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  1. Fergie86

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    Reminds me of my next door Neighbour he had his first heart attack at 35, had to retire early as a builder and had at least 10 heart attacks in his lifetime and eventually died aged 92 from a heart attack, not quite 96 but pretty close and pretty impressive he lived as long as he did.
  2. Fergie86

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Roy Hodgson has looked awful for some time now, apparently been ill recently and not well enough to conduct pre or post match interviews after Watford match and went home poorly from training earlier in week for first time in 40 plus year managerial career. Apparently Doctors are unsure what is up with him could be something or nothing this time (probably exhaustion in my opinion as he is too old now to be a Premier League manager) and 2023 might be a stretch but doubt he will make it to 80 and he will be 76 next year maybe 2023 will be when the final whistle sounds for Roy.
  3. Fergie86

    The 5th death of 2022

    Pele again though guaranteed not to be him now
  4. Fergie86

    8. June Brown

    RIP June Brown, Ooh I Say, thought she would go on forever, reminds me of my Grandma in the sense she looked ancient forever, a true soap legend they don’t make them like Dot Cotton anymore.
  5. Fergie86

    The 4th death of 2022

    Will go for Pele he can’t have too long left.
  6. Fergie86

    how long till' the next hit ?

    May 3rd
  7. Fergie86

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Watching Memorial waiting to see how Queen looks but always annoy me do programmes like this as they make out Royal’s (Phillip this time) are saints they couldn’t get further up their arses if they tried.
  8. Fergie86

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Wow not expecting this, never expected him to live till he was in his 90’s but 52 is no age at all, one of the all time greats gone too soon. RIP Shane.
  9. Fergie86

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen test positive for COVID and has mild cold like symptoms according to Buckingham Palace.
  10. Fergie86

    8. June Brown

    Apparently June Brown was unable to attend Leonard Fenton’s funeral today, would of thought she would of been there, maybe a sign all is not well?
  11. Fergie86

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Ooh I say, still at least June Brown is still going somehow, I thought Leonard Fenton looked a lot healthier than June when he returned a few years ago so you never know, shame as he was a good actor RIP Leonard
  12. Fergie86

    World's Oldest

    Lord Agnew quit House of Lords earlier today, didn’t know who he was either until read article earlier but when saw photo thought he was pushing 80 was surprised he was only 61.
  13. Fergie86

    World's Oldest

    My Grandma was born in Poland in 1927, when she was 11 almost 12 the Russians and Germans came to were she lived and threatened her, her family and the rest of the polish people at gunpoint to go with them, they were all stuck in the back of an old train with Rats and so forth and had no food or Water and when people died from starvation and exhaustion they were chucked there bodies out of the train and they were left at the side of the track. Somehow all her family including her parents and siblings survived and ended up in Russia and sent to manual work, eventually they made there way to Africa on a boat were the family got separated from her Mother who was ill, they looked everywhere on the boat for her Mother and were told a woman who matched her description died and was thrown into the sea, to this day she assumes this was her Mother but doesn’t know for sure as she never saw her again and there were no records in those days. In Africa they lived in terrible conditions and my Grandma almost died of starvation and her little brother did die of starvation aged 7 and she and the rest of her family had to carry his body and dig his grave and bury him. Also another brother went out looking for food and was captured by the Germans and she never saw him again, years later he got in contact with my Grandma’s sister and they were all about to be reunited but just before the reunion was about to happen he dropped dead of a heart attack. Her Dad also died of a heart attack just before her 16th Birthday and she and her Sister were all that was left of the family. When her Dad died my Grandma collapsed and spent 2 weeks in Hospital and she was told she had a weak heart, which she keeps telling us about, though at almost 95 it can’t be that weak, though she did have a heart attack in 1999 which almost killed her. As well as this she has had severe Pneumonia 3 times but survived, had a minor Stroke in the 1980’s, fallen down the stairs and cracked her head when she was nursing my Grandad who was in the last stages of cancer back in 1985. Also she had a choking incident about 4 years ago when some food went down the wrong way and she passed out and was turning blue, we thought she was dead but she suddenly came back seemingly from the dead and by the time the ambulance came she was washing up despite us telling her to stop, the paramedics said they could tell something had happened when they checked her over due to how her heart was beating. She also nearly died when she was 4 years old as one of her brothers chopped part of her finger of and she nearly bled to death. Also involved in a crash on a Bus when going down town to do some shopping and was badly hurt. All of her brothers and sisters as well as her parents were dead by there mid 50’s at the latest but at almost 95 she is still going.
  14. Fergie86

    World's Oldest

    My Great, Great Auntie from my Dad’s side was born in 1902 and lived to be 99 she eventually died in 2001 when I was 16. She died the day before the World trade centre attacks in America, she was one of those people who seemed to linger on forever she had dementia for years, couldn’t walk was incontinent and had various other health issues but just wouldn’t die, even as a kid saying “If I ever get as bad as that shoot me.” Currently oldest person I know is my Grandma from my Mum’s side she is 94 almost 95, she is in reasonable health for her age apart from a bad back and hip, she is frailer than she was a couple of years ago but certainly in much better shape than my Aunt was at the same age.and My Grandma is still fairly Independent and can still look after herself but is now housebound since COVID and had recently had to start using a walking stick which has been a nightmare as you would think it was the end of the world, she’s been so independent all her life and can’t cope with losing some of her independence though listening to her you’d think she was on her deathbed but that is nothing new I’m almost 37 and she has been on her last legs for as long as I’ve known her. If she was famous she would be on the immortals list the amount of stuff she has gone through and survived is incredible especially during the Second World War.
  15. Fergie86

    41. Pelé

    Think so, she turned 97 last November.

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