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  1. arrowsmith

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Nice one. Also on Nixon’s Enemies List.
  2. arrowsmith

    American Football Players

    I believe the aforementioned Craig and Sandy Koufax played for the Dodgers in ’55 when they won the series. So there are three living Brooklyn Dodgers.
  3. arrowsmith


    Thank you. I cannot hear her name without thinking of Gilda saying it.
  4. arrowsmith

    World War II Veterans

    I realize it says this in the article but the the claim that he is the last is highly spurious. Many Greek nationals fought for Allied powers and there was significant partisan activity until 1944. We are a long way off from the last WWII veteran of any national category, especially if a broad view of what constitutes a veteran is taken.
  5. arrowsmith

    World War II Veterans

    Small correction - it’s James Buckley that was Senator from New York. He was Bill Buckley’s older brother and Bill is deceased.
  6. arrowsmith

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    I believe so. Didn’t Kristofferson accept his induction into the Country Hall of Fame? It looks like he’s presenting him with a medal of some sort.
  7. arrowsmith

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Obviously subjective but I think he has a decent claim to being the last survivor of a death camp to go on to become famous for a reason other than being a survivor.
  8. arrowsmith

    World's Oldest

    Why did you post this? No one has died. You posted the exact same list fifteen days ago. Is it just to let us know that two weeks has passed?
  9. arrowsmith

    Joe Biden

    I take your point. I merely struggle with the implication that because he was impeached for political reasons means that he really didn’t do anything wrong. As someone who lived through it I always thought there was plenty of blame to go around. The Republicans were over zealous and partisan, but the president was arrogant and morally corrupt. The late 90s were an unfortunate time to be politically aware.
  10. arrowsmith

    Joe Biden

    I don’t disagree with you. What you seem to be implying, and what I took issue with, was you equating the Clinton impeachment with a theoretical Biden impeachment. President Clinton was a genuine sexual predator who, if he had been a CEO, would have been removed for such an egregious abuse of power. I don’t think the lie rose to the level of impeachment but it was not an entirely trumped up witch hunt as a Biden impeachment would likely be.
  11. arrowsmith

    Joe Biden

    Also he lied during a deposition involving his civil suit regarding Paula Jones, not Whitewater. Her attorneys were attempting to show a pattern of abusive sexual behavior toward subordinates. Seems material to me.
  12. arrowsmith

    Joe Biden

    You’re rather proving the point aren’t you? You made the point that impeaching President Biden for no reason at all would be akin to the impeachment of President Clinton. I disagreed and pointed out that the House of Representatives had ample reason to indict him. The facts of the case were such that he was acquitted during his trial. They are not comparable.
  13. arrowsmith

    Joe Biden

    A person being deposed is at their leisure to refuse to answer a question during a deposition and he ought to have. It would have saved us a lot of grief. They are not entitled to lie when asked a question they find untoward. Still perjury. Still a crime.
  14. arrowsmith

    Joe Biden

    You seem to be operating under the popular error that President Clinton was impeached for getting a bj from an intern. He was not. He was impeached for lying about it - during a deposition. Like it or not that’s perjury which is in fact a crime. Whether he ought to have been impeached for committing said crime is a different question. If President Biden is in fact impaired that does not fall under the umbrella of impeachment. That’s why we have the 25th amendment, to rectify this oversight.
  15. arrowsmith

    Political Frailty

    Both of the websites you mentioned actually prove my point. The news article is clear that the UN Ambassador has been cabinet level at the behest of the president at various points. The White House website lists all of those positions last in order of presidential succession because they aren’t in succession. A better thing to look at would be the process by which the Department of Homeland Security was erected and a cabinet position created (in presidential succession) not a cabinet level position which is obviously more impermanent. Furthermore, the White House website lists the Chief of Staff (!) as a cabinet position, he does not run an executive department and is not confirmed by the senate. Cabinet level in terms of privilege, sure, actual member of a cabinet, no.

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