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  1. Moosey

    Margaret Thatcher

    Hope someone remembers to stick a wooden stake through her chest. Just to make sure.
  2. Moosey

    Assisted Suicides

    Don't ask why I was reading this far back in the thread (I was bored at work, okay?) but couldn't help but notice that your skills at predicting political deaths still have some room for improvement. But then again, his career has out-lived all reasonable expectations. If even scandals like this this aren't forcing him from power then I can only assume that he must have some Faustian pact on the go.
  3. Moosey

    Sara Douglass

    Did you take your own advice and pick her up this year? I must confess that she missed the cut on my list for once, so poor judgement means no points for me.
  4. Moosey

    Sara Douglass

    Meh. Not much recent news on her I admit, but she was in a pretty serious way last year and I didn't find any evidence that it was all fixed yet. Her most recent blog entry heavily implies that cancer is still an issue for her (without going into any detail about her current prognosis). Actually, it's worth a read - An Angry Post - and should be compulsory reading for all would-be ranters who visit this site: it's an excellent study in how to rant with passion, intelligence and eloquence.
  5. Moosey

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Well, seeing as everyone seems to be doing it, here's the voting from Impaled on the Antlers of Doom 1) Abdelbaset Al Megrahi 2) Philip Carlo 3) Henry Cecil 4) Winston Churchill 5) Gene Colan 6) John Demjanjuk 7) Ronnie James Dio 8) Sara Douglass 9) Laurent Fignon (JOKER) 10) Annette Funicello 11) Seán Garland 12) Eydie Gormé 13) Shaun Greatbatch 14) Kristin Hallenga 15) Ernie Harwell 16) Stephen Hawking 17) Simon MacCorkindale 18) Penny Marshall 19) Zelda Rubinstein 20) Jim Stynes Spent a lot of time stealing other people's research off Deathlist, so here's hoping it was worth it.
  6. Moosey

    The First Death Of 2010

    Can't find the radio button for Zelda Rubinstein...
  7. Moosey

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    She might not see Friday, methinks.
  8. Moosey

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Huge thanks to you, Mr.O for all your superlative efforts over the past few years. May the new arrival have the correct & appropriate number of legs (I'm guessing five?) and quickly develop a healthy fascination with all things deathlist.
  9. Moosey

    John Hartson Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

    I confess I'm not totally au fait with all the developments of the story but I'm aware that it all started as testicular cancer. And I couldn't help but be mildly startled by the start of the video clip which starts on JH's face and quickly pans down to him cutting a ribbon right by his crotch. Anybody else catch themselves staring at his testicular area, looking for unusual shapes or missing bits? No? Just me then.
  10. Moosey

    2009 DDP

    Back up to 3rd= with the passing of Samak Sundaravej Which is nice. Going to need another surprise clog-popping or two to trouble the engravers though. If anyone feels that they can explain to me how - for the love of fish - I missed Patrick bleedin' Swayze this year, then they are welcome to try.
  11. Moosey

    2009 DDP

    Nice to see you're back in business Mr.O And a day earlier than predicted, too.
  12. Moosey

    Room 101

    Yes. Find the Secret Moderator button, hidden somewhere in one of the forum pages. It's been there for a while, so I'm surprised no-one has found it since the last intake, which seems like ages ago now. Damn it. I know you're taking the p1ss, but I suspect that I'll decide it's a double-bluff after half a bottle of tequila and end up looking for it.
  13. Moosey

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Not out of the woods yet. It's spread to her lymph nodes, says the ever-reliable Daily Mail (which I wasn't reading. Honest.)
  14. Moosey

    Room 101

    Thanks DDT. I'll try. I say we make him a moderator... him? ? Welcome back Moosey, whatever... Why not me? I could moderate.. probably. What's involved? Is there a test?

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