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  1. dodrade

    Political Frailty

    Your source was half-right at least!
  2. Robert Peston on his show this week said all his Downing Street sources were telling him November 14th which would tie in with an announcement just after the Conservative Party conference.
  3. Calling an election now would mean certain defeat, playing for time and hoping something turns up is the only card he has left however unlikely things are to get any better for him.
  4. dodrade

    British Character Actors

    I saw him at Comic Con in Belfast last September and he didn't look too healthy then, seemed to have mobility problems as well.
  5. "Mystic Veg" goes for August (despite the fact most MPs will be on holiday). She's also strangely adamant Starmer won't be Labour leader by then despite a twenty point lead in the polls, is she expecting him to go the way of John Smith? https://www.independent.co.uk/tv/lifestyle/asparagus-fortune-teller-general-election-starmer-b2536495.html#:~:text=14%3A32 BST-,Asparagus fortune teller predicts when next general election will be,good for Sir Keir Starmer. The alternative scenario is that using asparagus to predict the future is in fact total nonsense.
  6. The second half of the year begins in July.
  7. At twenty points behind a May election would be certain death. Waiting until autumn still gives them the tiny hope something might yet turn up to save them or mitigate the damage somewhat. https://naomistanford.com/2009/02/09/teaching-the-horse-to-talk/
  8. dodrade

    Hollywood Possibilities

    93 year old Claire Bloom appeared in an introduction tonight to a repeat of "Anna Karenina" from 1961 on BBC Four. Looks relatively healthy but Glenda Jackson and Michael Jayston both died within months of shooting similar pieces for the channel last year so perhaps worth keeping an eye on.
  9. dodrade

    19. Clint Eastwood

    I read that but unless he says it himself I wouldn't believe it, IIRC it was widely reported "Gran Torino" would be his last acting role in 2008 but he made several on-screen appearances afterward.
  10. dodrade

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I was thinking the other day it had been quite a while since i'd seen him in anything new, his last film appearance was "Filth" in 2013.
  11. dodrade


    IIRC wasn't she the only celebrity to suss out a "Gotcha" on "Noel's House Party"?
  12. dodrade

    Bobby Charlton

    Usually three days after death with a wake inbetween.
  13. dodrade

    Bobby Charlton

    It was pretty brief and not successful.
  14. 2nd May (already taken I know) looking more likely after last night's by-elections. If the Tories accept the game is up then holding them on the same day as local elections means the higher turnout might at least save some councillors and gives them all summer for the next leadership contest. It probably also brings the election after next a little closer.
  15. Are we allowed to pick a date already chosen by someone else? October 24th 2024 looks likeliest as the last Thursday before the clocks go back. The economy might have picked up slightly by then but I doubt it will make much difference.

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