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  1. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Happy New Year and good luck to all participants, both those who did the picking and all of those who were picked. The game is a whole less interesting if you don't try for one or two uniques. Otherwise it's all about picking the 20 Drop Forty most likely to die. I think I'll have a couple of uniques this year. Most likely is former Australian cricket captain, Bob Simpson. I picked Micky Stewart again who was unique for me last year but may have been picked by others this year. I think Alwyn Hughes was unique for me last year as well but I'll be amazed if she is this year.
  2. Dr_T

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Sorry meant if. My bad.
  3. Dr_T

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    I doubt that anyone would be surprised that he was balls deep when he met his end.
  4. Dr_T

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    There will be a lot of shocked Aussies as they wake up to this news this morning. I watch a lot of cricket and I'm only a year or so younger than Warne, so I remember watching all those big moments...the Gatting ball, the MCG hat trick. Big fan of his cricket, maybe not so much the man himself. While he possessed a fantastic cricket brain he was also one of the worst commentators. Haven't felt a celebrity death like this for a while.
  5. Dr_T

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    News breaking on Australian media that Rod Marsh has died. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-04/cricket-legend-rod-marsh-has-died/100881442
  6. Dr_T

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    Unfortunately I think the competitor(s) who selected Rod Marsh might be on a winner. While there have been other cricketers who I watched in my youth die (Dean Jones, Max Walker, David Hookes), Rod Marsh is one of the true household names. The messages about his health in the Australian media don't sound promising. He would've been my joker if I was competing.
  7. Dr_T

    Ted Kaczynski

    Ah the internet never forgets Here is a cut and paste about the limericks. This is from a contest whose requirements were to use the words Lewinsky and Kaczynski (the Unibomber) in a limerick. Winner: There once was a gal named Lewinsky Who played on a flute like Stravinsky 'Twas "Hail to the Chief" On this flute made of beef That stole the front page from Kaczynski. First runner up: Said Bill Clinton to young Ms. Lewinsky We don't want to leave clues like Kaczynski, Since you look such a mess, Use the hem of your dress And wipe that stuff off of your chinsky. Second runner up: Lewinsky and Clinton have shown What Kaczynski must surely have known: That an intern is better Than a bomb in a letter Given the choice of how to be blown
  8. Dr_T

    Ted Kaczynski

    I can't quite remember the whole story, but 20+ years ago someone ran a competition to write a limerick containing the names Kaczynski and Lewinski. I think these were two of the winners. Monica Lewinsky has shown, What Kaczynski must surely have known. That a head job is better Than a bomb in a letter, If there's something that needs to be blown. Said Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky: You don't want to leave clues like Kaczynski. So since you look such a mess, Take the hem of your dress, And wipe that stuff off of your chinski. There was a third as well which had the lines: She played "Hail to the Chief", on that flute made of beef....but I don't remember the rest.
  9. Dr_T

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    I'm not actively deadpooling (other than PdF in DDP) so I'd be happy to receive Spade's entry at the suitable time if this is deemed acceptable by everyone.
  10. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Sorry Death Impends...been out of touch with who is doing what. Definitely been enjoying reading the obits though. I guess we can do this a couple of ways, I can write them when I see one I fancy and you can choose to use it, use part of it or ignore it. I'd be ok with any eventuality. Otherwise, let me know if there is one you'd like me to do and I'll do it. I've always got plenty happening these days so I won't get precious about how this turns out - trust me
  11. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Hey GC Reptile et al, great work on the DDP so far Been enjoying reading the obits. I'd be happy to do the prominent Australian obits when they occur if that appeals. Give a local flavour and all.
  12. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Thanks to all of those running this year's game. After a couple of years in the deathlisting wilderness, I have entered Pity Da Foolz once again. For those interested: Clare Marx (J) George Alagiah Bob Barker Jana Bennett Russell Bishop Gary Burgess Shannen Doherty BIll Hayden Alwen Hughes Olivia Newton-John Linda Nolan Tom Parker Frank Pritchard (a NZ rep rugby league player who was "fighting for his life" with Covid early on New Year's Day Brisbane time-but has since largely recovered so most likely a wasted pick, but good on him ) Carol Raye (English actress who made her name in Australia on Blankety Blanks amongst other things) Vic Seixas Tom Smith Micky Stewart Doddie Weir Tom Weiskopf James Whale I've tried for a few uniques (Pritchard, Raye. Stewart, Seixas, Hughes) and most others will be Drop 40 but I've stumbled tactically by selecting Marx who will be neither as my joker. Good luck to all competitors, administrators and, of course, those selected on all the teams. Too late for poor old Gary Burgess. Cheers Dr_T
  13. Dr_T

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    When I looked through the list I though to myself that I wouldn't like to be Bunny Matthews. No surprise he lasted 2 days around this talent.
  14. Dr_T

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I really liked Unforgotten. I can understand what you're saying about Nicola Walker but she suited that role (and what she did in Last Tango in Halifax as well). Apologies if these have come up earlier in this forum but I haven't been following. Two shows I've recently got to the end of: What We Do in the Shadows - a mockumentary about vampires. Absolutely hilarious. The other one was Lovesick. A show about a young bloke who finds out he had chlamydia and then contacts his past sex partners to tell them but also find out about why things went wrong. Quite a few laugh out loud moments and an engaging narrative.
  15. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Well done GC Reptile - a truly great win. Good luck to all in 2021. I might dip my toe back in with a theme team in 2022.

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