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  1. ObakeFilter

    Nobel Prize In Death

    Looking like a moron for speculating? Isn't it something the whole DeathList idea is based upon? Well, whatever you say.
  2. ObakeFilter

    Nobel Prize In Death

    "rule of three" = celebrities dying in threes during a relatively short amount of time (each celebrity dying w/n a week of each other).
  3. ObakeFilter

    Nobel Prize In Death

    Looks like we are getting the rule of three with Aretha Franklin being the first.
  4. ObakeFilter

    Aretha Franklin

    TMZ Sayz: "9:58 AM PT -- Our sources say doctors have informed Aretha's family today (Monday) is the day "Aretha will pass."" http://www.tmz.com/2018/08/13/aretha-franklin-gravely-ill-dying/
  5. ObakeFilter

    Possibilities 2019

    John McCain Vladimir Putin This thread
  6. ObakeFilter


    Brazilian Ronaldo is rushed to hospital after contracting pneumonia. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/08/12/ronaldo-intensive-care-contracting-pneumonia-ibiza/
  7. ObakeFilter

    Arafat's (Inevitable) Death

    His sister, Khadija Arafat, has supposedly passed away at age 86. http://english.wafa.ps/page.aspx?id=qcK4gGa98761505304aqcK4gG
  8. ObakeFilter


    Assad's wife treated for breast cancer. (Edit: missed that it is not a deathlist thread...) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-45117993
  9. ObakeFilter

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

  10. ObakeFilter

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    John Maus' brother has died while on tour with his sibling.
  11. ObakeFilter

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Mark Shelton was the founder of heavy-metal band 'Manilla Road'.
  12. ObakeFilter

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

  13. ObakeFilter

    Missing In Action

  14. ObakeFilter

    Dead Drummers

    According to unconfirmed Facebook posts, Nick Knox from the Cramps has died.
  15. ObakeFilter

    Keith Richards....will He Make It To 2012?

    Edit: Old news.

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