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  1. RolandDeschain

    British Science Fiction Series

    RIP Paul. Your performance as Avon was fantastic and raised the entire show. I don't care what critics thought of the show - it's a classic in its own right and will live on. Really sad about this one -season 4 and the finale was one of my first TV memories - I was too young to watch it from the start I always thought he deserved more success after the show finished as well. for some reason I half expected he wouldn't have too long after what happened to him. Also the death of his wife Janet in 2012 (they were married in 1966!) obviously took a toll. so long Avon - you now meet Blake, Gan, Servalan and that old guy that voiced Orac (Peter Tuddenham?).
  2. RolandDeschain

    British Character Actors

    Yes, sad news indeed. Seems strange when both Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer (the onscreen parents) outlived him. I thought that his career didn't really take off after Butterflies like Nicholas Lyndhurst did but looking on IMDB he's had a respectable amount of credits - just seen he was in 4 episodes of that 'Blood drive' series in 2017 - kind of a Mad Max/Deathrace thing!
  3. RolandDeschain

    British Science Fiction Series

    Tom Baker looks and sounds better then he did in 2013 when he was in the 50th anniversary special! So glad he's still healthy, alert and mentally as young as he was in the 1970s- can see him getting to his 90s at this rate. Definately not one for next years list based on this video!
  4. RolandDeschain

    How many hits this year?

    21 - only number left really! There are a lot of incredibly frail folk on this year and this could be the year that the record is smashed making a clear start for the 2020s!
  5. RolandDeschain

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Surely 2019 is his year?
  6. RolandDeschain

    45. Little Richard

    Good pick. Looking at his past health ailments I'm surprised he's still here!
  7. RolandDeschain

    41. Tony Britton

    Very good pick from the committee for this veteran character/comedy actor. 95 in June so definately getting up there in age but news about him recently is fairly light if non-existent.
  8. RolandDeschain

    Thoughts and opinions on the death list 2019

    Gorbachev and Tony Britton made it at last! I am also shocked that Leslie Phillips isn't there. He has proved he's a fighter so far though as many didn't see him getting this far but can he see 2020?
  9. RolandDeschain

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Veteran producer/director Roger Corman will be 93 next year. Actress and comedy legend Anna Karen will be 83. Hasn’t been in anything since Eastenders in January 2017. The last of the regulars from one of the most classic, well-loved sitcoms of all time - On The Buses! Will be a huge miss IMO A very offbeat pick might be an actor called Terry Kilburn. Born in 1926 he is probably best known for playing a pupil in British classic from 1939, ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’ - he plays the child who says goodbye to the main character at the end - he plays 2 pupils - the son and father who are taught at the school. He also was Tiny Tim in the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol which starred Reginald Owen. Also in films like Lolita, a 1940 version of Swiss Family Robinson and the 1939 version of Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone.
  10. RolandDeschain

    June Whitfield

    RIP to a very funny and accomplished actress. I just saw watched her a few days ago on ITV3's perennial Carry On series of films they always seem to put on at Christmas. That's 3 actresses that appeared in Carry ons that have passed this year but weren't really associated with them or appeared in that many (I think June appeared in 3?). The other 2 of course were Fenella Fielding and Liz Fraser. Maybe Barbara Windsor could be a possible pick for next year now? i can always remember watching Terry and June when I was a kid -. Sad that she's gone but had a good innings when you consider how long she lived compared to her co-star Terry. i just remembered she's another one for the annual Dr Who remembrance list of stars - starred in End of Time parts 1 and 2 with Bernard cribbins..
  11. RolandDeschain

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Some thoughts : i definately agree that Gorbachev should be on next year - he's really the last of the world leaders left alive from the end of the Cold War and is one of the most important political figures of the late 20th century. Ian Holm should be on - very well known film/character actor who has been in some of the most influential films of the last 40 years such as Alien and recent blockbusters like LOTR and a cameo in The Hobbit. Also well known for films like Chariots of Fire and ALOT of TV work. i haven't seen Shirley Williams name mentioned but she is 89 next year and was one of the 'legendary' Gang of Four that broke off from The Labour Party and founded the SDP in 1981. I would also like to see the possible inclusion of Eric Chappell who will be 86 next year. One of the last comedy writing greats of the 1970s who wrote Rising Damp, Only When I Laugh and, of course, Duty Free. The committee didn't listen to me regarding Ray Galton who would have been another hit for them this year so please take note! James Lovelock will be 100. Famous scientist who proposed the Gaia hypothesis - could replace Steven Hawking? Barbara Shelley of Hammer Horror fame will be 87 and is the last of the real Hammer stars left alive. Philip Latham who, with Shelley above, is one of the last surviving actors from old Hammer films. Had a prolific career - Dr Who, etc. Will be 90 in January. Tony Britton - veteran character/ comedy actor known for comedies like Don't Wait Up, Robins Nest and in films like Day Of The Jackal will be 95. Also known as Fern Britton's dad. agree with adding Joss Ackland as another well known actor who will be 91 - last acted in 2014 as well. i think sadly next year may be another 2011 regarding Dr Who and loss of favourite actors. Maybe Tom Baker and William Russell (who will be 95) are worth considering. Maybe Terence Dicks as well - he'll be 84 in April. Geoffrey Palmer definately - very 'deathlisty' and 92 so getting on and had a huge and varied career. i would keep Honor Blackman on the list - don't agree with others to take her off. Bill Wyman should replace Ronnie Wood More later in the week.....
  12. RolandDeschain

    H-h-h-h-hancock's Half Hour

    I did mention Ray Galton last year as a worthy pick for 2018. The last writer and main link to Steptoe and Son. RIP anyway to a great comedy writing talent.
  13. RolandDeschain

    43. Clive James

    I'm just wondering if he can make it to 80 now. 7th of October 2019. He's done really well to get as far as he has though even if he went tomorrow (which he won't do of course).
  14. RolandDeschain

    John McCain

    I wonder if he can make it to his birthday on August 29th next Wednesday? He'll be 82 if he makes it.
  15. RolandDeschain

    British Character Actors

    Glynn Edwards was also one of the last surviving actors from Zulu as well. He was in a few Michael Caine films - Ipcress File, Get Carter. RIP Dave- Minder's lost another legend.

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