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  1. The Dead Of 2017

    https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/albert-franks-1936-2017 Newcastle Footballer Alber franks has died age 81 p.s. No Helut Khol on the list I see Shame
  2. Derby Dead Pool 2013

    What If someone dies today but the obit comes out on the 1st
  3. John Demjanjuk

    So there never gonna put a Pun for him and Lom
  4. Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    How About Peter Falk? Also you Could Try Charlton heston, Sparky Anderson, Rita Hayworth and Ronald Ragen
  5. Derby Dead Pool 2013

    Well Ive done an aproch pciking the obsurest of the obscure seeing as most people who have wiki articles who die reguly are these sorts of "famous" poepleI made a theme team with the likes of Oprea Singer Eric Tappy and Auther Antonia Barber heard of them? didnt think so!
  6. Ravi Shankar

    RIP Ravi Shankar. Another nailed on list names dies. That's 4 gone in the last week or so. But you can't count anything as 19. Don't work like that. I think he's saying that the amount of DL names that have died this year is 19. The 12 this year, plus Geoffrey Hughes, Ernest Borgnine, Dom Mintoff, Ravi Shankar, Gore Vidal, Sir Patrick Moore, & somebody who I'm forgetting. You forgot Alex Higgins
  7. Ronnie Biggs

    He Will probely snuff it 31st of december
  8. Fidel Castro

    I suppose it can be relitive, For Insance moost people could have geused that Gloria Stuart will die before the much healthier Luisse Rainer, Everyone Knew that Yitzak Shamir, Shianouk and Dom Mintoff were on there last legs, However its almost a mirical that Whitney Housten Managed to Outlive Amy Winehouse by over 20 years even though she had been on drugs longer, People in theire fifteys (Swayze, MacCorkindale, Basteleros, Leinhein and Jobs) all succumed to cancer before some in there 80's, Tony Curtis, Elizibeth Taylor, Peter Falk had altot of Health Issues
  9. The Dead Of 2012

    Actor Charlton Heston who won an oscar for Ben-Hur has Alzhimers disese
  10. Edward Kennedy/Curse of the Kennedys

    this years becomeing nearly as bad as 2008
  11. The 5th Death Of 2012

    2002 Spike Milligan, Milton Berle, Billy Wilder all died the same day
  12. Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Exactly, Taylor, Wynne Johnes Dose not count much like Ed McMahon, Farrah, MJ or Fisher, Stuart, Tony Curtis Or even Shappard, Pekar, Steinbrenner
  13. The 5th Death Of 2011

    Zza Zza Gabor, But not until around mid august
  14. Send Offs

    How about these Ronnie Biggs-Tonights Biggs Stroy Dennis Healy-Takes A Brow Areatha Frankin-Aretha Sells her Soul (Too dark?) Bob Dole-Dole Looses the 2011 Death Poll Tony Martin-Stoney Tony Ray Bradbury-What a Ray to Go! Peire Cardin-Cardiniac Arrest Ernest Borgnine-Vikings Funeral Eli Wallach-The Good the Bad and The Decesed Harry Morgan-M*A*S*H*E*D Diane Wynnes Johnes-And the Wynner is! Dick Cheney-Dick Soup (You know like Duck Soup) Bill Tarmey-Cremation Street Helmut Shidt-So OoOoOoOoff thet Helmut Goes
  15. Hollywood Possibilities

    Who was the First?