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  1. Fantasy Baseball season has started on Yahoo (and probably other sites) with games being played in Japan.
  2. torbrexbones

    41. Tony Britton

    The section headline says "A place to discuss the 2019 list" it does not say that the discussion has to be up to date health news.
  3. torbrexbones

    41. Tony Britton

    Can be seen all this week in Robin's Nest on freeview 81 at 17:30
  4. torbrexbones

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Robins Nest to get a showing at 5:30pm on Talking Pictures channel (Freeview 81) from today and all week.
  5. torbrexbones

    St. Patrick's Day

    I have Irish ancestry but I still never got the whole hoo-ha about St Patrick's Day.
  6. torbrexbones


    I am on a guilt trip this week, I had my dog neutered yesterday and he looks so forlorn and miserable, especially with the cone on his head.
  7. torbrexbones

    Animal Antics

    If you read the whole article, the Authorities didn't want the lions anywhere in the country so must have taken advantage of the situation and instructed the police to kill them
  8. torbrexbones

    Animal Antics

    A man has been mauled to death by a lion caged at his family home in the eastern Czech Republic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47454610 Michal Prasek owned the nine-year-old big cat and another lioness for breeding, reportedly drawing concern from local residents. Mr Prasek's father found his body in the lion's cage and told local media it had been locked from the inside. The animals - living in separate pens - were shot dead by police called to the scene. A police spokesperson told local media that the shootings were "absolutely necessary for them to get to the man". Mr Prasek, 33, bought the lion in 2016 and the lioness last year, and kept them both in home-made enclosures in his back yard in the village of Zdechov. He had previously been denied planning permission to build the pens, and was subsequently fined for illegal breeding. But his conflict with the authorities reached a stalemate after he refused to let anyone onto his property.
  9. torbrexbones

    World War Three

    Would anyone else bother to get involved if those two started having a go at each other? Bring it on I say.
  10. torbrexbones

    A Joke

    Would it still be funny if you spelt the name of the bird correctly? Stork
  11. torbrexbones

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    It's my sensibility that stops me doing that.
  12. torbrexbones

    The Weather

    Like this image of the fork stuck in the noodles frozen PDQ
  13. torbrexbones

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Living in Fife, I choose Dundee as my viewing point so that if it can be seen there then I will be able to see it as well. Low angles often mean that it can be obscured by tree, hills or even houses on the horizon.
  14. torbrexbones

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    For anyone interested and in the UK south of Dundee, the ISS will be visible passing over from (roughly) west to east at 6:49pm this evening (31st Jan)
  15. torbrexbones

    You need to talk? You’re welcome!

    I have been alone for nearly 40 years, I don't think that I have ever been lonely.

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