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  1. 20 /20

  2. What Kind Of Person Deadpools?

    Wonder if someone there ever had the balls to pick Gord Downie then argue with the barman You know, that actually reminds me of the time when someone created the Gord Downie thread and then Paul replied ­"Who the fuck is he?"
  3. Donald J Trump

    I honestly thought the white patches were just a case of a bad spray tanning The more you know...
  4. Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    No Billy for me but I had Nevin
  5. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Yeah, I didn't pick him on any of my DDP teams either as it's not worth it for a low amount of points.
  6. 10/10

    Might as well bring my picks to the next page. Pfft only 3 hits.
  7. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    We should probably keep an eye on musician John Prine. Has battled cancer before (currently cancer free) but looks terrible for a 71 year old.
  8. 2018 Names for 2018

    Billy Graham, name 3
  9. The 3rd Death Of 2018

    Zoe Tate
  10. Dead Pop Stars

    True, shame radios will play only select alt country artists (such as Blue Rodeo in Canada), there's some very good stuff out there.
  11. 2018 Names for 2018

    Lassie Lou Ahern, name 454 (I hope hollywood reporter is alright) Catherine Nevin, name 100
  12. The Dead of 2018

    2nd hit for my (what I'd consider) main team. Also another Drop 40 hit down. (aslong as she gets a proper obit lol)
  13. Death Anniversary Thread

    BOOM WENT THE T.N.T Bon Scott, vocalist for AC/DC, died 38 years ago aged 33 from a drug overdose.
  14. Five4Three2One Deadpool - 2018

    2 DL hits and 3 DDP hits for me, why'd you have to tease me
  15. Crashing Companies

    Not that surprised since they weren't even at NAMM this year (Its the big music company convention) and theyve been naking low quality guitars for a while. FENDER FTW