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  1. Fergie86

    The 12th Death of 2018

    Will go for leslie Phillips
  2. Fergie86

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    To be honest after how he looked at the remembrance service last year I wouldn’t of been surprised if He had already snuffed it. I don’t think anything is imminent as he has been out and about on his horses this week, will probably see his 100th birthday.
  3. Fergie86

    Time Added

    Sir Bobby Charlton looking awful at the Manchester Derby shaking like a leaf( possible Parkinson’s) and looking frail when laying a wreath with Mike Summerabee
  4. Fergie86

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Don’t know for sure but I think it might be Brook Astor I think she was 105 or Oscar Niemeyer who was 104.
  5. Fergie86

    Time Added

    Being reported on BBC News that manager Claude Puel might have been on the Helicopter tragic if true as the owner/chairman and the manager would of being killed in the same day.
  6. Fergie86

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Would not be surprised if the Queen was still alive at 105, probably will only be a good death list candidate from about 2030 on wards, she will go on forever will the Queen or it will seem it any way.
  7. Fergie86

    Death In The Family

    RIP to your Dad, my Dad had a stroke at 52 in January 2007, we were lucky that he survived though he has never really recovered and has the early stages of frontal tempal dementia due to the stroke so your Dad’s stroke hit it home how different it could of turned out for us. Look after your selves and try to remember the good times RIP.
  8. Fergie86

    Harry Redknapp

    Easily one of the most overrated managers of all time the way the media go on about him you would think he was sir Alex Ferguson or Pep Guardiola. 1 major trophy in 30 odd years says different. I can’t stand him either obviously committed tax fraud but apparently can barely read, yeah whatever.
  9. Fergie86

    Time Added

    Big Ron Atkinson in Hospital abroad after "a dizzy spell", doesn't sound too serious to be fair but he is 80 next year so one to keep an eye on as i doubt he will live into his 90's.
  10. Fergie86

    Death In The Family

    17 is no age to die, sorry for your loss.
  11. Fergie86

    49. Paul Gascoigne

    Gazza given interview were he states he is still drinking(no surprise) but that he can control his drinking now and he only has a couple, deluding himself as the only safe amount for him is none at all. Gazza would be first Alkie I know who can control there drinking when they are as badly addicted as him
  12. Fergie86

    49. Paul Gascoigne

    He will never change, he is too far down the road with his alcoholism and mental health problems, in reality he probably never really stopped drinking, might of just slowed down a bit. Gazza has had far more help than 99% of Alcoholics get and he is no nearer to beating his demons, he will eventually end up killing himself like George Best it is just a question of when not if which is sad but the newspapers and hangers on don't help him either constantly putting him in the spotlight. The sad thing is every man and his dog knows how the Gazza story will end but it could go on like this for years until his body finally packs in. Sad.
  13. Fergie86

    Alex Ferguson

    Sir Alex to attend united’s game against wolves at old trafford today, his first public appearance since he became ill. Great news
  14. Fergie86

    Alex Ferguson

    I don’t think the ‘medical reasons’ mean he has had another turn for the worse in his health, I think he is still recovering from the brain haemorrhage as he hasn’t been out publicly since it happened, so unlikely he would suddenly travel to Ireland when he hasn’t been back to old Trafford yet and that is on his doorstep. He was in a video message praising Paul scholes yesterday didn’t look too bad but It wasn’t of best of quality, still think he has a good few years in him yet. It will be a sad day when he does go, best manager of all time for me. I think he should be on next years list though too big a name to miss out on and at his age and health anything can happen although I hope it doesn’t.
  15. Fergie86

    The 9th death of 2018

    Leah Bracknell

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