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  1. Pedro67

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Erja Lyttenen at the Half moon Putney tonight.
  2. Pedro67

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Paddy Mcguiness on Radio 2 yesterday, wishing Steve Harley all the best as he’s in very poor health now or words to that effect. Treatment effects or Cancer itself ?
  3. Pedro67

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    I was there too. Agree was a great Gig. First time I'd seen him live, and the power might not be there in his voice now, but the craft and delivery was superb and Suzi wow what a voice. Saw Robert Cray at the New theatre last year as well, so the venue only throws up good give for me..
  4. Pedro67

    Political Frailty

    Mr Winstone Kodogo IIRC. You have to be of a certain vintage
  5. Pedro67

    Inverse Dead Pool 2024

    Thanks for running this again. Donald Trump Joe Biden Prunella Scales David Attenborough Janey Godley Andy Taylor Michael J Fox Buzz Aldrin Billy Connoly Denis Law Ozzy Osborne Rupert Murdoch Pope Francis Mel Brooks Clint Eastwood William Shatner June Spencer Robert Wagner Willie Nelson Cleo Laine Stanley Baxter Patrick Murray Phil Collins Yoko Ono Dennis Skinner
  6. Pedro67


    Well done @Dying Probably. Great hare-tortoise-hate strategy Thanks for running this @An Fear Beag. Your irreverent style makes it a good read . Personally, making MEH from a hitless first ten months I will happily take.
  7. Pedro67

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023

    Great stuff GCR. Congratulations
  8. Pedro67


    As you quoted my post, I thought I was the dumb fuck for a minute there . As no Kitson for me, I’ll take semi dumb fuck.
  9. Pedro67

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    Very well done Tracy. Amazing score.
  10. Pedro67

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

  11. Pedro67


    Well at least I wont be waiting till November for a first hit this year. Mike Sadler has gone
  12. Pedro67

    World War II Veterans

    Yes I persevered with him. Had him as a unique once upon a time.
  13. Pedro67

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2024

    Always love this game. Thanks for hosting again. 1/Raul Castro 2/Frank Field 3/Jimmy Carter 4/Derek Draper 5/Rob Burrow 6/Eva Marie Saint 7/Esther Rantzen 8/Iris apfel 9/James Whale 10/ Celine dion subs Sam Neill Rhod Gilbert
  14. Pedro67


    Thanks for hosting AFB. Anouk Aimee (actress) Bobby Allen (US sprint car driver/owner)  Derek Reffell Duke of Kent Eva Marie Saint Henry Blofeld Imelda Marcos Jackie Stewart Jimmy Carter (Joker) Jimmy Cliff Joan Collins Joanne Woodward Marina Wingrove (gogglebox) Melvyn Hayes Mike Sadler (SAS veteran) Neil Harvey (cricketer) P J Proby Rob Burrow Roberta Flack Rhod Gilbert Rudi Guilliani Rupert Murdoch Sheila Hancock Tim Curry Willie Nelson Subs Barbers Knox Tom Baker
  15. Pedro67

    Death By Numbers 2024

    Thanks for Hosting. My 50..... Alan Brazil Bill Wyman Billy Connolly Boris Spassky Brough Scott Cliff Lazerenko Dave Myers Dennis Law Derek Draper Donald p. Bellisario Esther Rantzen Frank Field Franz Beckenbauer Fred Housego Geoff Capes Hazel O’connor Iggy Pop James Whale Janey Godley Jimmy Tarbuck Johnnie Irwin (joker) Joseph Fritzl Keith Richards Kim Woodburn Kris Kristofferson Linda Nolan Linda Rondstadt Marianne faithfull Mark Steel Malcolm Hebdon Michael Caine Noddy Holder Ozzy Osborne Pete Townsend Phil Collins Phyllida Law Rhod Gilbert Richard O’Sullivan Rob Burrow Roberta Flack Rose West Roy Chubby Brown Roy Hattersley Ruth Buzzi Shannen Doherty Steve McMichael Terry Waite Tim Bilton Tim Curry Toby Keith subs Val Kilmer Yoko Ono

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