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  1. RolandDeschain

    The 4th death of 2020

    After only just voting for De Cuellar as the third death only an hour ago whilst Kirk was breathing his last I now ( probably foolishly) pick him once again as the 4th death...
  2. RolandDeschain

    2. Kirk Douglas

    RIP Kirk/Spartacus! 18 appearances on the Deathlist as well - can't see that ever being repeated!
  3. RolandDeschain

    45. Terry Jones

    RIP to a comedy legend.
  4. RolandDeschain

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Natalie Trundy dead at 79 https://www.imdb.com/news/ni62736869?pf_rd_m=A2FGELUUNOQJNL&pf_rd_p=b688335a-3266-4b15-ab7b-ab8edbc4b1c4&pf_rd_r=S7HFV7RY75QKJNYGKDVW&pf_rd_s=center-6&pf_rd_t=15061&pf_rd_i=homepage&ref_=hm_nw_tp5 starred in 4 Planet of The Apes films and other TV/films like a The Twilight Zone
  5. RolandDeschain

    The 1st death of 2020

    De Cuellar..for the 37th time...
  6. RolandDeschain

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    Only 9 on this list to go this year?! I can see 14 easily. Which ones do you think are definately doomed in 2020 then?
  7. RolandDeschain

    How many hits this year?

    Thankee-sai I seriously think this year will be big. Quite a few from last year who I thought were definately not going to see 2020, let alone 2021 - plus as its a leap year there is an extra day which must mean something or other. plus any list with someone called Genesis P-Orridge on it must be good..
  8. RolandDeschain

    How many hits this year?

    22 - an incredible amount of frail people on this list. At least I didn't have to pick 23 like last year!
  9. RolandDeschain

    Tony Britton

    Yes - he is doing very well to get as far as he has. Some people thought that picture of him in the wheelchair signalled the end whereas others thought he looked OK (and wasn't that from late 2016?!) One of the reasons I mentioned Geoffrey is his last acting credit is Paddington from 2014 - he was working very steadily until then although maybe he just had enough and wasn't about to give up on life! I need to to be watching more of these documentaries for research purposes! Wasn't that where both the imminent fate of Jim Bowen and Leslie Grantham was predicted?
  10. RolandDeschain

    Tony Britton

    Yep - he clearly did not. I always tend to pick very old choices for candidates as I like to play it 'safe' and think being in your 90s is just not tragic like when, say someone a lot younger dies like Leah. I think Tony's departure has made a perfect spot for Lesley Phillips to come back next year as he is also getting on (and was a surprise omission for the committee in 2019) - I don't think he has long left but people on here thought he would have gone years ago already! Or maybe the last of the sitcom giants of the 1970/1980s who is in his 90s - Geoffrey Palmer..
  11. RolandDeschain

    Tony Britton

    I think it was me who was talking about Tony Britton before most and mentioning him as a candidate for the Deathlist but anyway... One of the main reasons I picked him was because I'd seen a few pictures of him over the last few years starting with being at Dinah Sheridan's memorial service and him looking frail (and then remembering I'd last seen him act about 22 years previously!) RIP to a very good character/comedy actor who was probably the last of his generation to star in 2 1970s/1980s comedies - Robins Nest and, of course Don't Wait Up (where Nigel Havers plays himself as usual!). Also he was in a good amount of other stuff including The Day Of The Jackal. And not forgetting he's one of the last British acting talents who was also a Second World War veteran. 95 is a very good age to reach but I was thinking he'd get to next year as the months went by. Don't Wait Up started 36(!) years ago when he was supposed to be a semi-retired doctor even then!
  12. RolandDeschain

    The 13th death of 2019

    De cuellar again...
  13. RolandDeschain

    Clive James

    I 'had a feeling' that he would probably go not too long after his 80th to be honest. Maybe it was his goal to survive his 70s? 10 years (even when the cancer isn't supposed to be as aggressive as some) with cancer can't have been great to live with but the treatments he had certainly kept him going and the interviews he gave right near the end showed he wasn't suffering as much as some people do.
  14. RolandDeschain

    Clive James

    RIP to a great bloke who faced his demise with good humour and grit. I'm very happy that he lasted as long as he did (becoming another legend of the Deathlist!) He got to 80 and had cancer for nearly a decade and got to watch the end of Game Of Thrones ( which he probably regretted!)
  15. RolandDeschain

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Sad news YoungWillz. I remember him most from Hannibal Brooks (yes the one with Oliver Reed and the elephant!) and Scrooged which I will be watching again this year.

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