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  1. WednesdayAddams

    10. Robert Wagner

    We were just speculating about this indoors and we were left with the biggest question being..... why raise this all up again now? Something must have happened, or be about to happen, to one of the people present at the time. Maybe someone is not expecting to live much longer and wants to go meet their maker with better odds of being allowed through the Pearly Gates. That's our theory.... perhaps Wagner wants to come clean?
  2. WednesdayAddams

    Inverse Dead Pool 2017

    Thank you very much for running this, Dead Cow. It was my first ever go at on 'official' pool and I'm mightily pleased to have finished midfield. Here's to 2018!
  3. WednesdayAddams

    The 7th death of 2017

    Dennis Norden, just to be a rebel. lol
  4. WednesdayAddams

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    I was a kid working in the West End of London in the 70s and 80s when the IRA were blowing things up with enormous regularity. There was a particular period when a bomb went off in London every Thursday. More punctual than British Rail! Londoners would simply catch a different form of transport home after work and we all carried on regardless. At the time I do not recall great social debates on the nature of Irish catholic people or whether being Irish catholic was a fundamental flaw in a person's character that might lead them to blow shit up. Either you were a decent person or you were a murderous twat. Perhaps it was a simpler life back then but I see no need for it to be more complex than that. I have no difficulty identifying squalid death-cult loving thugs. Being Islamic is merely incidental to them being scumbags.
  5. WednesdayAddams

    The 5th death of 2017

    I'm going for Benedict
  6. WednesdayAddams

    Inverse Dead Pool 2017

    I had Brady at no. 10 so that pretty much scuppers me. Having said that, for him I'm not shedding tears over it.
  7. WednesdayAddams

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    The Metro has done a video montage of Phil's greatest hits. Some I had not seen before. Well worth a couple of minutes of your time. We will never see the like of him again! Legend! lol
  8. WednesdayAddams

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    They all must know Phil can't carry on much longer anyway. I am seeing journo rumours that this is really about Trump's visit this autumn. Trump doesn't want to meet Charles as Charles intends to give him an ear bashing about climate change. With Phil retired, Charles is now senior male Royal so if Trump wants the photo op with the most senior male Royal, he has no option but to get an ear bashing off Charles. Either that or he is forced to be contented with pics of himself paying homage to a crowned Head of State who just happens to strongly resemble the little old lady who does the service washes down the laundromat Game, Set, Match to the Royals... it's only a theory though.
  9. WednesdayAddams

    Death In The Family

    Sorry been away for a few days. The doctor gave me a couple of weeks of pills to help me sleep, which had made everything into a lovely pinkish blur and nothing can upset me. lol He's 62. 63 in a couple of weeks. He is still lingering. We are told he now has a double pneumothorax and pneumonia. Not sure what else can possibly go wrong with him as he seems to have the full list now. He's now been in a medical coma 16 days. Twice they have tried to rouse him but had to stop and put him back under due to complications. They aren't yet planning more attempts due to the new problems with his lungs. We are hoping their isn't a Will because if there isn't, his entire estate goes to my daughter. We have no idea whether he has money of course, but if he has this woman can't claim a thing. They weren't married. There's no property involved but there may be investment accounts. We shall see. At least she is passing on all information and developments so for now we are being nice. We do have no win/no fee lawyers over here but we shouldn't need them unless she's conned him into writing an unreasonable Will.
  10. WednesdayAddams

    Death In The Family

    Thank you all for your thoughtful wishes. It's so kind. He is still lingering, obviously putting up a fight. I have reached out to other very good friends and ex-relatives I had not spoken to for years and when comparing notes, we all feel something is not quite right here with the situation with his girlfriend. He had told us all that he while he valued this woman he also valued his independence too and he would never make a full commitment to her. They don't even cohabit. I'm afraid it kicked off slightly at the hospital today when a friend visited and questioned why my daughter was not listed as next of kin. The girlfriend stormed out cussing. My daughter has said her goodbyes and left a card for her dad if he ever wakes up. She will return once her dad is able to speak to her. She can't face being stuck in a room surrounded by monitors bleeping and all the time this woman is there making it obvious my daughter is not welcome. A cynical person might think she's after his money and I think they'd be right. More fool him for boasting about a retirement nest egg. I can't see how he has any cash stashed away as he's long since drunk it all. Time will tell though.
  11. WednesdayAddams

    Death In The Family

    Not quite a death - yet - but my ex hubby is doing his best ever hovering in ICU will-he-won't-he act. We divorced 15 years ago and I've been remarried over 10 years. We have no current connections save for a 25 year old daughter, who is in bits at his bedside. It transpires he collapsed in acute stomach pain the weekend before last. Tests showed ruptured bowels and he had advanced Sepsis (now under control). His kidneys are under attack and they are dialysing him, lungs were full of the most horrendous brown muck and they have sucked litres up. Parts of his bowel have been removed and a stoma fitted. They say it's a miracle he survived surgery. All this follows on the back of 45 years of hard binge drinking. (The reason why we divorced!). We have had these scares and ICU stays before with him, but nothing ever on this scale for this length of time. This surely has to the one that finishes him. Yesterday's update was that clots were discovered on his lungs and his arm was broken - presumably due to weakened bone density following on from compromised kidneys. Ten days he has now been under medical sedation but the hospital keep giving little rays of hope to my daughter and his new girlfriend. they say small, steady improvements but it's going to be an extremely slow thing. I don't think she has any emotion of physical reserved left. I want it over. I want him to either go or recover enough for them to wake him up and so daughter can speak to her father and tell him she dropped her life and flew to his bedside and been there ever since. And another thing... somehow his girlfriend got listed as 'next-of-kin' and this has meant his own daughter and his sister are blocked from talking to the doctors. Everything has to go through this girlfriend, who is a woman beforehand they knew nothing about and have never spoken to. My daughter says her dad has been hijacked. It would take a court order to be included in medical discussions. So be very careful the nest time someone asks who is your next of kin!
  12. WednesdayAddams

    Ask A Deathlister

    I read that and immediately Gillingham came to mind. lol
  13. WednesdayAddams

    Ask A Deathlister

    Just for info... North Kent is packed with DFLs (Down From London). 12 years here and I have yet to meet more than around 10 people who confess to actually being born here - admittedly, those 10 are worrying enough by themselves. I know a lady who considers a trip from Thanet to Canterbury to be a major excursion and has never been to London in her life. The local bus garage is staffed almost entirely by semi retired London bus drivers - who when they first get here, cannot believe there is such a thing as a bus that doesn't have an assault screen. As for the racist element.... yeah, true, but they are all Londoners who fled down here a couple of decades back when London started to become over-heated and overpriced. All said though.... there are worse places to live. I can recommend Deal or Sandwich, which seem to be undergoing a renaissance. But I have taken a liking to Middlesbrough since my youngest moved there. It's so flipping cold though which is a downer.
  14. Absolutely. I nicked it from JK Rowling who nicked it from someone else. You know how these things work.

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