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  1. Charlotte's Controller

    The 13th Death of 2023

    President Carter again.
  2. Charlotte's Controller

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    The BBC sub heading “Who is Nadine Dorries” To paraphrase the article, an incompetent follower of Boris Johnson not considered worthy of a peerage despite her contributions to the country. Nads has followed a path that under any company would have had her under review for non performance of duty. Her children have been employed by the state for doing not a lot and yet she will deserve her substantial recompense for resigning. About time we had a body to review MP performance and accountability.there should be proportional representation and an aim to eliminate the gravy train expenses. Too many politicians are taking the piss.
  3. Charlotte's Controller

    The 11th Death of 2023

    I nominate orange Ex president Trump you can’t play that much golf and hope to live.
  4. Charlotte's Controller

    It’s coming home.

    Predict the final score, the girls have done well and they deserve everything that is coming to them. Given what is required to receive a gong now what should these ladies receive. If they win Beckham and alike will have been surpassed
  5. Charlotte's Controller

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Probably the only place they would ever meet in a sentence. I wish Trump did not occupy my mind so much it appals me so much that the population of a country could have put such an idiot in the position of president. I must admit the UK is not much better.
  6. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Whatever the result of the Trump court cases I can see him being eventually set up a la Futurama politicians. A disembodied head in a glass vessel of formaldehyde with a basic AI set up set up to rant with a limited vocabulary. He could live forever at Mar a Lago and be worshipped by his followers who probably would not see any change in his appeal. A bit like a modern day Elvis. https://futurama.fandom.com/wiki/Richard_M._Nixon's_Head
  7. Charlotte's Controller

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    It only takes a fall when tap dancing or an accident going down to the gym, things Trump has probably never done.
  8. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    So it looks like the shit is going to hit the fan, there is only so much that the P45 (Ex POTUS) has been able to defer, eventually the Trumper Lumpa will be able to bathe in a darker shade of brown. I am a great believer that all of his unpaid creditors should take action now that his true colours are being shown.
  9. Charlotte's Controller

    Whose demise would make the world a better place

    Mr Clarkson is generally harmless he has some outdated opinions but often talks a lot of sense. He is an entertainer not a political representative who should be educated and ought to know better.
  10. The demise of certain people would make the world a better place . A list of five. I know that many members will find this difficult as there are a lot, however as a starter for five. Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Boris Johnson Marjorie Taylor Greene Lauren Boebert A group of dangerous politicians whose lack of judgement can destabilise and cause detriment. Lead by wolves followed by sheep. I would like to see a list of five or more.
  11. Charlotte's Controller

    Kill or Save: UK No.2 Hits of the 70s

    67 Stevie Wonder — Sir Duke +4 54 Boney M — Ma Baker -6 51 Queen — Somebody To Love 39 Candi Staton — Young Hearts Run Free 36 Queen — We Are The Champions 32 Barry White -- You see the trouble with me 14 Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Fanfare For The Common Man 07 Space — Magic Fly i thought Boney M were a fake front of mine artists
  12. Charlotte's Controller

    Kill or Save: UK No.1 Hits of the 00s

    25/072023 37 t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said 35 Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation 35 Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules - Mad World 31 Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground +4 30 Sugababes - Freak Like Me 29 Room 5 ft. Oliver Cheatham - Make Luv 29 Kylie Minogue - Slow 28 Evanescence - Bring Me to Life  29 Eminem - Lose Yourself 29 Eminem - Without Me 29 Fatman Scoop - Be Faithful 28 Aaliyah - More Than a Woman 25 Sugababes - Hole in the Head 24 Will Young - Leave Right Now 24 Christina Aguilera - Beautiful 23 The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love? 22 Pink - Just Like a Pill 22 Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z - Crazy in Love 21 George Harrison - My Sweet Lord 21 Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul - Breathe 21 Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma 21 Liberty X - Just a Little  21 Sugababes - Round Round  21 Christina Aguilera ft. Redman - Dirrty 21 Darius - Colourblind 21 Busted- You Said No 21 Daniel Bedingfield - Never Gonna Leave Your Side 19 R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix) 18 Blazin’ Squad - Crossroads 18 Will Young - Light My Fire  18 DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do - Heaven 17 Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss 16 Daniel Bedingfield - If You’re Not The One 16 Blue ft. Elton John- Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 15 David Sneddon - Stop Living The Lie 15 Atomic Kitten - The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)  14 Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes 13 Tomcraft - Loneliness 12 Oasis - The Hindu Times 11 Busted - Crashed the Wedding 10 Westlife - World of our Own 10 Gareth Gates ft. The Kumars - Spirit in the Sky -6 This is great for learning iPad editing and formatting.
  13. Putin, Trump, Johnson. All three with a wish to become King of the World.
  14. Charlotte's Controller

    The 10th Death of 2023

    Linda Nolan
  15. Charlotte's Controller

    Kill or Save: UK No.1 Hits of the 00s

    05.07.2023 45 Manic Street Preachers- The Masses Against the Classes 41 All Saints- Pure Shores +4 37 Spiller- Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) 37 Kylie Minogue- Can’t Get You Out Of My Head 36 Fragma- Toca’s Miracle 32 Roger Sanchez- Another Chance 31 Melanie C- I Turn to You 31 Sonique- It Feels So Good 30 Eminem ft. Dido- Stan 26 Daniel Bedingfield- Gotta Get Thru This  26 LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight 26 Madison Avenue- Don’t Call Me Baby 26 Rui da Silva ft. Cassandra- Touch Me 25 So Solid Crew- 21 Seconds  25 Shaggy/RikRok - It Wasn't Me 25 Britney Spears- Oops!... I Did It Again 24 Eminem- The Real Slim Shady 24 S Club 7 - Have You Ever 24 Modjo- Lady (Hear Me Tonight) 24 Afroman- Because I Got High 24 Melanie C ft. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes- Never Be The Same Again 23 Chicane ft. Bryan Adams- Don’t Give Up 23 S Club 7 - Don’t Stop Movin’ 22 Oxide & Neutrino- Bound 4 da Reload (Casualty) 22 Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya & Pink- Lady Marmalade 22 All Saints- Black Coffee 22 Shaggy ft. Rayvon- Angel 22 Craig David- Fill Me In 22 Craig David- 7 Days 21 Billie Piper- Day & Night 20 Gabrielle- Rise 20 Kylie Minogue- Spinning Around 20 The Corrs- Breathless 20 A1- Take On Me  20 A1- Same Old Brand New You 20 Jennifer Lopez- Love Don’t Cost A Thing 20 Atomic Kitten- Whole Again 20 Hear’Say- Pure and Simple 20 Emma Bunton- What Took You So Long? 20 Destiny’s Child- Survivor 20 Atomic Kitten- Eternal Flame 20 Five - Let’s Dance 19 Geri Halliwell- Bag It Up 19 Steps – Stomp 19 Spice Girls - Holler/Let Love Lead The Way 18 Robbie Williams - Rock DJ 18 Blue- Too Close 16 DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies - Do You Really Like It? 16 Five + Queen- We Will Rock You 15 Robbie Williams- Eternity/The Road to Mandalay 14 S Club 7- Never Had A Dream Come True 14 Westlife - Fool Again 14 Destiny’s Child - Independent Women Part I 14 Mariah Carey ft. Westlife- Against All Odds  11 Ronan Keating- Life Is A Rollercoaster -1 Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman- Somethin’ Stupid -6

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