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  1. Dr_T

    28 Years Of The Deathlist!

    I must have been visiting this site for maybe 13-14 years. Didn't start taking any notice of the forums till much later. I found deathlist when I was in my previous job. I was driving back from a field trip with a superior and we were talking about Ronnie Biggs and he thought he was dead. I thought he was still alive so when I got back to my office I googled it and there it was. The government filters wouldn't let me access the site though because it was considered "poor taste" or some similar term. Considering I have been in my current job 10 years and it was a few years before I left the old one it must be that long. So to answer your question, yes it does make me feel old.
  2. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Illnesses such cancer, heart attacks, infections, vitamin deficiencies, etc would all be treated as natural. The unnatural bonus is for accidents, murder, suicide etc. There will always be grey areas, if someone had a non-fatal stroke but hit their head on the ground after a fall....These would fall to Spade's discretion I guess (ably assisted by the forum I'm sure). There are probably enough precedents out there so that a decision can be made which is consistent with previous rulings.
  3. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Simon Ricketts had been very active on Twitter until November 18 and nothing since. Could be a clue to a downward slide or his phone might not be working. Who knows?
  4. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    The unnatural death bonus only seems to apply if the external stimulus occurs in that calendar year as well. For instance, Jessica Falkholt had her car accident in 2017 but didn't die until January and thus was ineligible for the bonus. There was a precedent for this but I can' t remember who. So if Michael Schumacher dies next year he won't attract the bonus unless there is a new stimulus. I don't think I've seen that rule written as such but it certainly seems to be the interpretation of the rule. Personally I would like to see euthanasia stripped of the bonus as well but I'll leave that for the decision makers.
  5. Dr_T

    A Joke

    A group of women were doing group counseling due to obsessive compulsive disorders. He turns to the first women who was morbidly obese and says to her, "You are here because you are obsessed with food. You are so obsessed with food that you have called your daughters Candy and Honey." He then turns to the second women and says to her, "You're here cause you are obsessed with money. You are so obsessed with money that you called your daughter Penny and your son Buck." He then turned to the third women and said, "You're so obsessed with alcohol that you called your daughter Sherry and your son Jack-Daniel!" Before he gets the chance to turn to the fourth woman, she gets up and says, "Come on Dick, come on Willy, come on John Thomas, let's go home. This guy's full of shit!"
  6. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I have been out of town and too busy to follow the news or spend much time on the net so it was a surprise to get home and find Pita Da Foolz topping the table. I had almost forgotten about Lima-I had pinned my hopes on Hamilton-Byrne and Ricketts (and Willesee to a very small degree). Time for the Reaper to take a holiday.
  7. Dr_T

    Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    I heard a radio interview with Michael Palin a week or two ago. He said that he sees Terry Jones a fair bit (although he should try and see him more) and they go to the local and have a pint. Palin said that while Jones doesn't say much he likes to get out and seems happy when he is there (or words to that effect..I was driving to work at the time). In short I certainly got the feeling that Jones is not scoring this year.
  8. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    @SC...If your conjoined twins simultaneously shot each other on their birthday things would really be looking up. Would it be a murder suicide, a murder murder, or a suicide suicide?
  9. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Well no-one has ever accused me of having a fascinating story before. If you want a fascinating story I'll tell you about my trip to Rotorua in 2004 (just make sure the kiddies are in bed first). In truth, my team should have been called "Let's Not Re-Invent the Wheel" because mostly I looked through the top half a dozen teams from last year to see who was worth recycling and then added a few of my own. Those few of my own are doing remarkably well for the most part-with only Falkholt and Goodwin having scored apart from the obvious John McCain. I would never have heard of the likes of Cryne, Nevin, Miller etc but for their previous involvement in the other's teams. I guess there was some luck or skill involved in making the scoring selections, but no great originality. In terms of my chances of winning, I think it depends almost solely on Ricketts (assuming Vervoort survives). Anne Hamilton-Byrne is obviously a show (may not QO though) as she could drop off any time with no surprise. I think we would have heard more bad news about Lima should he be checking out. Willesee is a wild card. I had given up on him after seeing some positive news. The was a recent report that he had to be air-lifted out from Torres Strait after a fall (August 8), but I thought that the fact he was prepared to go to Torres Strait was an indication that he was ok. However, as others have pointed out, the lack of an appearance in the wake of Quentin Kenihan's death could be a sign that he has deteriorated. With 2.5 months left in the year it is hard to see a winner outside of the top 3 because of the number of shared picks. Bucket of Blood is 4th, but 11 points behind the lead and while it is a mathematical possibility that they win it seems most unlikely. Grim Up North in 5th/6th is 17 behind and has more or less conceded in this forum that they are very little hope of figuring in the finish. If the win does come from outside the current top 3 it would be a win for the ages.
  10. Dr_T

    26. Charles Aznavour

    I think this is the best headline pun for a death for a long time, and in French as well, tres bien. I think the best blurb was for Robin Gibb in 2012 (see below). Robin Gibb has ended the "will he, won't he" speculation by passing away from cancer aged 62. The co-founder of the Bee Gees becomes the third of the Gibb brothers to die, giving DeathList 2012 its fourth success of the year and the second inside of a one day. His passing has been described as a "Tragedy" and leaves the one remaining Gibb brother being asked by reporters "How Deep is your Bruv?". Gibb was the number 2 selection on this year's list, making his first appearance, and, in a rare event, sees the top three DeathList candidates all passing. On a day when a man who caused much pain and suffering for people throughout the world is taken from us by cancer, it's a little sad to see him steal the headlines of the death of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.
  11. Dr_T

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Pardon me....I was trying to remember the name of the singer he punched and went off and looked mid-comment and forgot to put in his name. It is Australian sports journalist, Ron Casey.
  12. Dr_T

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Australian sports journalist and Normie Rowe puncher has died aged 89. https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/controversial-tv-presenter-and-talk-back-radio-host-ron-casey-dead-aged-89-20181002-p50780.html I'll be interested to see whether he gets a QO for DDP purposes, cause it'll help me see where that line is.
  13. Dr_T

    Time Added

    I guess this is the general football thread (I would call it soccer but that might get me a warning point hereabouts). Here is a gruesome little story about an apparently famous footballer. https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/tottenham-legend-gary-mabbutt-has-foot-eaten-by-rat/news-story/2477caf08c2793a12b75ade87b70bcfb Enjoy.
  14. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I know there was some discussion about this earlier in the year but has there been any decision about a competitor putting in teams with only 1-2 names difference? I notice that Gun Away and Gun Fishing are coming equal 5th with the same hits and only 1 different runner. Isn't the point to make decisions and settle on 20 names? Putting in all but identical teams seems against the spirit of the competition. My apologies if this has been resolved and I have missed it.
  15. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    McCain's demise has done nothing to the top of the leader board. Although only 6th on the Drop Forty, the highest ranked team to not select McCain is 20 Hits No Problem who is running 28th. I think it is McCain who is the champion of the Drop Forty Bonus. I think this has been the best invention I have seen in the few years I have been interested in the DDP.

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