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  1. dodrade

    Political Frailty

    Met with Putin today, apparently his Russian has got worse but doesn't seem to be at death's door to me. https://twitter.com/francis_scarr/status/1635251522417328129?t=XVtBKeAgOjLK4gQ1K21Dpw&s=19
  2. dodrade

    Shove Off, Eh?

    Such a distinctive voice and seemed to be in almost every Canadian film of note. Was very good too in "Due South" as Benton Fraser's dead father only he could see.
  3. dodrade

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Always got him mixed up with the "Mad Max" director of the same name.
  4. dodrade

    David Crosby

    I think he'd claimed to be close to death so long people thought he was crying wolf or exaggerating at the very least.
  5. dodrade

    Gianluca Vialli

    Is it appropriate in this case to say the committee missed an open goal?
  6. dodrade

    Dead Pop Stars

    Is Jane Wiedlin next?
  7. dodrade

    ALS/MND/other degenerative diseases

    He had certainly deteriorated recently but I still thought he would probably outlive Rob Burrow.
  8. dodrade

    Robbie Coltrane

    Sounds like he might have been in hospital for some time beforehand without the media finding out.
  9. dodrade

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Very good speech from Charles, effectively ruled out abdication as speculated earlier in this thread.
  10. dodrade

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Starmer perhaps?
  11. dodrade

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    She probably intended to step down sometime after the 2016 election but then Trump unexpectedly won so tried to hang on another four years only to run out of time four months short. Apparently she had misgivings about Roe V Wade herself. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/21/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-roe-v-wade.html
  12. dodrade

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Pretty ironic given she was a liberal icon during her lifetime that RBG helped bring about the reversal of Roe Vs Wade by refusing to retire under Obama despite several battles with cancer, ultimately allowing Trump to replace her with Amy Coney Barrett upon her death and consolidate the conservative majority on the bench.
  13. dodrade

    7. Tony Bennett

    To differentiate him from Celine Dion perhaps?
  14. dodrade

    Dead Pop Stars

    AFAIK Erasure's most recent tour was cancelled as Vince Clarke's wife has stomach cancer.
  15. dodrade

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Was it public knowledge at the time though? Presumably the Queen wouldn't have gone to Kenya in the first place if they'd known how close to death he was.

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