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  1. Thatcher

    UK Singles Chart

    Pamela Hutchinson dead.
  2. Thatcher

    The Dead of 2020

    Terence Conran, designer and retailer, has died aged 88.
  3. Thatcher

    Sheikh Down

    I believe that denial was in relation to rumours of the Kuwaiti Army making manoeuvres in Kuwait City (as a result of the supposed death) as opposed to an outright denial that the Emir has died.
  4. Thatcher

    Sheikh Down

    Rumours beginning to circulate of the death of the Emir of Kuwait. Saudi journalists are tweeting their condolences, but no official word yet. Take it with a pinch of salt I’d say.
  5. Thatcher

    Political Frailty

    Martin O’Neill, Baron O’Neill of Clackmannan, former Labour MP for Clackmannan and Eastern Stirlingshire (1979-1983) and Ochil Clackmannan (1983-1997) and Ochil (1997-2005), has reportedly died aged 75. Served in Kinnock’s Shadow Cabinet as Defence Secretary from 1988-1992. Edit: The Guardian obituary.
  6. Thatcher

    Voice Actors

    Norm Spencer, who voiced Cyclops in X-Men: The Animated Series and in video games, has died aged 62.
  7. Thatcher

    Shinzo Abe

    Most likely would’ve stood down at the next election scheduled for the back end of 2021 but going before the Tokyo Olympics are (planned to be) held in under a year? I think your suspicions will be proved right.
  8. Thatcher

    Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    Eric Hughes, rugby player and coach, has died aged 73. He played for Widnes and St. Helen’s, as well as coaching St. Helen’s and the Wigan Warriors. He had 10 caps for England from 1975-1979 and 8 for Great Britain from 1978-1982.
  9. Thatcher

    Death By Jazz

    Steve Grossman, American Saxophonist, has reportedly died aged 69.
  10. Thatcher

    Political Frailty

    James Thompson, former Governor of Illinois (Republican, 1977-1991), has died aged 84. He was the longest serving Governor of Illinois. Edit: Daily Mail
  11. Thatcher

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Linda Manz (IMDB), American actress who appeared in Days of Heaven, Out of the Blue and The Wanderers, has died aged 58. Edit: The Independent
  12. Thatcher

    Time Added

    Aye, as well as three league titles, four Scottish cups and two League cups. If you would like to reduce his entire notable playing career to his appearance at the 1978 World Cup then go ahead and post it there too.
  13. Thatcher

    Time Added

    Tom Forsyth, Scottish defender who played for Motherwell (1967-1972) and Rangers (1972-1982), has died aged 71. He also made 22 appearances for the Scottish National team from 1971-1978. Edit: BBC
  14. Thatcher

    Broadway - "the Great White Way"

    Howell Binkley (IBDB), lighting designer who won Tony Awards for Jersey Boys in 2006 and Hamilton in 2014, has died.
  15. Thatcher

    Dead Pop Stars

    And now he’s dead. Edit: Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Star, Metro, Daily Mail

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