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  1. chiesa52

    1. Jimmy Carter

    This showed up on CBS Sunday Morning today- looks like he is still fighting- but how much longer can he go?
  2. chiesa52

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    So sorry to hear about this one, he was one of the greatest conductors of his day
  3. chiesa52

    Peter Schickele

    I know that most of you have probably not heard of this guy, but Peter Schickele died today, a hilarious composer of phony- and funny- music sort of in the style of JS Bach- he claimed to have found this guy, the youngest and oddest of JS Bach's 20-odd children. Anyway, sorry if I am breaking any rules, but he was well known here in the United States by nerdy people like me, so I thought I would mention it-
  4. chiesa52

    Norman Lear

    His sitcoms were highly entertaining, but also making important observations about the Society we live in- made many people a lot more aware of life as it is for the whole spectrum- really influenced a lot of Americans in particular- I bet he's not as popular with Republicans though!
  5. chiesa52

    The 19th Death of 2023

    I still think Jimmy Carter. although he may be trying to make it through Christmas
  6. chiesa52

    Sandra Day O'Connor

    I suppose Jimmy Carter is next in line
  7. chiesa52

    Sandra Day O'Connor

    Not a good week for retired political guys in America, is it???? Who will be next????
  8. chiesa52

    Henry Kissinger

    Nah, Carter's a good guy
  9. chiesa52

    Henry Kissinger

    Yeah he would have to survive until next October- I doubt he'll make it that long, sadly.
  10. chiesa52

    Henry Kissinger

    I think he will skip Mr. Kissinger's funeral!
  11. chiesa52

    Henry Kissinger

    Wow, I can't believe how long it took for me to get here- there must be a lot of people coming on! Really funny, but I was thinking of Kissinger last night, expecting him to die soon, and there it is!!!! Well, if Henry could make it to 100, surely Jimmy Carter can too- honestly though, I don't think he will. I wonder if Nixon was there to meet him when he showed up- in whatever place!
  12. chiesa52

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I think it's going to be private, just the family.
  13. chiesa52

    1. Jimmy Carter

    He is oxygen starved- he wanted to be there to support Rosalynn and now that she is gone he has no reason to stay- he will be gone very soon
  14. chiesa52

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I'm watching that too- more than pale, he looks like he is at death's door! Not even sure if he is conscious. I will not be surprised if he dies before the week is out! I strongly recommend that if he is still alive on January 1st, you make him number one on the list- but I don't expect it!
  15. chiesa52

    Rosalynn Carter

    You got your wish.

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