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  1. 43. Glen Campbell

    RIP to a country legend. That music video was very sad as well. At least he isn't suffering anymore.
  2. 6. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Watching that video clip of the 75th Oscars I can't believe that Luise Rainer lasted another 11 years+!
  3. Robert Hardy

    I actually saw an episode of an old anthology type horror show on Amazon Prime called 'The Veil' about 2 weeks ago - it was one of those old shows (1958) starring and introduced by Boris Karloff. He was in the first episode with Karloff and another death list alumni Patrick Macnee. I didn't really recognise him as I'd only seen in him stuff from the late 70s onwards. I did recognise his voice and saw his credit on IMDB! Just shows how long he has been acting..From acting with Boris Karloff to Harry Potter!
  4. Robert Hardy

    Already put it in 2017 deaths - didn't see he had his own thread! RIP to a good actor that had a huge variety of roles over his very long career..
  5. The Dead Of 2017

    BBC are incorrectly quoting his age as 85 though for some reason..
  6. The Dead Of 2017

    Robert Hardy dead….
  7. British Science Fiction Series

    RIP Deborah. A good companion sometimes underrated by fans. A pity a lot of her episodes are missing but glad that 9 did turn up in 2013 - at least she saw her dad again acting alongside her in The Web Of Fear. Hopefully more of her stories will show up soon.. Also another guest star now gone from Rising Damp... BTW it's been a while since a Doctor Who companion has died hasn't it? There was that period where Elizabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, Caroline John and Mary Tamm died (2011-2012?) but none since.
  8. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    What about James Lovelock? Scientist, environmentalist and futurist who came up with the 'Gaia hypothesis'. Will be 99 next year (DOB 26 July 1919) and looks like a typical Deathlist candidate probably coming in under the top 40 mark. Also Ian Holm and Joss Ackland would be good picks IMO.
  9. 9. Stan Lee

    Very sad news. Stan must be devastated losing his soul mate - they've been married since 1947 (!).
  10. The 8th death of 2017

    Billy Graham - there are rumours around that hes a 'bit frail'..
  11. 5. Peter Sallis

    RIP to a great actor with a fine repertoire that went on for decades. Really the last of the 'Last of The Summer Wine' main cast to pass away as well. He did reach a great age though and sadly lost his wife of nearly 60 years last year so I kind of expected this. I watched Dr Who - The Ice Warriors the other day which he was in starring with Patrick Troughton. Peter was only a year younger then Patrick but outlived him by 30 years and looked like he would go on forever. Also one of the top ones on the list has finally gone so the record could be broken now in 2017..
  12. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    I think Ian Holm (who has been ill recently and seems to have retired) and Joss Ackland would make good additions for 2018. Also Barbara Shelley could be an inclusion as really being the last well-known Hammer horror regular still alive.
  13. The 6th death of 2017

    Billy Graham - he cant last much longer can he?
  14. James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    I always preferred Roger Moore's Bond films overall over Connery but its close. The Spy Who Loved Me is probably my favourite Bond film of all. RIP to a great actor and also a very decent person (he was involved in many charities e.g. - spoke out against foie gras and the cruelty inflicted to make it. I did say once that I thought both Roger and Sean would die within a year of each other but I didn't really think Roger would go first.
  15. 50. Ian Brady

    He should have died over 50 years ago. His continued existence only further tortured the victim's poor families with a lingering hope that he may, just once in his evil pathetic life, have some compassion in him and show where his victim's bodies were buried and allow them to bury their loved one's remains. Of course, he did no such thing. Hope hell is a very hot place.