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  1. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    John Kenneth Galbraith

    John K. Galbraith has died. Pity for DL. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6043000062.html
  2. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Are You A Post Whore?

    Yes. I have long dreamed of getting to 300 posts. I daresay the number of my posts is the most important part of my life. Having accomplished my goal I shall retire from teh field for a celebratory coors light. Good day Gentlemen.
  3. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Long Life

    You;ve got to have goals
  4. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Fat And Fearless

    Speaking of fat people, Louie Anderson must be getting reday to pop his clogs. He's chunky and unhappy and his career has completely stalled. Reminds of a less likebale john candy shortly after finishing producation on canadian bacon.
  5. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Henry Kissinger

    POint of order he did serve in the earliest administration of any remaining sect. fo state.
  6. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Peace Activists In Iraq - Brave Or Barmy?

    With all the nastines that seems to be coming from Iran, I venture peace activists are pointless. I further posit a great quote from Tacitus, for only the most marginal of connected reason "Rome created a Desert and called it Peace."
  7. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Bird Flu

    Isn't it mentioned in Wikipedia somewhere? Wikipedia is suppose to mention everything. He said no credible source.
  8. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Fidel Castro

    I remember reading somewhere that everyone in his family, even the men, lived extremely long lives. THe DLC was right to avoid him this year.
  9. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Oral Roberts

    A soul that should just be claimed if not givin good fortune... Forgot to carry a two...the actual date will be June 20.
  10. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Oral Roberts

    The clever blurb underneath his name "all talk, no action" His wife said the same thing "He's named Oral"
  11. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Ray Bradbury

    Typically people in wheelchairs are quite unable to stand. Usually, unless they try to pull off some stunt. Like' everybody gather round.. Look the old man is standing and is about to speak. In a situation such as this respect comes in many many forms. He looks decrepid(sp) though. It'll be him and Arthur C. Clarke and Studs Terkel, all right in a row.
  12. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Art Linkletter

    Did he and Harry Morgan hang out back in the day?
  13. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    Magic Johnson, And Other Basketball Players

    I wish I just had a portion of what he has spent on AIDS cure and I could retire! Have you ever considered defrauding the charitable? Start up a fake AIDS research charity and let the money pour in.
  14. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    World War I Veteran(s)

    I think it's a shame that they're suggesting a state funeral for the last one. Just think how you'd feel if you were the family of the 2nd to last one to die. It's a nice idea though. That's really the last link to an age when men were men and people who understood that we could use a man like herbert hoover again.
  15. Life Begins at 5 o'clock

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    the following is a rant from a person of souther extraction. please do not take it personaly, it is intended to be a general expression of upset-ness---- isn't it interesting how people feel free to poke fun at southerners, things that wouldn't be tolerated if aimed at another group. they wouldn't say that about gays, or blacks, or michigan-ers. not pc. my family is all from arkansas, texas, and louisianna. i have been in arizona most of my life, but still have a trace of an accent, and tend to use alot of southern expressions. i have been teased about it for years. one day i'm gonna knock somebody's cotton-pickin head right off. and you are supposed to put cole slaw on bbq sandwiches!! we return you now to you previously scheduled forum. I guess I should just stick with the people some southerners elect to represent them in DC...like Jesse Helms and Sen. Byrd and George W. Bush. Most of the Southerners I've met have been the nicest people whether they be well educated or not, and married to first cousins or not. Have I brought up my state's former governor, William Donald Schaeffer? He's 83 and currently serving as our Comptroller and is as nutty as ever. Not all too long ago, a young, female aide brought him a drink in the middle of a Dept. of Public Works meeting. After she walked away, he called her back and told her to walk away again so he could stare at her ass again. Yes it was caught on camera and was on CNN for a while. No real health problems to report with him (other than a fainting spell), just a screw or two loose. Schaefer's probably too obscure for DL. Plus, he's currently running for re-election. I don't think he's going to die all that soon.

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