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  1. Handrejka

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    I think I did the same with Carmel McSharry a few years ago.
  2. Handrejka

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    On the other hand, the Michael Fish in my Well done if you got these at home team is the weatherman. It's also a theme team.
  3. Handrejka

    Buzz Aldrin

    Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananamkoa was 91 when she married her spouse.
  4. Handrejka

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    Labour leader John Smith in 94 and actor Jeremy Brett in 95.
  5. Handrejka

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Ben Willbond is a fabulous 50 today.
  6. Handrejka

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    James Hayer, not that I knew his name. I just remember my mum telling me that the man who voiced the Mr Kipling adverts had died. (March 83) The first I remember seeing on the news was Violet Carson's who I initially thought was my great gran as she looked just like the pictures I had seen of her. (December 83) The first where I knew the name and what they were famous for was John Comer. (Feb 84) First obit I remember reading was Doreen Sloane's (April 90) I was born in the latter half of 1976 for context. I am aware these names will mean nothing to non UK people.
  7. Handrejka

    Mysterious thread…

    The Isdal woman has been a minor obsession of mine for at least a decade, in a similar vein Jennifer Fairgate is another one that interests me.
  8. Handrejka

    43. Michael Parkinson

    I thought Baker was Alan 'Fluff' Freeman at first if that makes you feel any better.
  9. Handrejka

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Larry Grayson died in this day in 1995 aged 71. In doing so he settled a debate my friends and I had had a week earlier as to whether he was still with us or not.
  10. Handrejka

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    I also remember seeing some fairly recent pictures somewhere and thinking she looked good. I hope she is around for a while yet as I do like her, but it did make me wonder.
  11. Handrejka

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    I read on another forum that Valerie Leon is in Denville Hall. She will be 80 this year, may be worth keeping an eye on?
  12. Handrejka

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    The trailers looked good, I might give it a go. The TV highlight for me this year has beenn The English which had an unpromising first episode but which turned out to be brilliant, not for the faint hearted though.
  13. Handrejka

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    I was considering a Brookside theme team this year, but went with Crown Court for my TV show of yesteryear. Is Peter ill or is it just a punt? My Crown Court Theme. A Bottle of Lucozade and the Warm Blanket. 1. Barbara Young 2. Jill Freud 3. Malcolm Hebdon 4. Geoff Hinsliff 5. William Gaunt 6. Tony Caunter 7. Vernon Dobtcheff 8.Richard Wilson 9. Caroline Blakiston 10. Doreen Mantle 11. Eleanor Bron 12. Arnold Yarrow 13. Robert Powell 14. Keith Clifford 15. Peter Ellis 16. Norman Bowler 17. Michael Jayston 18. Nadia Cattouse 19. Frances White 20. Judy Parfitt. I have also resubmitted my Lost of the Lost and Well Done if you got these at home themes.
  14. Handrejka

    Shadow Lists

    Here is my shadow list for this year, which was also the team I sent for my Crowdsourced list. 1. Jimmy Carter 2. Jean Marsh 3. Prunella Scales 4. Frank Field 5. William Labov 6. George Alagiah 7. John Savident 8. Gudrun Ure 9. Marianne Faithful 10. Bill Tidy 11. Lee Grant 12. Mary Quant 13. James Whale 14. Linda Nolan 15. Yoko Ono 16. Glynis Johns 17. Jacques Delors 18. Tippi Hedren 19. Vanessa Redgrave 20. Vera Miles 21. Christiane F 22. Mike Yarwood 23. Joe Benton 24. Clive Barker 25. Harry Belafonte 26. Johnny Irwin 27. Jane Fonda 28. Rolf Harris 29. Kenneth Anger 30. Gerald Harper 31. Joss Ackland 32. Tony Soper 33. Eva Marie Saint 34. Roberta Flack 35.Burt Bacharach 36. Mangoseth Buthelezi 37. Christopher Benjamin 38. Kenneth Cope 39. Norman Tebbitt 40. Derren Nesbitt 41. Thomas Noguchi 42. Cecile Langlois 43. Annette Allard 44. John Standing 45. John Woodvine 46. William Shatner 47.Michael York 48. Mitzi Gaynor 49. Christopher Timothy 50. Henry Sandon
  15. Handrejka

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    Please add Johnny Irwin to replace Pele please. Thanks

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