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  1. arrowsmith

    Joan Collins ultra glamorous British actress and Hollywood star

    She really just looks like she got a tuneup recently. She’s got to be due for a free one soon.
  2. arrowsmith

    15. Rosalynn Carter

  3. arrowsmith

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    But not the other two?
  4. arrowsmith

    African Despots

    You, like the other fellow, don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word important.
  5. arrowsmith

    African Despots

    I’m still entirely unsure how that’s important.
  6. arrowsmith

    African Despots

  7. arrowsmith

    World War II Veterans

    Auguste Plenet, last surviving Guianese member of the Forces Françaises Libres, has died aged 99. Fixed that for you - your wording was ambiguous.
  8. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    Any physician may declare death, as happens when people die during surgery etc., however EMTs are not physicians hence the “found unresponsive”. Again, this is not true in all jurisdictions. Perhaps this is because the concept of a “law time of death” is quite nebulous.
  9. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    In some jurisdictions, in the U.S. at least, emergency medical services are not able to legally declare death. This must be done by a physician, usually the coroner, and the “time of death” is when this determination is made. Perhaps there is some similar procedure in the UK?
  10. arrowsmith

    Vladimir Putin

    Because he’s a troll.
  11. arrowsmith

    US Ensemble Dramas/HBO Box Set Shows

    Burt Young, Paulie from Rocky, dead at 83. Crossposting - Burt Young had an exceptional guest role as Bobby Baccalieri Sr. in the Sopranos.
  12. arrowsmith

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Definitely a sex symbol of sorts because of Three’s Company. Ended up making a lot of commercials for the Thighmaster and other workout regimens in the 90s.
  13. arrowsmith

    World's Oldest

    Go back.
  14. arrowsmith

    Michael Gambon

    Perhaps @Whitehouse has managed it and this is just a very revealing autocorrect error.
  15. arrowsmith

    World's Oldest

    Good money it’s the same guy.

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