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  1. arrowsmith

    The Godfather

    Morgana King gets a real obit: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/local/obituaries/morgana-king-jazz-singer-who-played-brandos-wife-in-godfather-films-dies-at-87/2018/08/14/2d7dd2e8-9fd3-11e8-8e87-c869fe70a721_story.html&freshcontent=1
  2. arrowsmith

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Morgana King official: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/local/obituaries/morgana-king-jazz-singer-who-played-brandos-wife-in-godfather-films-dies-at-87/2018/08/14/2d7dd2e8-9fd3-11e8-8e87-c869fe70a721_story.html&freshcontent=1
  3. arrowsmith

    From Cleric To Relic

    Noted psychologist, and expert on celibacy issues in the Catholic Church, Richard Sipe dead at 85. He was himself a former Benedictine monk and is notable for his portrayal in the film Spotlight by the voice of actor Richard Jenkins. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/09/nyregion/aw-richard-sipe-a-leading-voice-on-clergy-sex-abuse-dies-at-85.html
  4. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    With the death of Laxalt this list is down to seven.
  5. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    Ron Dellums, founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus and former mayor of Oakland, dead at 82. http://abc7news.com/politics/former-oakland-mayor-ron-dellums-dies/3848533/
  6. arrowsmith

    From Cleric To Relic

    Former Catholic Bishop of Helena and later Archbishop of Seattle Raymond Hunthausen dead at 96. Last living American bishop to attend all the sessions of Vatican II. Quite the controversial figure in his time. https://www.ncronline.org/news/people/raymond-hunthausen-retired-archbishop-seattle-dies-age-96
  7. arrowsmith

    Thai Die

    Fair enough.
  8. arrowsmith

    Thai Die

    Now that this idiotic distraction is over with will the admins close this thread please?
  9. arrowsmith

    The Jacksons

    There aren’t many I’d say this about but: good riddance.
  10. arrowsmith

    The Cardinals Of The Roman Catholic Church

    Miguel Cardinal Obando dead at 92. Noted for involvement during the Civil War in Nicaragua. https://www.kob.com/news/nicaraguan-cardinal-emeritus-miguel-obando-dies-at-92/4934023/
  11. arrowsmith


    You missed McDivitt, Cunningham, and Schweikhart.
  12. arrowsmith

    The Cardinals Of The Roman Catholic Church

    Darío Castrillón Cardinal Hoyos dead at 88. https://www.romereports.com/en/2018/05/18/cardinal-dario-castrillon-hoyos-passes-away-in-rome/
  13. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    Speaking of Senators. Elaine Edwards dead at 89. http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/05/elaine_edwards_louisianas_form.html
  14. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has pancreatic cancer. He’s always looked frail to me. One to watch. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/14/politics/harry-reid-cancer-surgery-pancreas/index.html
  15. arrowsmith

    Bill Cosby

    The Bellamy salute, seen above, was an extremely common salute to a flag from the 1890’s until its appropriation by fascists beginning in the 20’s. It was the standard flag salute in the U.S. until 1942 when it was replaced by the hand over the heart salute. As the Queen appears to be about five here it is not at all peculiar to see this. Try doing some research before you post something this moronic and reveal your ignorance while calling others retards.

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