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  1. Thatcher

    African Despots

    Sadiq al-Mahdi, Prime Minister of Sudan from 1966-67 and 1986-89, has died from Covid-19 age 84. After being ousted in two coups, he continued to serve as Leader of the National Umma Party. Obituaries: The Times (noted in a round up of Covid-19 around the world), Daily Mail.
  2. Thatcher

    Diego Maradona

    Man’s a goner.
  3. Thatcher

    Dead Pop Stars

    i_o (aka Garrett Lockhart), DJ and EDM producer/artist, has died aged 30. His remix of the club classic Castles in the Sky only came out a few days ago. Obituaries: Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Metro.
  4. Thatcher

    African Despots

    Usurped 10 years ago and now Mamadou Tandja, President of Niger from 1999-2010, dead aged 82. Obituaries: The Independent, Daily Mail.
  5. Thatcher

    British Science Fiction Series

    Louise Pajo (IMDb), Kiwi actress who played Gia Kelly in The Seeds of Death serial in Doctor Who, has died according to social media reports.
  6. Thatcher

    Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    Christophe Dominici, French rugby player who played for Stade Français (1997-2008) and gained 65 caps for France from 1998-2007, found dead aged 48. He played for the French team across numerous Rugby World Cups and Six Nation Tournaments. Obituaries: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Metro, The Independent, The Sun, BBC.
  7. Thatcher

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Billy Evans, American basketball player who was part of the Gold winning team at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, has died aged 88.
  8. Thatcher

    Voice Actors

    David Hemblen (IMDb), an English voice actor who voiced Magneto in X-Men: The Animated Series from 1992-97, died earlier this month aged 79.
  9. Thatcher

    The Dead of 2020

    John Gilbert Getty, son of Gordon Getty and an heir to the family fortune, has died age 52. His brother Andrew Getty died back in 2015. Obituaries: The Times, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star.
  10. Thatcher

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I’m sure already on many people’s long lists and radar, but Senator Dianne Feinstein has announced she will not be seeking to serve as Chair or ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee in this Congress. More than likely she doesn’t have the support of her colleagues given her handling of the Barrett hearings, but at age 87 perhaps one to keep in mind if there is any other reasoning for her not seeking the position.
  11. Thatcher

    Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    Ray Prosser, Welsh prop who played for Pontypool, as well as gaining 22 caps for Wales between 1956-1961 and representing the British Lions on the 1959 Tour, has died aged 93. He also coached at Pontypool from 1969-1987. Obituaries: BBC, Sky, ITV.
  12. Thatcher

    Art For Death's Sake

    Sandy Dvore (IMDb), Emmy award winning graphic designer who designed the opening sequences for shows including The Waltons, The Partridge Family and The Young and The Restless, has died age 86.
  13. Thatcher

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Ernesto Canto Gudiño, Mexican athlete who won Gold at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the 20km Race Walk, has died aged 61.
  14. Thatcher

    Academic Footnotes

    Judith Jarvis Thomson, American philosopher, has reportedly died aged 91.
  15. Thatcher

    Crew Of USS Enterprise

    Herb Solow (IMDb), producer who oversaw the development and sale of Star Trek to NBC, has died aged 89. He worked on other TV shows including Mission: Impossible and Man from Atlantis. Obituaries: Daily Mail

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