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    Between the sky and the ground.For now.
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    Feeling sorry for people who dont imbibe,things only get better as the day progresses.Reading the s**t I posted @ 3.00 am & apologising!!

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  1. Replace 'cat' with 'student', and you've pretty much described my life. BTW - I shall be coming back as an elephant. BTW?? Have the liteary standards sank so low on this forum?
  2. M Busby Airlines

    Caption Competitions

    Yes, after posting the caption I realised that I'd conflated Mr Head-Crusher with his arch nemesis, the Face Squisher, but couldn't be arsed to change what I'd put [read: I thought it had been quoted in subsequent posts, so figured if I went in and changed it, evidence would continue to linger]. [Defensive Former Groupie mode]Not only did I go and see KITH live when they were at the height of fame, I saw every episode as they were aired, including the Pilot episode. I had the Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet album and would have gone to see them live except for the fact that the gig was in a bar and I was still a minor at the time. Bruce McCulloch went to my high school (though, er, several years before I did) and while I was a student there, I found the Yearbook in which his Grade 12 (year of graduation) photo and blurb appeared in the library archives. Myself and an equally obsessed friend then had T-shirts made, with the photo on the front and the blurb on the back. (We wore the shirts when we went to see them live.) Furthermore, myself and said friend wrote a number of letter to the Kids, in which (if I remember correctly) we suggested that we should appear on the programme. We also requested a replica Hecubus puppet. Not only were we never sent one, but the bastards never even responded (though their crappy fan club did).[/Defensive Former Groupie mode] I recently heard on the CBC that the Kids in the Hall are getting back together. In honour of this, the show hosts played These are the Daves I Know and it made me feel very nostalgic! And you call my posts S**t???? Kettle,Black;Pot.
  3. M Busby Airlines

    Peter Sutcliffe

    At this stage,she has probably succumbbed to several hairy lorry drivers.
  4. M Busby Airlines

    Wincy Willis

    Aha! Is this perchance the act of being ironic? No, that's sarcasm. Or were you being ironic? I'm buggered if I know, mate. Yeah,but its a pain in the ass discovering the truth,
  5. M Busby Airlines

    Caption Competitions

    "who put the bug in my tea!" What happened to George W ,he was here a second a go? Big cheeks,but thats what I like.
  6. M Busby Airlines

    Jack Wild

    you are a W**ker mate..................you didnt even know the guy......he was a better man than you will ever be............lets hope one day you are as unfortunate as he was having his voice box removed.....then lets see you crack jokes then. you should be F*****g ashamed of yourself you loser Did you know him? Mime one of his favorite songs.
  7. M Busby Airlines

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Erm..................... do you mean this thread?, It's not locked Youth, never has been. Is there possibly another thread you mean? It was most definitely locked earlier, someone is mucking about. Oh Well,if you cant trust your own,who can you trust?
  8. M Busby Airlines

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Damn the NHS
  9. M Busby Airlines

    Raine, Countess Spencer

    Oh the irony... Anubis ,dont let Harrods get the hump. Guest - NO.Quite sad really.
  10. M Busby Airlines

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    What?,pass me a cigarette.
  11. M Busby Airlines

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    FeliƧ Anniversari.BHB Good tidings to ALL of you.
  12. Listen to BBC local radio. Like a quiz? Scousers live radio quiz.
  13. M Busby Airlines

    Jack Palance

    http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.ns...with%20push.ups check it out you morose bunch of c**ts. The Forest of Love? Is this something to do with being hirstute?
  14. M Busby Airlines

    Caption Competitions

    And when Gordon pulled out I knew HE was the one!
  15. M Busby Airlines

    Near misses 2006

    Gimme a break! Wiki is sh*t (the DL entry excepted, of course ). Pat has his/her own Wiki entry, for chrissakes. Since when is having a Wiki entry proof of anything? I'm all for sorting this business out, but I don't think Wiki is the answer. I don't even think the DL candidates should have Wiki links on the DL front list forum page thingy. Wiki is bollocks. Iain (bless him - I have no issues with his sweet yet vain attempts to post relevantly on this site) is proof that Wiki info is unreliable and shoddy at best. Surely we should be relying on actual news stories for our info, even if it's just the Near Misses or Not Exactly Famous threads. I mean, if there isn't a news story about the individual's death somewhere in the world, then perhaps their death shouldn't be posted on this site. That strikes me as a fairly good criteria [editor's note: criterium?]. With regard to the two threads: I think they should be merged into one, semantics notwithstanding. They pretty much have the same stuff posted in them, anyway. Is there a vacancy on Mods? Do I hear the slap of tongue on brown star? BBC,CNN,SKY;ABC,Reuters ,in the UK for a death. The nearlies, any 2/3 mentions on a reputable news source,such as Google,MSN,BBC,Yahoo,ABC,CNN,should be enough to appease even you. Other than that is not relevant.

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