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  1. angryGreatness


    1987: de Cesaris, Osbourne (2/31) 1989: Bruno, Ditka, Ian Paisley, Osbourne, Brian Wilson, Jenkins, Cole (7/32) 1990: Noriega, Aznavour, Queen Elizabeth II, Alliss, Ditka, Williams, Winfrey, Waite (8/42) 1991: Willis, Gabor, Beenhakker (3/40) 1992: Ryder (1/37) 1993: Bennett, Ian Paisley, Kissinger, Ray Kennedy, Lineker, Jerry Lee Lewis (6/56) 1994: Castro, White, Kirkbride, Holly Johnson, Thorpe, Shilton (6/50) 1995: Castro, Holly Johnson, Forsyth, Connery (4/50) 1996: Mr T, Thorpe, Domino, Castro (4/50) 1997: Domino, Kirk Douglas (2/50) 1998: Jaruzelski (1/50) 1999: Leeson, Simon (2/50) 2000: Farrakhan, Jaruzelski (2/50) 2001: Tutu, Minelli, Pincher, Wallach, Wouk (5/50) 2002: Brady, Kirk Douglas (2/50) 2003: Gabor (1/50) 2004: Brady, Musharraf, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Michelmore, Mugabe (6/50) 2005: Karzai, Maradona, LaMotta, Wallach, de Havilland, O'Sullevan, Castro, Jerry Lewis (8/50) 2006: Di Stéfano, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Lynn, Bouteflika, Graham, Ali, LaMotta (8/50) 2007: Castro, Graham, Tim Johnson, Piper, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Lynn, LaMotta, Molinaro, Vigoda, Jerry Lewis, Farrakhan (13/50) 2008: Castro, Pincher, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Domino, Gabor, Lynn, Graham, Watson, LaMotta, Karzai, Charles Taylor (12/50) 2009: Havelange, Pincher, Wallach, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Graham, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Christopher Lee, Cardin, B B King (11/50) 2010: Gabor, Pincher, Wallach, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Wouk, de Havilland, Healey, Tork, Edrich, Graham, Bough, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Norden, Attenborough, B B King, Lansbury, Jerry Lewis, Domino, Garner (22/50) 2011: Gabor, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Healey, Edrich, LaMotta, Khamenei, Jerry Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Dole, Cheney, Pincher, Wallach, Ellison, Schmidt, Molinaro, Brady, Cardin, Lynn, Michael Douglas, Nancy Reagan, (21/50) 2012: Harper Lee, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Adulyadej, Gabor, Graham, Pincher, Wouk, de Havilland, Jaruzelski, Mubarak, Lawson, Castro, Healey, Schmidt, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Kissinger, PD James, Macnee, Mugabe, Van Dyke, Randi, Aziz, Ali, Berry, Domino, Gaddafi, Hawking (30/50) 2013: Clive James, Pincher, Gabor, Havelange, Bush, Wallach, Prince Philip, Whitlam, Mubarak, Paisley, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Castro, Lynn, Healey, Harper Lee, Dole, O'Sullevan, Graham, Schmidt, Molinaro, Attenborough, PD James, Adams, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Sallis, Day, Stan Lee, Jaruzelski, Kissinger, Parsons, Stritch, Domino, Garner, Brady (36/50) Full update for Finney and Rooney
  2. angryGreatness


    Nobody expects Viscera. Except maybe his cardiologist.
  3. angryGreatness

    Political Frailty

  4. angryGreatness

    Fergie Frederiksen

    Because A) That's not how Wikipedia formats it's dates. and I've checked that page everyday so I know that the "Died 18 January 2014" part wasn't there before. The small bio section is lifted from Wikipedia but the date of birth and date of death aren't.
  5. angryGreatness

    Fergie Frederiksen

    But look at the dates under the name, the "Born 15 May 1951. Died 18 January 2014" part. That was just recently changed, and is independent of the Wikipedia article. Whoever maintains the BBC Music website took the time to add the date of death, which I believe counts as an obit.
  6. angryGreatness

    Fergie Frederiksen

    I'm fairly sure it does.
  7. angryGreatness

    Internet Celebrities

    Internet reviewer Justin "Jew Wario" Carmical, dead at 42 from suicide.
  8. angryGreatness

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    iirc the BBC Playlist section falls under the same ruling as the Sky "Journalists" page: because it's just scraped material from another site that updates automatically (as opposed to the manual insertion of AP stories onto The Guardian's "World" section) it doesn't count. Otherwise Chick/Chuck/Chock Wills would have scored points in 2013. As I figured. It's not an obit until that "Born 15 May 1951" tagline is updated to say "15 May 1951-18 January 2013"
  9. angryGreatness

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Does this count as an obit for Fergie Frederiksen?
  10. angryGreatness

    Fergie Frederiksen

    Hopefully, Mike Porcaro also dies this year and some obit writer will write "Porcaro is the 2nd member of Toto to die this year, after former lead singer Fergie Frederiksen"
  11. angryGreatness

    Fergie Frederiksen

    And I'm on the board.
  12. angryGreatness

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Does this count? Not so much a report on his death, but a report that mentioned that he has died counts under DDP rules IIRC.
  13. angryGreatness

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    The death of Hiroo Onoda, assuming he gets an obit (and I think he will), makes January 16th the record breaker with 5 hits.
  14. angryGreatness

    Political Frailty

    Coburn won't serve the rest of his Senate term due to "deepening problems with his health". Damn. Should of put him on my main team.
  15. angryGreatness

    Sam Simon

    Don't cry for him, he's already dead. Alternatively: Sam Simon Died on the Way Back to his Home Planet

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