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  1. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Part two was on last night. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p060ms2h
  2. Birth List

    I'll take a bet on Arthur Henry Charles.
  3. Historically Already Dead Pool

    Just out of curiosity as I've already put my team in, would you have accepted Jack The Ripper?
  4. Historically Already Dead Pool

    1. Emmeline Pankhurst 2. P.T Barnum 3. Arthur Conan Doyle 4. Edward Smith (Titanic Captain) 5. Rudolph Valentino 6. J.M Barrie 7.George Stephenson 8.King George V 9.Grigori Rasputin 10.William McKinley 11. George Mallory 12.Wilfred Owen 13. Vincent Van Gogh 14. Jane Austen 15. Alois Alzheimer 16. Fyodor Dostoyevsy 17. Claude Monet 18. Thomas Hardy 19. Leo Tolstoy 20. Lewis Carrol
  5. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A podcast about the Isdal Woman case which I think I've mentioned here a couple of times. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p060ms2h
  6. Avicii

    Me neither. I thought it was a racehorse when I saw the thread.
  7. Names we dislike

    That's a name?
  8. Dale Winton

    Maybe, but Dale would have been in his 20s at the time and I can't imagine an overweight, narcoleptic 50 something would be anyone young man's choice for a lunchtime tryst no matter how unconventional his tastes. I could however see Jon Pertwee as a possibility. Anyway I've spent far too long already pondering on which two now dead men may have been fucking 40 odd years ago so I will leave it there, other than to say Lewis Collins put on a convincing camp voice a couple of times in The Professionals..
  9. Dale Winton

    I have trouble imagining anybody wanting to sneak off at lunchtime to fuck Arthur Lowe.
  10. Dale Winton

    Well quite. Who were you thinking of then?
  11. Dale Winton

    Not the DeathList favourite? Actually, I did wonder if it might have been John Le Mesurier.
  12. Dale Winton

    I thought Gareth Hunt but Peter Gilmore is a good call.
  13. Dale Winton

    Yes, he was.
  14. Hollywood Possibilities

    Tyner died last year, thought it's only just being reported. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Tyner
  15. Names We Like

    I like quite lot of N names, Nina, Naomi, Natasha, Nadia, Nicole (but not Nicola), L names Lorna, Laura, Lucy and K names Kirsten, Katrin, Katherine, Karen, Kirree (Manx for sheep but used a girls' name here) For men I like Gregory and Gregor (but not Greg), Roland, Alexander , Sebastian and one I'm very embarrassed about, Clive.