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  1. Charlotte's Controller

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2024

    Have not competed in anything so far, I need a passtime Disney Spellsruck and Crossword Jam on apple are becoming slow. I will give it a go.
  2. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    To be fair and for full disclosure I am on the autistic spectrum and tend to tell it how it is, a bit like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory without the Nobel prize, Trump is a funded fucking idiot, demented, manipulated and leader of stupid followers with limited vales, the others do not want or need to pay tax.
  3. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Finished off the Gin, got some rum delivered today. bonus was they left the security tag on and so I didn’t get charged for it. Still got plenty of wine in the garage.
  4. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    i just need a place to vent thanks for the redirection.
  5. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    I’m sure it was but as with the Americans you get what you vote for, consideration needs to be given to the quality of government. Both the UK and US have been conned by false promises and unobtainable dreams on promises of benefits whilst allowing grifters in power obtain wealth to the detriment of the general population on the promises of lower taxes. Vote low taxes and join the “ I’m OK Jack” group who currently don’t require healthcare or benefits and don’t have the foresight to see when they may, yet then expect others to pay for it. Sleepy Don is less conscious than Sleepy Joe, I await the latest set of trading cards (Court Daiper Edition, scratch and sniff) bound to be popular with discerning Republican fans.
  6. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Brilliant use of AI There are levels of AI that need to be properly evaluated otherwise we as a planet will have issues. I have ranked the important ones. Actual Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Actual Idiots American Intelligence Most of these rank above UK cabinet intelligence, but their main use is to be able to accept new appointments with no qualifications or responsibility and have the standard PPE qualification( pots pans and excrement, shit doesn’t stick and if it does I don’t care)
  7. Charlotte's Controller

    Formula 1 & Other Motor Racing

    With all of the greats they were lucky, lucky to find themselves in the best teams help develop the best setups and get the best pay. Good drivers are hired by the best teams to develop cars further, cream rises to the top good teams get the cream. Hamilton has made things look easy for many years, you still need a decent car because it is a marginal sport. The sport is car / team and driver.everything at the top is very tight.
  8. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Trumps health is poor he is not concerned about his debts or liabilities he is a dead man.
  9. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    He takes his photos in one of those fairground mirrors. Unfortunately the upside down ones do not improve the value of th Trump Media Group which has reached the value at close of play today of 32.43 down from its peak of 79.38. A company with no intelligible means of support except for gamblers and predictors of doom.
  10. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Trump media continues its fall on the stock market. Donny tried a reboot today with a Turn it off and on again attempt, his IT limit, continually ill advised he pressed the wrong button and the US went into darkness and Donald blamed Biden infrastructure issues. Trump Media trending around $37 dollars today, Trump probably the best loser of stock value with no external forces. Brand value of a lying, corrupt immoral piece of shit.
  11. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    He is waiting for the cabbages to grow. We will then have a Liz Truss lettuce situation. Trump will need to be preserved as many people like pickled cabbage, preserved Trumps are just foul gas and stink.
  12. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Fortunately for the world his media company is composting nicely, by the time Trump gets to sell it will be time to grow cabbages to implant in his supporters brains.
  13. Charlotte's Controller

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    People ask him where he has parked his helicopter?
  14. Charlotte's Controller

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    The only reason for a Tory government is the promise of a lower tax base and the historical promise of competence. Unfortunately the lying bunch of degenerate fuckwits have failed on all levels to perform for the country only enriching their donors and friends.
  15. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    Having reviewed DJT’s media company on almost all forms of company valuation it appears to be over valued. Earnings, assets, management all appear to be lacking the only surpluses appear to be in gullible investors, whilst Trump is tied in for a period of time to the stocks it remains to be seen how long it will take for the share value to achieve it’s true potential. Currently standing at 60.60 down 8.5% on the day. i think that by end of May the value will be at 35 having lost most of the interest and initial investors having taken their profits.

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