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  1. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    I would comment on how stupid the Americans appear, but I fear that I can't because the British are not much better. Everything after the event and failing to deal with critical issues.
  2. Charlotte's Controller

    Men behind the Monsters

    Warwick Davis, top of my shortlist.
  3. Charlotte's Controller

    How many hits this year (Pauls version)

  4. Charlotte's Controller

    The 20th Death of 2020

    I went for Mr Spinks, The committee are having an easier job of who to drop for next year, the list is getting shorter.
  5. Charlotte's Controller

    Darwin Awards

    So currently we have tiers one through four, apparently it is fine to travel from tier 4 to tier 3 to buy christmas presents because the shops are closed. This is why the infection rates are rising and people complain at the government for spoiling Christmas. This has f**k all to do with Christmas and everything to do with controlling the virus, protecting the NHS and the vulnerable population. The government have tried to give guidance to sensible advice to sensible people. There are always people who do not take the spirit of the rules but always try to bend or break them. Unfortunately there are too may idiots, too many people in the category "It does not apply to or affect me". Apparently the new variant of the virus hits the younger sections of the population harder, maybe this could make a difference. May be not the correct thread but self destruction is an appropriate heading for these people.
  6. Charlotte's Controller

    Peter Sutcliffe

    The Ripper a new Netflix production
  7. I find it Ironic that the avatar of the creator of this thread fits the description perfectly.
  8. Charlotte's Controller

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    Not normally leaning this way but with Kier Starmer on this one to cancel Christmas. The news has started with people in stupid hats singing out of tune carols and spreading false cheer. Just bought a couple of advent calendars being delivered next week to have a mini binge with my bottle of spirits and Netflix. About as good as gets now, I'm not really sure what this celebration means now, it has become too commercial and people could do with a reassessment of what is important and what we should be grateful for. Happy holidays when they occur and make an effort to make a life less lonely, they are not always the easiest to spot. One benefit of shielding is the absence of Christmas canned music.
  9. Charlotte's Controller

    Room 101

    Absolute disaster. Not that I condone stockpiling but I ordered half a dozen 1.5 litre bottles of gin and sufficient tonic to last. My delivery of gin came no problem, but no tonic. Safe over christmas now plenty of handwash.
  10. Charlotte's Controller

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Which is why lockdown is so attractive, those who do the social bit and mingle are not doing anyone any favours.
  11. Charlotte's Controller

    Donald J Trump

    And he calls on all his powerful friends and supporters and appeals to those who lie outside the reality bubble. The emperor with no clothes.
  12. Charlotte's Controller

    Who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

    I am beginning to form the opinion that the Republicans deserve Trump and as a group have the mentality to bear arms, carry and transmit disease and blindly follow a corrupt spitting image puppet. Far from showing themselves to be world leaders they put themselves forward as narcissistic losers who act like spoilt children in defeat. The system should stop this from occurring but does not, too many powerful vested interests who do not want change.
  13. Charlotte's Controller

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I liked the Queen's Gambit if just for the fifties and sixties style. The leads were also excellent.
  14. Charlotte's Controller

    DL Survivors by Number

  15. Charlotte's Controller

    Who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

    Meanwhile on the tax fraud hotline....

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