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  1. JiroemonKimura

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    I sent my entry.
  2. JiroemonKimura

    Political Frailty

    Kathleen Blanco jokes about death rumors, “no longer” in hospice care. I’d take the second part with a grain of salt.
  3. JiroemonKimura

    Windy City Deadpool 2019-2020

    My list: 1. Sam Lloyd 2. Alex Trebek 3. Kathleen Blanco 4. Doug Supernaw 5. Sprent Dabwido 6. Lee Kerslake 7. Fernando Ricksen 8. Tom Long (Aussie actor) 9. Lee Noble (boxer) 10. Alcee Hastings 11. Genesis P-Orridge 12. Denis Goldberg 13. John Starling 14. Tamara O’Brien (trampolinist) 15. Leah Bracknell 16. Michael Robinson (Liverpool) 17. Mark Warawa 18. Greg Gilbert 19. Anibal Pachano 20. Clyde Bellecourt 21. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
  4. JiroemonKimura

    How many hits this year?

    I'll take 2, which, given the current pace, is actually a reasonable estimate.
  5. JiroemonKimura

    Abdelaziz Bouteflika

  6. JiroemonKimura

    Political Frailty

    Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido given weeks to live A big gamble on AO Deadpool, but seems like it paid off. Poor bloke; I guess this is what happens when you dissent in a third world country.
  7. JiroemonKimura

    Alex Trebek

    His life is in jeopardy.
  8. JiroemonKimura


    Harley Race has terminal lung cancer
  9. JiroemonKimura

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

  10. JiroemonKimura

    Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    January: Ayatollah Rafsanjani February: Kim Jong-nam March: Chuck Berry April: Don Rickles May: Roger Moore June: Helmut Kohl July: Liu Xiaobo August: Tough call: Glen Campbell/Jerry Lewis/Bruce Forsyth/Dick Gregory September Jake LaMotta
  11. JiroemonKimura

    Political Frailty

    Hyun Soong-jong for not-so-subtle reasons.
  12. JiroemonKimura

    Political Frailty

    He is said to be improving in the last 36 hours but still critical. I personally would give him >50% chance of surviving, but if we are doing sweepstakes I go with June 19. On another note, Vanuatu president dead
  13. JiroemonKimura

    Errol Christie

    July 13
  14. JiroemonKimura

    Political Frailty

    Former Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan dead
  15. JiroemonKimura

    Ian Brady

    What a great tragedy. Now we'll never know where Keith's body was buried.

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