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  1. Here is the last known photo of Sabrina (IMDb). Such a shame she never got to reboot her career in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.
  2. The Dead Of 2017

    Lieutenant General Sir Richard Swinburn, Commander of the UK Field Army (1994-1995), has died aged 79. He married Susan Ferguson, the stepmother of Sarah, Duchess of York in 2012.
  3. Death By Jazz

    Grady Tate, an American jazz drummer and vocalist, has died aged 85.
  4. Morgan Freeman

    Why is Rob Schneider falling for a couple of days of death hoax? Even so you would think he'd have agents to control this sort of thing or have deleted it after 10 minutes of being told he's wrong. Or is Rob Schneider just ahead of the game... Edit: He was wrong.
  5. Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Jean Rochefort (IMDb), a French actor, has died aged 87.
  6. For what it's worth, The Times gave her an obituary today.
  7. The Dead Of 2017

    William Tepper (IMDb), an American actor who appeared in TV shows such as Kojak and Ironside, as well as starring in the movie Drive, He Said , has died aged 69.
  8. Political Frailty

    John Miller, a Republican congressman representing Washington (1985-1993), has died aged 79.
  9. Gordon Banks

    Poor Gordon, using a death hoax as an opportunity to drum up business for personal appearances... desperate times.
  10. Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Lyudmila Gureyeva, Soviet volleyball player who won Silver at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, has died aged 74.
  11. The Dead Of 2017

    Tim Quill (IMDb), an American actor who has appeared in TV shows such as ER, CSI: Miami and Scandal, as well as movies including Hamburger Hill, Hiding Out and Argo, has died aged 54 following a battle with cancer.
  12. Baseball

    Solly Hemus, MLB player for the St. Louis Cardinals (1949-1956, 1959) and the Philadelphia Phillies (1956-1958), has died aged 94. He went on to manage the St. Louis Cardinals from 1959 to 1961, and was one of the last living MLB player-managers. For those interested, the remaining few MLB player-managers are: Frank Robinson (b. 1935) Joe Torre (b. 1940) Peter Rose (b. 1941) Don Kessinger (b. 1942)
  13. British Character Actors

    Marc O'Shea (IMDb), a Northern Irish actor of screen and stage who has appeared in The Bill, Heartbeat and Mo, has died in his early forties.
  14. Tom Petty

    Sounds like he's dead - not breathing, no brain activity and life support pulled. Edit: Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mirror, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph obituaries.
  15. Country For Old Men (And Women)

    Tom Paley, an American guitarist and banjo player who was a founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers, has died aged 89. Edit: The Guardian obituary.