therefore, I chose Bennett.
  5. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Update of oldest NFL Hall of Famers: 1. Marv Levy, 97 2. Joe Schmidt, 91 3. Gil Brandt, 91 4. Raymond Berry, 90 5. Lenny Moore, 89 6. Sonny Jurgensen, 88 7. Jerry Kramer, 87 8. Jim Brown, 87 9. Chuck Howley, 86 10. Dick Vermeil, 86 11. Tom Flores, 86 12. Dick LeBeau, 85 13. Jim Otto, 85 14. Ron Mix, 85
  6. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Breaking: Bud Grant dead at 95. Vikings Hall of Fame Coach EDIT: ESPN
  7. DeathClock

    6. Jimmy Carter

  8. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Former 3-time pro bowl defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts Fred Miller dead at 82.
  9. DeathClock

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I think Carter will pass somewhere in the middle of March. My prediction is March 17th.
  10. DeathClock

    6. Jimmy Carter

    My grandfather somehow managed to survive 4 months in hospice, so you never know. Carter might've been in hospice for a week or two already but the family put out the statement today because he has a day or two left. I remember John McCain's and Barbara Bush's family both put out a similar statement the day before they died.
  11. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    R.I.P. I watched this video a couple months ago. Dirtiest player in pro football history.
  12. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    New Pro Football Hall of Famer Chuck Howley is dealing with advanced dementia, per show on NFL Network
  13. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    The good news is Jim Brown is healthy enough to end the NFL Honors ceremony tonight. The bad news is he looks pretty bad. EDIT: @MrWonderful beat me
  14. DeathClock

    American Football Players

    Hall of Fame NFL executive Bobby Beathard dies at 86. Architect of the Washingston (REDACTED) Super Bowls. He went to another Super Bowl with the Chargers. Also, helped the Dolphins win 2 Super Bowls.
  15. DeathClock

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    The first celebrity death that I heard of that I felt sadness about was Ken Stabler (former Raiders QB) in 2015, because he was my Dad's favorite football player and he has a signed jersey from him.

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