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  1. Fergie86

    The 8th Death of 2023

    Sir Bobby again.
  2. Fergie86

    The 7th Death of 2023

    Will stick with Sir Bobby but surely Jimmy Carter can’t last much longer either.
  3. Fergie86

    The 6th death of 2023

    Sticking with Sir Bobby got to be right one day.
  4. Fergie86

    The 5th Death of 2023

    Sir Bobby again
  5. Fergie86


    27th June, Carter will linger on for a bit yet.
  6. Fergie86

    The 4th Death of 2023

    Sir Bobby
  7. Fergie86

    The 3rd Death of 2023

    Sir Bobby Charlton
  8. Fergie86

    The 2nd Death of 2023

    Will stick with Sir Bobby Charlton
  9. Fergie86


    A true legend no one will ever win 3 World Cups as a player again probably the greatest footballer ever depending on your view, football’s first true superstar. RIP.
  10. Fergie86

    The Boys Of '66

    Interesting that there has been no comment from Sir Bobby Charlton about George Cohen’s death, i know he has Dementia but would of thought there would of been some word from his family on Sir Bobby’s behalf he must be pretty far on with his dementia now if not able even to acknowledge Cohen’s death.
  11. Fergie86

    William Roache

    I think Bill Roache will probably get to 97 or 98, he is starting to age more rapidly now which isn’t surprising given he is 91 in a few months though he still looks well for his age but he has poor circulation as he has a few black bruises on his hands.
  12. Fergie86

    Sharon Osbourne

    If true which is unlikely, Ozzy will be gone soon too as he isn’t in great health and he would go to pieces without Sharon hasn’t he previously said ‘he would already be dead without Sharon’
  13. Fergie86

    World Cup 2022 (Qatar)

    Think it’s destined for the Argies and Messi to win it, hope they don’t though as Gary Lineker and the otherMessi fan boys will be unbearable, yes he is probably the greatest ever but god don’t they ram it down your throats.
  14. Fergie86


    Doubt it to be honest, I think reports he was close to death and receiving end of life were a bit premature, Pele is obviously seriously poorly and getting closer and closer to the end but I think he will linger on for a bit, saying that I would be amazed if he is still alive in 3 or 6 months time.
  15. Fergie86


    Quite possibly, although one of her other son’s died 2 and half years ago when she was 97 and she survived that so who knows? Suppose 2 and a half years is a long time when you’ve just turned 100.

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