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  1. Charlotte's Controller

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    It would seem that Long Covid and its lingering effects could have devastating consequences on the health service and the economy. We have seen the rise of diagnosed diabetes in the general population over the past decades, long covid could bring similar levels of long term costs and stretch the resources of the NHS. I think that the current people who are not taking up the vaccine are risking potential long term illness, statistically they may not die but they can still suffer if they are unfortunate to succumb to the virus.
  2. Charlotte's Controller

    Illegal Immigration - overcrowding of our beaches

    Thanks I wondered myself, I was trying to set up a poll but failed, I have no problem with immigrants but the French Europeans need to manage their borders and should suffer the costs for their failures. Immigrants should be treated fairly and humanely but that should be in the first community in which they land, not their country of choice. There are ways of legitimate immigration, a rubber dingy from one civilised country to another is not one of them. In response to why they would like to come to the UK perhaps they are attracted by the Spitting Image characters who run the country.
  3. I wondered what was the opinion of the forum on the current immigrant situation.
  4. Charlotte's Controller

    Katie Hopkins

    Australians have deported Hopkins taken her visa away and fined her too, we just hope she is forced to isolate when she returns, happy result with the associated costs. She might learn to keep her mouth shut.
  5. Charlotte's Controller

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    I now understand the reason for the conspiracy theory with the phone masts, it is not the masts themselves or the 5G signals they use. It is the transmission of the data from the track and trace app the people are trying to avoid. I wonder if there could be a software solution to reduce the strength of the bluetooth signal such that false positives could not be transmitted through walls etc, just a thought you could tune your own mobile phone sensibly.
  6. Charlotte's Controller

    Late Euro championships 2020

    England played well for four minutes.
  7. Charlotte's Controller

    Late Euro championships 2020

    In the words of Mrs Controller score a f***ing goal and get a haircut.
  8. Charlotte's Controller

    (Return Of) The Celebrity Split List

    Countdown to a quote with unidentified vowels and consonants with a later solution of numbers.
  9. Charlotte's Controller

    India - How bad can it get?

    So the last point some notable people have started to die from covid again. Whilst a sarcastic comment in poor taste, how can a country with such a low vaccination rate and limited medical resources have such a low death rate, why is nobody questioning this?
  10. Charlotte's Controller

    India - How bad can it get?

    For the benefit of Toast, some non paywalled comment. https://www.indiatoday.in/coronavirus-outbreak/story/excess-deaths-challenge-india-s-official-covid-toll-1818564-2021-06-23https://devdatalab.medium.com/making-sense-of-excess-mortality-f26cffe3643e https://scroll.in/article/998620/why-its-difficult-to-tell-how-many-excess-deaths-in-india-are-due-to-covid-19 Very scary, a case for world concern as infected people continue to spread the disease. Another point my Wiki death count covid calculator now gives a zero count of covid deaths as none are now identified as such from India, there is either no cause or cardiac items. The latter of course is universal as dead people have a heart that is no longer operational.
  11. Charlotte's Controller

    Late Euro championships 2020

    A draw, and extra time the same, then penalties to sudden death, hopefully some goals perfect.
  12. Charlotte's Controller

    Late Euro championships 2020

    The quality of the games has improved as the tournament has progressed. More goals less negativity. I remarked to Mrs Controller this fact as Ukraine kept possession and passed back into their own half in an England style, they were of course punished by a technically superior young team. We shall see how the England team progress, I just wonder about the effect of the jubilant mixing on the covid rates.
  13. Charlotte's Controller

    Threads you will never click on

    Isn't that what the forum is for? For the proper English does not this translate as lively debate?
  14. Charlotte's Controller

    (Return Of) The Celebrity Split List

    With the recent political splits, I'm a Celebrity or Strictly Come Dancing beckons, Matt Hancock and Michael Gove could both prove entertaining.
  15. Charlotte's Controller

    Death And The Scrabble Deficit

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolien_Verschueren This young lady was a promising young cyclist until her demise from a brain tumour at the age of 31, with a scrabble score of 32.

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