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  1. British Science Fiction Series

    Always liked that story - suitably grim and very early to mid 1980s vibe.
  2. David Cassidy

    OK then - he was massive for a short period in both the US AND the U.K.. Kind of like The Bay City Rollers? Didn't have long lasting chart success? Before my time as I said...
  3. David Cassidy

    I think that he was more of an American thing wasn't he? I know The Partridge Family was a big thing and he had a decent music career but it was quite a long time ago since he was an household name. He was big in the early 1970s but didn't maintain his success IMO from looking at his bio. The only thing I can remember seeing him in was an episode of Tales Of The Unexpected where he plays twins but I obviously didn't grow up when David was famous. Is it me or are the rate of celeb deaths starting to increase (as they usually seem to do) in the last few weeks of the year. Keith Barron, Rodney Bewes, Cassidy - the rate has been increasing summat...again purely from my own observations..
  4. David Cassidy

    Now dead as reported by BBC
  5. The Dead Of 2017

    RIP Rodney Bewes. Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads is classic comedy and both Rodney and James Bolam are great in it. Cant believe they never talked again after that feud. It would be great if those missing episodes of the original show would turn up...
  6. David Cassidy

    I can't believe there is that amount of people frantically working on David Cassidy's Wikipedia page regarding his ongoing life/death! Is it a competition to see who gets the right time of death registered?
  7. 18. Robert Mugabe

    Popcorn time Hopefully the only ones hurt are the ones who deserve it and caused so much misery for the people living there..
  8. The 17th death of 2017

    Billy Graham.....again!
  9. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    I think Ray Galton could make a good pick for next year. Wrote jointly with Alan Simpson for 2 huge comedy series - Hancock Half Hour and of course Steptoe and Son. He'll be 88 next year. Alan Simpson died earlier this year in February...
  10. Thoughts On The 2017 List

    For some reason I don't think Leslie will go this year. His continued longevity seems to indicate he's a fighter. Too big a miss to take off next year though. I cannot believe that Billy Graham is still here. I did think he would have gone in 2016 (and didn't one of his relatives say that last year was his last birthday or something?) but when he made 2017 I thought he would be one of the first 'hits' of the year not making it to April. But here we are. 14 hits will be broken this year though - I don't doubt that..
  11. 44. Liz Dawn

    RIP. So...Deirdre Barlow in 2015, Hilda Ogden in 2016, Vera Duckworth in 2017... Ken Barlow for 2018..?
  12. 12. Tony Booth

    Crazy times the death list is going through...
  13. 20. Jake Lamotta

    RIP to a great boxer. Well at least there is another hit further up the list. Billy Graham next..
  14. 43. Glen Campbell

    RIP to a country legend. That music video was very sad as well. At least he isn't suffering anymore.
  15. 6. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Watching that video clip of the 75th Oscars I can't believe that Luise Rainer lasted another 11 years+!