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  1. ObakeFilter

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Warren Adler dead @ 91. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/warren-adler-dead-war-of-the-roses-1203191017/
  2. ObakeFilter

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Not today, they are pretty known.
  3. ObakeFilter

    Death By Jazz

    Experimentalist Davey Williams has died after a struggle with cancer.
  4. ObakeFilter

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    So is Shawn Smith of Brad. https://www.loudersound.com/news/shawn-smith-singer-with-brad-satchel-and-pigeonhed-dead-at-53
  5. ObakeFilter

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Postpones all 2019 tour dates after injuring himself in a fall. Surely he's going to be OK. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/04/ozzy-osbourne-postpones-all-2019-tour-dates/
  6. ObakeFilter

    Britney Spears, Kerry Catona, Heather Locklear et al.

    Is this 2007? https://variety.com/2019/music/news/britney-spears-checks-into-mental-health-facility-1203179927/?fbclid=IwAR19s_lnK4eZmuyZBHbn3DDCN06hR8A-b_5D9OFyFGZHhl5ESkTS7jTE_fw
  7. ObakeFilter

    Dead Pop Stars

    Jarrod Paul Bramson, songwriter and vocalist for Solvents, has died aged 43 from an apparent drug overdose. https://www.kexp.org/read/2019/4/1/rip-jarrod-paul-bramson-solvents/
  8. ObakeFilter


    Rapper Nipsey Hussle has died after being shot in LA https://www.tmz.com/2019/03/31/nipsey-hussle-shot-gun-los-angeles-gunned-down-store/
  9. ObakeFilter

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    cardiac arrest https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-4757783
  10. ObakeFilter

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    I guess, couldn't find her in Wikipedia initially.
  11. ObakeFilter

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    George Foreman's Daughter
  12. ObakeFilter

    Hollywood Possibilities

    'Airwolf' Star Jan-Michael Vincent Dead at 74
  13. ObakeFilter

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    Zohar Levi, drummer of the Israeli psych act 'Apocalypse' has reportedly died in hospital aged 76.
  14. ObakeFilter

    Dead Drummers

    The joke writes itself.
  15. ObakeFilter

    The Dead of 2019

    Damn the 90's are dying.

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