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  1. Fergie86

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Doubt it, do think he will go this year or next as he looks like a walking corpse but think he will linger for a bit yet might just make it to his 100th Birthday.
  2. Fergie86

    Basil Brush's Misters

    RIP Derek, remember him best for the role of Oscar Blaketon played the role of retired old Police chief to perfection and enjoyed his feud with Greengrass, seemed like a nice bloke too when interviewed. Sad news
  3. Fergie86

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    Wouldn’t surprise me if De Havilland lived to be a super-centurion obviously anything can happen when your pushing 104 but she by all accounts seems relatively fit and healthy for her age can see her going on and on and on.
  4. Fergie86

    The 1st death of 2020

    Will go for Prince Phillip had a nap earlier and dreamed he had died, woke up convinced he was dead, was surprised when he wasn’t. That means Phillip is a certainty to reach 2021 now but will stick with him all the same.
  5. Fergie86

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Prince Charles has apparently said that Prince Phillip is better now when asked other than that nothing.
  6. Fergie86

    Alex Ferguson

    Happy Birthday to one of if not the greatest managers ever. As a United fan will be sad day when he does finally go but he does look old and frail now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he snuffed it before his 80th Birthday in 2 years time.
  7. Fergie86

    Death In The Family

    Sorry for your loss I know it is always hard to lose someone whatever time of the year It is but at Christmas it always seems worse as it is meant to be a time for friends and family to be together. Sorry for your loss RIP.
  8. Fergie86

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    He looks awful, like they have dug him up.
  9. Fergie86

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I think Phillip will survive whatever is up with him this time but he is certainly not a well man and getting close to the end, not a certainty he will die next year but wouldn’t be surprised if he died before we reach 2021. As for the Queen she does look frailer than she has done but she is almost 94 so no surprise really don’t think any immediate danger, has a good few years in her yet.
  10. Fergie86

    The 14th death of 2019

    Probably your lot but will go for Prince Phillip.
  11. Fergie86

    The Boys Of '66

    Yet somehow Nobby Stiles is still going when they announced on Final Score that one of the boys from 66 had died thought it was Stiles they were going to say had gone not Peters knew he was ill but thought Stiles would go first. The way things are going he will be the last one standing.
  12. Fergie86

    Time Added

    Martin peters has died
  13. Fergie86

    Death Anniversary Thread

    I forgot actually he died on the same date, my bad
  14. Fergie86

    Death Anniversary Thread

    3 years ago today since Death list legend and arguably the greatest Coffin Dodger of all time Zsa Zsa Gabor went to great divorce court in the sky
  15. Fergie86

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Denis Law just been on Sports Personality of the year looks frail and didn’t seem to know what was happening apparently we are in the year 219, either pissed or his mind is going hopefully the former as a United fan.

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