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  1. openviews

    Michael Gambon

    A Dumbledore bites the dust.
  2. openviews

    Sharon Osbourne

    Maybe her age and recent health issues but looking and sounding frailer here than what I remember.
  3. openviews

    Russell Brand

    It’ll be Interesting to see what happens next. I imagine the police on both sides of the Atlantic will be approaching Channel 4 to review their evidence and it’s still to be seen whether any of these women will want to pursue this through the courts. He’ll probably struggle now to find venues willing to offer him a platform but the fact he was only performing to around 2000 people tonight possibly tells us that his online fanbase is where he makes most of his money and the audience he's cultivated there over the last few years are probably more likely to circle the wagons rather than leave him in droves. Just like his pal Jimmy he obviously knew this day was coming for a long time and was preparing for it only this time Channel 4 didn't bottle releasing their expose the way that the BBC did. Time will tell I suppose.
  4. openviews

    Tom Baker

    Tom was in hospital for six months according to the guy he is in the photograph with but ‘healthy now’. https://reddit.com/r/doctorwho/s/VnWAiTxPfO
  5. openviews

    Tom Baker

    Great to see Tom still up and about despite recent speculation regarding his health. https://x.com/conkamarvel123/status/1700772452270309858?s=61&t=hkSjmZZYj4UaY8qO8XYzFA
  6. openviews

    The 13th Death of 2023

    Carter. If we can get to 13 before the 15th September we’ll be ahead of schedule compared to the record year of 2020.
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  8. openviews


  9. openviews

    Billy Connolly

    Don't think he did for Robin Williams or Sean Connery either but spoke about them afterwards in interviews. I imagine he would just contact the family directly and going by the Dickie Bird interview its possible he might have spoken to him recently as well.
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  11. openviews

    Dead Pop Stars

    Paedophile former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins 'is critically ill after being stabbed in the neck in prison': Pervert serving 35 years for abusing babies 'was taken hostage and attacked by fellow inmates before being rushed to hospital' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12376885/Disgraced-paedophile-Lostprophets-frontman-Ian-Watkins-stabbed-neck-inmates-vicious-jail-attack-rushed-hospital.html
  12. openviews

    50. Shane MacGowan

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  15. openviews

    Internet Celebrities

    Grace Helbig has announced she has stage 2 breast cancer.

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