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  1. RolandDeschain

    H-h-h-h-hancock's Half Hour

    I did mention Ray Galton last year as a worthy pick for 2018. The last writer and main link to Steptoe and Son. RIP anyway to a great comedy writing talent.
  2. RolandDeschain

    44. Clive James

    I'm just wondering if he can make it to 80 now. 7th of October 2019. He's done really well to get as far as he has though even if he went tomorrow (which he won't do of course).
  3. RolandDeschain

    8. John McCain

    I wonder if he can make it to his birthday on August 29th next Wednesday? He'll be 82 if he makes it.
  4. RolandDeschain

    British Character Actors

    Glynn Edwards was also one of the last surviving actors from Zulu as well. He was in a few Michael Caine films - Ipcress File, Get Carter. RIP Dave- Minder's lost another legend.
  5. RolandDeschain

    The 6th Death of 2018

    John McCain - 2 in a row to die from same condition if correct.
  6. RolandDeschain

    The Dead of 2018

    No I didn't - hence the post. :-)
  7. RolandDeschain

    The Dead of 2018

    Jim Bowen dead at 80. RIP to a legend
  8. RolandDeschain

    Ken Dodd

    I wasn't expecting this at all! He was doing really good to still be performing at his age and I thought he would last years yet. Still 90 is a good age and glad he was well and still working until right near the end. RIP Sir Ken Dodd.
  9. RolandDeschain

    British Science Fiction Series

    I am just watching Dr Who and the Silurians now and I thought in the scenes he was in he was the only one left alive. No longer! always a good actor and played some great parts in Dr Who as well as Survivors and numerous other roles.
  10. RolandDeschain

    British Science Fiction Series

    Very nice tribute there YoungWillz. So many, especially from Classic Who gone. I didn't know that Kismet Delgado had died - I always found that segment where her and Barry Letts talked about Roger when he died in that car crash really sad on the DVD extras - Roger sounded like such a nice bloke (can't remember which story it was from though). Hopefully she's reunited with him now (if you believe in that sort of thing of course).
  11. RolandDeschain

    44. Clive James

    I thought I'd seen somewhere that the last GOT season was scheduled for 2019? Even though there are only 6 episodes there's obviously going to be huge special effects and post production work going into it. I think Clive still has a long wait to see the end of GOT. He has lasted a long time though. He must be nearly 80 now and surely he's been able to do everything he wanted to do since his prognosis in 2010/11?
  12. RolandDeschain

    Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    I've thought that for the whole of 2016 and 2017 and he's still here!
  13. RolandDeschain

    6. Billy Graham

    He is definitely having the same quality of life that Zsa Zsa endured in her last 5 (+?) years. Stuck in bed with medication constantly being administered. Is he completely deaf and blind now as well? There was that statement when he hit 98 that this would be ' his last birthday' or something to that effect so the family obviously didn't imagine him living that much longer., but here we are over a year later and a few days off 2018! In these kind of cases, of course you don't want them to die but it would not be a 'sad' death with the headlines, 'taken from us too soon' unlike say someone like Leah Bracknell who is much younger.
  14. RolandDeschain

    Thoughts On The 2017 List

    What I find crazy is the fact that there are only 5 hits in the top 30 on the list yet the committee still got 17! There are still so many near the top that I thought would have gone last year let alone in 2017 but they will still be here next year as well! I can still see 17 being broken next year IF the committee keeps the right names and finally some of the 'bed blockers' start to expire..
  15. RolandDeschain

    Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    I do think Gorbachev should be included in 2018 - he'll be 87 in March - quite a good age when you think of other Russian/Soviet politicians. Or he could be the next Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov and live to 96. When you think of his importance in world politics at the end of the Cold War and the other main leaders (Reagan, Thatcher, Kohl) are now all nearly gone it would be quite a miss. Also was thinking of George Shultz who'll be 98 next year although with Bush, Carter, Dole and a possible return of Kissinger the committee may not want any more US politicians in the list. Another extremely deathlisty pick IMO would be Geoffrey Palmer who will be 91 next year. Been in bloody everything really and his last screen role was in 2014 for Paddington so looks like he may now have retired (?).

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