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    The day i was born Buddy Holly past bye on my way here ,so Aeroplanes and music is a big interest

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  1. Der Stadt

    Birth List

    This is July 14th, Is she having a 21 month pregnancy or are you predicting the d.o.b. for the next one to pop out? Its a holiday oh what for. Queens birthday day, month later ,holiday Queen's birthday again ah this ones official .Its all Holidays in the sun.
  2. Der Stadt

    Birth List

    The queen has like two birthdays so July the 12 and more misery for a little part of The Empire they claim .
  3. Der Stadt

    Lemmy From Motörhead

    Can you find the Valium Can you bring it soon Lost Johnny's out there Baying at the Moon, Keith by any chance but yeah the Hawkwind version of lost Johnny is soo much better but lemmy won't kick the bucket he ain't the rehab type rehab for him is playing puggy in some bar ,saw him at reading date (fuck google)The Tourist's were there, fucking Police and motorhead Stomped them a lot of Anarchy about then .Anyway can you put Springsteen on the list . Now Simon looks so evil And you know he really tries But every time he makes a song That vital number dies. Cowell :shock2: :flame:
  4. Der Stadt

    Margaret Thatcher

    They will fix it and not jimmy* old Rod will be number 1 again .See jimmy just jumped in there behind old Rod ,not like him eh .
  5. Der Stadt

    Margaret Thatcher

    What if they bury her too deep and end up in a mine shaft, oh the thought of it.
  6. Der Stadt

    Margaret Thatcher

    Say something nice .eh can they go on strike in Hell.
  7. Der Stadt

    Margaret Thatcher

    :devil:waited long for this Bitch as she did not quite like the journey she was going ,all that death and misery on her head and most just for her iron lady shite .State party :puke: :flame2: Ttaaaaaa
  8. Der Stadt

    Paul Gascoigne

    Celebrity or just idiot to make money out of keep him drunk .Well no booze so he will be in pain the brain the liver all internal organs starting to get thicker blood flow oh it fucking hurts ,then the brain nasty little survivor starts to shut down parts it can do without -little stroke coming or a quick comma and he will yes will get a new liver even though he will drink that to death hes Gazza and a quick squeeze on the balls by Vinny Jones should get him back on the circuit circus yeah well . Why America .
  9. Der Stadt

    Clive Dunn

    Yeah give Clive Dunn the number 50 jumper this guy was an old man at 19 and just stayed that way could he have died young . They will be crying out now for the no.50 jumper or dieing.
  10. Der Stadt

    London 2012 Olympics

    Always wondered why they don't have a doped up Olympics.Lets see just how fast they can run or fly the Drug manufacturers could sponsor it and sure would look good .
  11. Der Stadt

    Celebrity Auctioneers

    Yea a recognizable face for sure a bit surprised to find out he died. I'm Sure there is another guy that looks like him is it his brother? The other one on Bargain Hunt who likes a bit like him is Mark Spencer. Don't think they are related, given their different surnames. Sorry, I meant Mark Stacey, not Mark Spencer! There is a forum discussing them all here: http://forums.digita...d.php?t=1229121 If you read through the entire thread, it seems that the late Mr Barby sported black eyes on at least two occasions, purportedly from falling down stairs whilst drunk. It also seems a few of the female viewers are irritated by Catherine Southorn's propensity for draping herself over male contestants and indulging in mutual gropes. EDIT: Speaking of Catherine Southon, there is this.... Well she dose have something sexy going on ,Clarice Cliff just wish someone would eventually buy all her bloody stuff and smash it wait that would not make it cheep as chips now now what the fuck age is old cheep as chips .Anita ah everybody should have an Aunt like Her ,well everybody in Scotland do .Loads of wee Anita's up there lovely wee funny Wummin.
  12. Der Stadt

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    A Football Team in Glasgow had to wait for Death their fans and all concerned stuck their heads in the sand .Wonder what they got from that ,Dead ear.
  13. Der Stadt

    Eric Sykes

    Always found him boring very boring little boring jokes made into little speeches no ,no feelings at all a very boring death and not one decent gag on here ,now that shows he was boring .Death should not be boring god, you get one shot at it .
  14. Der Stadt

    The 6th Death Of 2012

    I had a right royal rumble about the Royals and The Duke of Edinburgh(cunt nothing to do with Edinburgh). Well now he is definitely warm or soon,wait very warm i want him to roast the quick chill freeze. After all they have had the wedding,jubilee now the big Funeral and yes a birth of another mouth for us to feed. You just know its on the cards .Ace of Spades.He would love that Ace of Spades did it love told you about that crewe.
  15. Der Stadt

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Bladder infection or the old cunt was bladdered at the party ,give him laxatives and let him blow just blow ra fuck up. The Greeks are in the shit anyway.

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