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  1. arrowsmith

    The President's Men

    John Dean Alfred Baldwin Spencer Oliver Hugh Sloan Judy Hoback Miller Alexander Butterfield Dwight Chapin Kenneth Parkinson ? Gordon Strachan Daniel Ellsberg Herbert Porter Carl Bernstein Bob Woodward David Young Earl Silbert Harry Rosenfeld Barry Sussman Donald Segretti Still some big names around.
  2. arrowsmith

    The Counterculture of the 1960's

    Only two by my count: Froines and Weiner.
  3. arrowsmith

    The President's Men

    Possibly 3 as there still isn’t an adequate citation for the death of Kenneth Parkinson, the only one acquitted. Wikipedia has him dying in October of 2016 but I’ve been looking for confirmation since then and have found nothing.
  4. arrowsmith

    How Many Hits This Year? 2021

  5. arrowsmith

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Also his mother lived to be 97 and was active until quite late in life.
  6. arrowsmith

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Gloria Steinem was a journalist not a lawyer. Though still a solid pick.
  7. arrowsmith


    Also Carl Erskine
  8. arrowsmith

    Roberta McCain

    Called it.
  9. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    Indeed there are official bodies that do that and the Senate website isn’t one of them. The VA does not consider cadets to be veterans and there was a court case which determined that cadets at military academies are not considered active-duty personnel and therefore ineligible for veterans benefits. I have a rather broad definition of what constitutes a veteran but a person who went to West Point for two years then dropped out is just a fucking college student.
  10. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    As there were earlier today. He was not a vet.
  11. arrowsmith

    Sylvester Stallone

    I must say this has been a rough year for famous parents: Hutton Gibson, Arnold Spielberg, William Gates, and now Jackie. Next up Roberta McCain??
  12. arrowsmith

    2. Betty White

    Fuck off. That’s my avatar.
  13. arrowsmith

    Lara Roxx

    That’s not an ISIS run anything. It’s the Hagia Sophia.
  14. arrowsmith

    Widow(er) Shopping

    Beryl Bentsen, widow of Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen, died May 5 at 98. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.legacy.com/obituaries/themonitor/obituary.aspx%3fn=beryl-ann-bentsen-b-a-longino&pid=196159133&fhid=6290
  15. arrowsmith

    World War II Veterans

    The article specifies city employees. The original post is poorly phrased.

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