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  1. stonecold

    The Ukraine Crisis

    Well he won't have anywhere to spend the US$200 billion he's squirrelled away, that's for sure
  2. stonecold

    The Ukraine Crisis

    Is it just me or doe Putin look a little bit different nowadays? Not as in a body-double replacement, but his face has that "bloated alcoholic" look that he didn't have a year ago. Hopefully some close to him will have the opportunity to blow his brains out before the escalates into an all-out European war.
  3. stonecold

    The Ukraine Crisis

    You really are a stupid cunt of the highest order
  4. stonecold

    25. Estelle Harris

    I'm in my early 50s and had to live through the Seinfeld craze. I saw enough from the adverts to know I would hate the show. Every time I saw Jerry I had an urge to punch smug fuck in the face (or kick the neighbour's cat)
  5. stonecold

    Doctor Who

    I'd like to see Sean Pertwee as the next Doctor... imagine the flashbacks that could be brought back to life.
  6. stonecold

    Shadow Lists

    For every cigarette you smoke God takes away a day of your life... and gives to to Keith Richards
  7. Hopefully Coronavirus will beat Trump before the election
  8. stonecold

    Conspiracy Theories

    The one I have heard about coronavirus is that it did escape from the level 4 biohazard centre in Wuhan (the only one in China), but not intentionally but through greed. As with many such labs they use a number of mammals for testing purposes, and when viviscected end up being cremated.... unless you are a greedy (and very stupid) labtech who thinks you can make a yuan or two by selling the diseased meat as food at the local market.
  9. stonecold

    Jacques Chirac

    He's snuffed it.
  10. stonecold

    Bob Hawke

    I'd have to agree. Hawke was probably the best PM since I emigrated from Thatcher-Britain in '81. The only big thing he did that I did not like was the introduction of paid higher education. It started off at $1800 and now uni grads are left with a $100k bill and no real qualifications to show for it.
  11. stonecold

    Birthday Deaths

    For me, Virgil, the Roman poet, King Edward II of England, Charles V of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor Walter Scott the novelist Jacqueline Susann the novelist Walter Brennan, actor Florence Griffith Joyner, athlete
  12. stonecold

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I personally think Phil died some time ago but nobody told him. He's got to be a zombie and a good candidate for the next season of the Walking Dead!
  13. stonecold

    Sean Connery

    Isn't Dalton Welsh?
  14. stonecold

    Ironic Deaths

    I know I shouldn't laugh, but my morning look at the latest deaths on wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_in_2018) did give me a good giggle: "Aaron Traywick, 28, American life extension activist, drowned." All that gene therapy for life extension and no human gills yet:)
  15. stonecold

    Stephen Hawking

    And to die on International Pi Day... what are the odds...365.25 :1

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