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  1. The Happy Reaper

    30. Bob Newhart

    Wondering if he'll come back as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  2. The Happy Reaper

    Grange Hill

    Organ failure...
  3. The Happy Reaper

    Annie Nightingale

    She'll be spinning in her grave...
  4. The Happy Reaper

    Jacques Delors

    Jacques NoMore
  5. The Happy Reaper

    35. Esther Rantzen

    I would but it's more than my job's worth.
  6. The Happy Reaper

    Henry Kissinger

    I wonder where's Kissinger now...
  7. The Happy Reaper

    1. Jimmy Carter

    My dad's cousin died last year ten weeks to the day after she lost her husband. They had been married for 77 years (that's not a typo).
  8. The Happy Reaper

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    Did the Pope tear up her picture?
  9. The Happy Reaper

    Milan Kundera

    Interred Milan
  10. The Happy Reaper

    Titanic Survivors

  11. The Happy Reaper

    Britney Spears, Kerry Katona, Heather Locklear et al.

    Coco pops her clogs... Coco Lee: Disney star and pop singer dies at 48 - BBC News
  12. The Happy Reaper

    Titanic Survivors

    An investigation has revealed that the submarine as built did not match the original plans.
  13. The Happy Reaper

    Political Frailty

    Winnie Ewing, grande dame of the SNP SNP political icon Winnie Ewing dies aged 93 - BBC News
  14. The Happy Reaper

    35. Esther Rantzen

    I took a dislike to her when she started that 'Jobsworth' crap - mocking people who used the expression "That's more than my job's worth." - which translates as "I don't have the authority to let you do that - if I did, I would be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal." which doesn't seem at all unreasonable to me.
  15. The Happy Reaper

    Rolf Harris

    Jake has pegged it.

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