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  1. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Sorry for being a little slow but heartiest congratulations to Death Impends for his long overdue win. As has been said by many others, it never looked in doubt. Well done! Thanks again to Spade Cooley for all his hard work to keep it going and welcome back to the fold. I look forward to seeing what poor unfortunates comprise David Quantick's Showbiz Pals....a list who no-one would ever want to make. Good luck to all of 2020's competitors and good luck to all of those who have been selected (perhaps I should say most as I am sure there are 1 or 2 whose deaths won't sadden me). I'll take my seat in the grandstand and watch you all battle it out. Cheers Dr_T
  2. Dr_T

    Deathrace 2020

    I saw Barry du Bois on what i was assured was a recently taped episode of "The living Room" a god-awful morning magazine program. He looked amazingly healthy-so I would steer people away from picking him for any deadpools especially this one.
  3. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Thanks to Spade for his exceptional running of the game in the last couple of years and thanks to everyone else who has contributed in the 5 years or so that I have been participating. I have decided not to field a team in next year's DDP and to stop (or at least dramatically reduce) my interest in deathlisting for the forseeable future. I have had a couple of great sadnesses in my life in the last couple of weeks. Firstly my dog died after an operation. The short story was that he had an operation for a liver problem which went well initially but after about a day he developed serious complications from which he could not recover. I am absolutely heartbroken. He was only 17 months old and he was my best friend. A few days later my uncle committed suicide. He had some very very serious health problems in 2017 and was in hospital for some months. At a few points he wasn't expected to live but he pulled through and then lived with my wife and I for about 6 months afterwards. He had become low dealing with the after-effects of his illness and trying to cope with financial and residential insecurity at the age of 64. After these events I have no interest in taking even the smallest amount of joy, pride, or satisfaction out of anyone's death. I don't feel like spending the last few hours of 2019 trawling the internet to see who might not see out 2020. I want to spend that time watching cricket, playing bridge and training my new puppy. I still understand the interest in deathlisting and I certainly do not want to diminish anyone else's enjoyment of the game, I just know that it is not for me at the moment. Good luck to everyone in the various deadpools. I will probably check back in time to time-I'll certainly be interested to see who makes the 2020 list and I'll pop back in to congratulate 2019's very worthy DDP champion. Thanks to everyone who has helped me enjoy the site and especially to those who spend their spare time to make it all possible. Kindest Regards Dr T
  4. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Marieke Vervoort has declared her innings closed. It was her will to live than meant I was able to win last year's DDP and she has breathed a whisper of life into my title defence by extinguishing her own. I think that euthanasia should be a special exemption for the unnatural death bonus. But as rules are rules Pity Da Foolz gladly welcomes the 16 points.
  5. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Thanks for that. BTW - thanks for all the hard work that you guys have put in to get the competition to where it is. I have particularly enjoyed the last couple of years with the frequent updates and more extensive obits. I commend everyone who has volunteered to shoulder their share of the load to stop the competition becoming a victim of its own success. Unfortunately I don't have the time or skills to do my share so all I have is my gratitude. Thanks again!
  6. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Just randomly looking through the profiles on DDP and Bill Cosby's describes him as "long-standing, squeaky clean....". Is this a piss-take or just badly in need of updating?
  7. Dr_T

    Robert Mugabe

    "Mugabe's had his last Harare"....best pun ever!
  8. Dr_T

    A Joke

    Perhaps better if.... Why didn't Smurfette expect Papa Smurf to ejaculate on her face. Cause it came out of the blue! By the way did you hear about the porno actress who wouldn't let her co-stars cum on her face. Eventually after many arguments she just took it on the chin.
  9. Dr_T

    A Joke

    A man and a woman meet in a bar and once they get talking they realise that they are both divorced. "So what made you divorce?" the woman asks the man. "I was a bit too kinky for my wife," he replied. "What about you?" "Same, I was too kinky for my husband." They exchanged a knowing look and she said "I live just around the corner, would you like to come back to mine for a while?" They got back to her place and she says, "Excuse me while I change into something a little less comfortable." She came back a few minutes later in full leathers, mask, with a whip, chains and handcuffs. The whole shebang. Just as she got there he was heading for the door. "Where are you going?" she asked. "Well I've fucked your dog and shat in your handbag so I'm kinda done."
  10. Dr_T

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    A very worthy final. It seems that only deadpooling and equestrian are the only pursuits where males and females compete on equal footing (even bridge has separate events for women). Good luck to both of you, I'll watch on with interest.
  11. Dr_T

    A Joke

    Rastus and Jerome, a couple of proud big black men were invited to a costume party where they had to come dressed as an emotion. When they arrived their hostess greeted them at the door and her jaw dropped seeing Rastus stark bollocks naked except for a carton of custard over his cock. Jerome was naked too with his modesty preserved by nothing more than a pear. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, "But what emotions are you?" Rastus went "Well I'm FUCKING DISGUSTED", and Jerome added "And I'm DEEP IN DESPAIR!"
  12. Dr_T

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    The death of Bob Hawke takes my team Pity Da Foolz back into the Top 20. Previously in this forum I said that he was the pick I would change given the chance as he didn't make the Drop 40. Funnily enough, of my 4 picks who were not either Drop 40 or unique, 3 out of 4 of them have died (Hawke, Fatima Ali, Andrew McGahan), leaving only Fernando Ricksen. Looking around the teams I can see I am long odds of repeating last year's win. I feel like DDP's version of Leicester City. Go the Foxes.
  13. Dr_T

    Bob Hawke

    I don't think there is much argument that Hawke is the best Prime Minister we have had in my lifetime (1971 onwards). He instigated great reforms (superannuation, universal medical insurance i.e. Medicare) whilst maintaining a sensible level of fiscal responsibility. At his peak he was extremely popular with the Australian public, certainly more so than any other Prime Minister after him (although that wasn't really hard). But at different times in his life he was also a renowned alcoholic and womaniser. He was lucky that he served in the 80s and not under the same scrutiny that the current politicians face where his transgressions would've given too much ammunition to his political enemies on both sides of the Australian political divide. Hard to know how this will affect tomorrow's election other to say that it won't have helped Scott Morrison's chances of re-election. I am pretty sure that by the time I go to bed tomorrow night Australia will have its 31st Prime Minister, Bill Shorten.
  14. Dr_T

    A Joke

    The funny things are that there are no high rise buildings in Wagga Wagga. It is a regional city of about 50,000 people. While there may be a few building in the centre with maybe 3 or 4 storeys I doubt there would be anything that remotely qualifies itself as a high rise (although this may just be because building was temporarily suspended by the workplace tragedy described in the aforementioned post). Fosters is barely sold in Australia. You may be able to find 6 packs at the very large bottle shops but by and large it doesn't really exist in Australia. I remember drinking it when I regularly visited Melbourne about 20 years ago where there was a pub I knew that sold schooners (405 ml) for $2. My memory of it was that it is a very nondescript Australian lager, perfectly drinkable but not very interesting. Wikipedia notes that while it is in the top ten most consumed beers globally, it is not widely consumed in Australia. Considering that these guys are tradies who are still on the tools working in NSW I would say that their beer would be most likely be Toohey's New.
  15. Dr_T

    A Joke

    The funniest parts of that joke are that they are working on a high-rise in Wagga Wagga and that the bet was for a carton of Fosters.

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