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  1. JiroemonKimura

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Gerardo Ruiz Esparza: https://elpais.com/internacional/2020-04-02/fallece-gerardo-ruiz-esparza-el-secretario-de-comunicaciones-de-pena-nieto.html
  2. JiroemonKimura

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    My pick Jorge Neto has died: https://www.time24.news/A/2020/02/cape-verdean-singer-jorge-neto-died-today-in-lisbon-news.html
  3. JiroemonKimura

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    French MP Francois Andre is my first solo.
  4. JiroemonKimura

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Well, John Andretti is the 3rd hit for my B Team. Will my main team ever catch up? Time will tell...
  5. JiroemonKimura

    Kobe Bryant

    What the actual fuck? Did I wake up in an alternate dimension?
  6. JiroemonKimura

    Deathrace 2020

    Joseph Hannesschlager a hit for me. Also it seems that my score is too high (I had 2 hits before Hanneschlager).
  7. JiroemonKimura

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Thanks for all of the great work!
  8. JiroemonKimura

    Roger Scruton

    First hit for my DDP until Samantha Last gets her QO.
  9. JiroemonKimura


    A bit late, but I would be interested. My username is Cancerous Hatred.
  10. JiroemonKimura

    Sheikh Down

    He seems to have been one of the few "good" leaders in a region full of despots and extremists. According to the BBC he brought the people to prosperity; a very interesting personality indeed. I personally left him off my lists because I wasn't totally buying what the media was saying about his health.
  11. From my perspective FFBI is a bit of a misnomer as it's really "notable for being ill". If it is truly fame we are talking about then one could make an argument that Yoo Sang-chul could be considered FFBI. (When was the last time you've heard his name mentioned in an actual conversation?) For the latter standard I think that in general an individual who, without their illness, could plausibly have a Wikipedia page would automatically disqualify them from the label. This includes people like the Bangladesh MP that was chosen on Deathrace, as well as the vast majority of hits by the top players in DDP 2019. On the other hand there is a gray area. Was Kate Granger FFBI? What about a school principal who has cancer? What about the elected mayor of a town of 1,000 people? Personally I'd say no, yes, and no respectively, but all good questions to ponder.
  12. JiroemonKimura

    ABC Deadpool III

    Tom Long a hit for many of us here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7852163/Popular-Australian-actor-Tom-Long-50-dies-long-battle-terminal-blood-cancer.html
  13. JiroemonKimura


    117 years, 3 days
  14. JiroemonKimura

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    I'm in.
  15. JiroemonKimura

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Rejected picks: Derek Aucoin Ed Genson Christopher Guy Harrison Lee Noble Rod Nordland Belinda Sykes Gary Talbot Rejected replacement: Michael Falzon Cancerous Hatred's 2020 Deadpool List 1. André, François (French politician, member of the National Assembly) 2. Andretti, John (American auto racer) 3. Atkins, Ronnie (Pretty Maids singer) 4. Avramovic, Radojko (Serbian football manager) 5. Banali, Frankie (American rock drummer) 6. Carr, Jim (Canadian MP and former trade minister) 7. Covas, Bruno (Mayor of Sao Paulo) 8. Doleman, Chris(NFL Vikings player) 9. Dureau, Scott (Australian rugby league player) 10. Dybkjaer, Lone (Danish politician, former environment minister and MEP) 11. Dyble, Judy (British singer-songwriter) 12. Fosko, Bob (Dutch musician) 13. Frez, Patricio (Chilean radio announcer and presenter) 14. Gauthier, Michel (Former Canadian opposition leader) 15. Genecand, Benoit (Swiss politician, member of the national council) 16. Gibson, Bob (MLB Cardinals player) 17. Gulpilil, David (Aboriginal Australian traditional dancer and actor) 18. Hannesschlager, Joseph (German musician) 19. Hastings, Alcee (Representative from Florida) 20. Hawerchuk, Dale (Canadian ice hockey HOF-er) 21. Hogh, Lars (Danish footballer, competed in 1986 World Cup) 22. Klyuyev, Boris (Soviet-Russian film actor, People's Artist of Russia) 23. Kulkov, Vasili (Russian footballer) 24. Lloyd, Sam (American actor) 25. Matteo, Dominic (Scottish footballer) 26. Mihajlovic, Sinisa (Serbian footballer and manager) 27. Miron, Leonard (Romanian TV presenter) 28. P-Orridge, Genesis (English singer-songwriter and artist) 29. Raudonikis, Tommy (Australian rugby league player) 30. Robertson, Gavin (Australian cricketer) 31. Scruton, Sir Roger (English philosopher and writer) 32. Smith, Tom (Scotland and Lions rugby player, born 1971) 33. Spinks, Leon (American boxer) 34. Supernaw, Doug (American country musician) 35. Tapie, Bernard (French businessman and politician) 36. Trebek, Alex (Jeopardy host) 37. Vazquez, Tabare (President of Uruguay) 38. Vialli, Gianluca (Italian footballer and manager) 39. Yakovleva, Aleksandra (Russian actress and businesswoman) 40. Yoo Sang-chul (South Korean FIFA World Cup 2002 midfielder)

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