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  1. FixedBusiness

    Professional Cyclists

    Jonathan Cantwell, Aussie cyclist who participated in many competitions on Australian teams including USA National Cycling competitions, has passed away aged 36 of suicide. He was also diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2017.
  2. FixedBusiness

    John Deacon

    John Deacon is retired so why don't we just have a Queen thread, or else this thread will be used very sparsely (as it will otherwise)
  3. FixedBusiness

    A Joke

    Thought you guys might like this guy's account. Hilarious videos. He tours with bands like Bad Religion if you were wondering who he is.
  4. FixedBusiness

    Grace Slick

    I feel like there's no need for this thread, it's good enough in the popstars thread (unless someone made a psychedelic rock stars thread...)
  5. FixedBusiness


    He's probably only notable if you know your Australian music/live in Australia. Lead vocalist of Rose Tattoo and was also part of a group with Phil Rudd from ACDC on drums EDIT: also, here's an interesting tidbit from his wiki: Having seen cancer claim the lives of five of his Rose Tattoo bandmates (Dallas Royall, Peter Wells, Ian Rilen, Lobby Lloyde and Mick Cocks), Anderson has become an advocate for men's health. He appeared in a TV campaign promoting awareness of prostate cancer. And just saying, you could just about make a team of 20 with the members of Rose Tattoo (not guaranteeing they'll all get obits tho :P)
  6. FixedBusiness

    Death In The Family

    We had a memorial for my grandma on Tuesday, and I'd like to share a story that came across to me as interesting There was about 30-40 people at this memorial, really nice room and a mixture of people who she knew from her work, from being a theater director, etc. Here's the story: She had a parrot named Charlie Crackers at a time, and this parrot LOVED to mock/repeat whatever you would say (like the average stereotypical, cartoon parrot, y'know?). She loved this parrot to death, and she had it for quite a while. I remember going over there and you could hear the squawking from the other room while you were eating your thanksgiving dinner. That's how loud it was. Anyways, once this guy (who was speaking about the story at the time, but I actually don't quite remember his name, let's call him Davy) went to go visit her with some other of their theater friends. Davy would occasionally peek in and out of the room to say hi to the bird, and the bird was in the same room as a TV. The TV was on one such channel where the programming was, well, pretty inappropriate. The bird picked up on some of the words being said and when everybody started gathering in the living room (where the bird was), the bird yelled "THEY'RE HAVING SEX, THEY'RE HAVING SEX" What a great story that is. -fb
  7. FixedBusiness

    Lookie Likey

    Matt Heafy of new school metal band Trivium also kinda looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt.
  8. FixedBusiness

    Dead Pop Stars

    Drugs and the shitty food choices of some rockstars (in the case of Hlubek)
  9. FixedBusiness

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Too bad the cage isn't rusty, or I could say Rusty Cage by Soundgarden Also, does Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles work? I think it could. Anyways, there's of course some songs with same titles as ones that have already been mentioned and aren't covers. Here's a few Fire - The Cult Albatross - Big Wreck Albatross - Corrosion of Conformity and i can't tell if there's a crow or not, but there's a song called The Crowing by Coheed and Cambria which might work? EDIT: one more thing? what is that green lifehouse/lighthouse to the right of the stairs? It's probably not even a lighthouse so my apologies lol..
  10. FixedBusiness

    Advent Avalanche 2018

    Slam guide #5: Demi Lovato Not sure why I need to describe why I'm putting her here, you guys don't need to be spoon-fed. Well actually, she might.
  11. FixedBusiness

    John Williams

    Not a family member, but I got someone in my choir into deadpooling.
  12. FixedBusiness

    Best Forum Calls

    I sort of predicted Gord Downie's death to happen in the next two months, but it happened about a day or two after a posted it (it was about John Dunsworth being the biggest Canadian death of 2017 unless Gord or something died...)
  13. FixedBusiness

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Don't know if anyone saw this, but this is from Genesis P-Orridge's instagram about a month ago.
  14. FixedBusiness

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Arr, what a pile of buff-- I mean bullshit, me' matey!
  15. FixedBusiness

    Plane, Train And Automobile Crashes

    And probably 50 worldwide victims got their device hacked by Indian "tech support" scammers.

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