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  1. Death Anniversary Thread

    John Quincy Adams gained total independence and freedom on this day 170 years ago, aged 80.
  2. Death Anniversary Thread

    Johnnie Carr lost all her rights on this day 10 years ago, aged 97.
  3. 34. Pope Benedict XVI

    New photo of Benedict, he looks gaunt:
  4. Death Anniversary Thread

    Pope Julius II, known as The Warrior Pope, would not cause anymore battles after this day 505 years ago, aged 69.
  5. 6. Billy Graham

    I hope that all his religious fanaticism dies with him.
  6. Death Anniversary Thread

    Eternal silence for Joseph Szigeti on this day 45 years ago, aged 80.
  7. Death Anniversary Thread

    Johnny Paycheck was released from the only hell that exists on this day 15 years ago, aged 64.
  8. Death Anniversary Thread

    Frank Costello went swimming with the fishes on this day 45 years ago, aged 82.
  9. Death Anniversary Thread

    Mindy McCready would not be here anymore after this day 5 years ago, aged 37.
  10. Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Visit the ghost town of Pripyat in Ukraine:
  11. Death Anniversary Thread

    Why Tony?, Tony Sheridan died on this day 5 years ago, aged 72.
  12. Death Anniversary Thread

    Wally Cox went to the underworld on this day 45 years ago, aged 48.
  13. Death Anniversary Thread

    Camelot ended for Frederick Loewe on this day 30 years ago, aged 86.
  14. Death Anniversary Thread

    Kid Gavilán was counted out on this day 15 years ago, aged 77.
  15. Death Anniversary Thread

    Little boy James Bulger was killed by two ten-year-old boys on this day 25 years ago, aged only 2.