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  1. Thatcher

    Prince Charles

    Unsure about Prince Philip, but he last saw The Queen on 12 March and the extended family was last together on 9 March.
  2. Thatcher

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Prince Charles has tested positive.
  3. Thatcher

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    More pivotal than when they took out Bin Laden. Buckle up, it’s gonna be bumpy.
  4. Thatcher


    Don Larsen, MLB pitcher for St. Louis Browns (1953-1954), New York Yankees (1955-1959), Kansas City Athletics (1960-1961), San Francisco Giants (1962-1964), amongst others, has died aged 90. The only person to pitch a perfect game in World Series history. Obituaries: Daily Mail, The Sun
  5. Thatcher

    Houston, You Have A Problem!

    Will death suffice? Nick Gordon reportedly died today aged 30. Obituaries: Daily Mail, Metro, Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Sun, Daily Express
  6. Thatcher


    Lexii Alijai, female US rapper, has died aged 21. Obituaries: Daily Mirror, Daily Star, The Independent, Metro, The Sun
  7. Thatcher

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    After watching Dame Edna Rules the Waves on BBC1, I’d say Barry Humphries could be a possibility.
  8. Fuck over the working class and don't be surprised when they thump you. The most ironic thing I read this election was a Guardian headline the other day quoting Corbyn - "Let's give the establishment a shock". The people tried to give the establishment a shock in 2016. And you ignored it and thwarted it at every turn. Now you'll pay the price.
  9. Thatcher

    UK election. You voted for?

    Conservative obviously.
  10. Thatcher

    Political Frailty

    Frank Dobson, MP for Holborn and St Pancras (1979-2015) and Secretary of State for Health (1997-1999), has died aged 79. Edit: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Independent, BBC, Guardian
  11. Thatcher

    Political Frailty

    Brian Mawhinney, former MP for Peterborough (1979-1997) and North West Cambridgeshire (1997-2005), has died aged 79. Minister of State for Health (1992-1994), Secretary of State for Transport (1994-1995) and Conservative Party Chairman (1995-1997), as well as serving as the Chairman of the Football League for a while. Edit: Daily Mail, The Sun, BBC obituaries
  12. Thatcher

    Gay Byrne

    Dead aged 85. Edit: Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC obituaries.
  13. Thatcher

    Jacques Chirac

  14. Indeed. The Government may be up shit creek, but the public and voting intentions don't seem to care.

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