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  1. Charlotte's Controller

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    There is a big issue, people are more concerned about Christmas than dying and for that matter Halloween. People need to face the facts and take responsibility rules need to followed everyone matters.
  2. Charlotte's Controller

    Who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

    Too much Irn Bru
  3. Charlotte's Controller

    The 16th Death of 2020

    In the absence of The Trump Ego I went for Mr. Spinks
  4. Charlotte's Controller

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I liked David Tennant in Jessica Jones on Netflix, pure escapism in another dimension. He is no Dr. Who. Terrifying from series 2 when he kicks in properly, JJ attitude is perfect IDGAF (my favourite acronym) and take on the world. I enjoyed the Netflix remake of Rebecca as well, beautifully stylish.
  5. Charlotte's Controller

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    As I have said before people who don't follow the isolation rules are potential propagators of the virus, the statistics show that almost 90% of people ignored the isolation orders. We can't blame the government for those who have been recklessly and selfishly spreading the virus through the community. We have to take some global responsibility and think about our actions.
  6. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    So the man is the most impressive he has ever been, probably the best ever. Unfortunately his use of vocabulary is poor and his general display of knowledge and understanding is lamentable. If you could define an ideal president, Trump would not meet the specification unless you were appealing to those who were gun toting idiots or those who follow the money and power. I await the creation of Trumpland after the lead of Disney, I don't believe it will succeed but he would be a good cartoon or puppet. Pinnochio would be my suggestion. Who pulls the strings. One might call it Trumpton, copyrights permitting.
  7. Charlotte's Controller

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Unfortunately the people who break the rules are not the ones who generally suffer it is the people who are shielding and those who are exposed to these potential super spreaders.
  8. Charlotte's Controller

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    After seeing the coverage of the closing of pubs and bars in Liverpool last night I doubt that any measures are going to have a great effect when people of that mentality are acting as they do.
  9. Charlotte's Controller

    A Joke

    The story has a happy end with Karma, The Members of Parliament had given no notice and had not booked. There were more than six of them and they were not all wearing masks. Only Boris was allowed to stay and he got a decent Haircut.
  10. Charlotte's Controller

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    So I have just read the excuse that the testing results were compromised by an excel spreadsheet that was not up to date. The managers in control of this do not deserve to be employed, they probably delegate the responsibility to consultants who are not responsible, take the cash and ar e not accountable for the results. Read our engagement letter. Sorry I didn't do that you paid me for it was not properly specified (large accountants counting thousands (not material) to do a job) so as far as we are concerned we don't give a shit. Poor planning, poor specification, poor implementation, poor results. People having studied PPE and responsibility avoidance running the show.
  11. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Will he take a drug test prior to the next debate?
  12. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    To be fair you could put his current euphoria on the steroids.
  13. Charlotte's Controller

    48. William H Gates

    It is education for what people have achieved. Some of the picks have been made from the more enlightened. Not following the headliners bur the people who have been major influencers many os them before the digital age.
  14. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    He says he has been to school on the corona virus, shame he didn't learn anything.
  15. Charlotte's Controller

    Who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

    From what he has said in the past and his previous lies, he is extremely leveraged (probably offshore), the assets will not all be owed by him he is reigned by his manner of his hairstyle vain and lacking in substance.

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