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  1. Heef

    Dead Pop Stars

    I quite like the Shins for the record. I'm not sure this guy really counts as an integral part of the band though. Looks like he was a member for 5 out of a 22 year career and only on one studio album. 3 top 20 albums in the UK for the record though YoungWillz. Wincing the Night Away went Silver and was a #2 in the US. 4 top 100 singles in the UK. Not sure why you think they didn't chart. EDIT: Ah, you were talking about this specific chap's record in the Shins. Well, he didn't even appear on their 2012 album, so his involvement in the Shins is probably a complete red herring. However, newspapers in the UK have clearly heard of the Shins and thus not bothered to find out whether he was an integral member or a peripheral one before firing up the obituary squad.
  2. Heef

    Oliver Postgate

    Unique for my BBC Heaven theme team, which gets them off the mark. Shame. A creator of icons in his era.
  3. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Oh yes, #1 in the Theme Team league. Hopefully still some hits left for my team this year, but still a lot of water to go under the bridge.
  4. Heef

    Leslie Grantham

    They shot him and threw him in a canal once and he didn't die. None of these links count as sufficient evidence for me.
  5. Heef

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2018

    Mid table obscurity! Whoop! Thanks for the updates though. Crazy stuff.
  6. Been listening to a few film soundtracks. The Mission OST is pretty bloody good. Long time since I've seen that film, but always remember the main theme.
  7. Heef

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Watched it as a kid and thought it was a little bit naff. The car crash was very poorly done as I recall. My brother loved it though. I always struggled to see why.
  8. Heef

    The Dead of 2018

    There was an interesting article on a NZ website about some unusual acoustic effects of the man in question many years ago. After some detailed experiments by spelunking enthusiasts in the Waitomo region, and after obtaining a vast amount of recorded material, it was concluded that Dick Quax don't echo. I'll get my coat.
  9. Heef

    Kiwi Karkers

    I'll give the entertainment question some thought at some point, but people like Geoff Murphy, Jane Campion, Sam Neill, Lee Tamahori, Temuera Morrison, Cliff Curtis are of the prior generation. Roger Donaldson is arguably more Kiwi than Australian. A good half of the BLERTA crowd are already deceased.
  10. On the day after a storm's kicked through, a good slice of Bressa Creeting Cake - their wonderful xylophone and bass enfused Palm Singing will help me remember the glories of Summers past. Then, I think I'll give On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel another spin. Oh yes.
  11. Heef

    The Dead of 2018

    Wow. How have I never heard of this programme? Sounds incredible. Channel 4 in the 80s, for me anyway, seemed to be clogged with Bollywood productions of the 60s, an incredibly turgid Chinese import called Empress Wu, 15 to 1 with William G Stewart, the godawful Pob's Programme and Transworld Sport
  12. Heef

    Kiwi Karkers

    Need some proper Dunedin Sound/Flying Nun alternative Kiwi music acts. Just look up AFFCO by the Skeptics. Sadly, I think their lead singer's already dead.
  13. Heef

    Kiwi Karkers

    New Zealand may be included in the Australian constitution, but despite his close mateship with Malcolm Turnbull, I'm certain our former PM John Key will agree that we pursue a thoroughly independent set of policies, despite the huge Kiwi diaspora in the East of the West Island. As such, I thought it was about due to have a new thread for us. I mean, no self-respecting Kiwi says 'Hooroo mate'. It's all 'chur bro' and 'aaaah, she'll be right' and 'oi'll hive sex scoops uvv fush and chups, cuz' So, without further ado, here's some of the NZ great and good to keep an eye on: Former Prime Ministers Geoffrey Palmer QC, 33rd PM (21 April 1942) Mike Moore, 34th PM (28 January 1949) Jim Bolger, 35th PM (31 May 1935) Dame Jenny Shipley, 36th PM (4 February 1952) Helen Clark, 37th PM (26 February 1950) Sir John Key, 38th PM (9 August 1961) Bill English, 39th PM (30 December 1961) Governor-Generals Dame Catherine Tizard, 16th GG (4 April 1931) Sir Michael Hardie-Boys, 17th GG (6 October 1931) Dame Silvia Cartwright, 18th GG (7 November 1943) Sir Anand Satyanand, 19th GG (22 July 1944) Sir Jerry Mateparae, 20th GG (14 November 1954) Dame Patsy Reddy, 21st GG (17 May 1954) Order of NZ Dame Miriam Bell, Women's welfare campaigner (14 June 1924) Dame Kiri te Kanawa, Opera Singer (6 March 1944) Sir Miles Warren, Architect (1929) Jim Bolger, 35th PM (31 May 1935) Ken Douglas, Trade unionist (15 November 1935) Mike Moore, 34th PM (28 January 1949) Cardinal Tom Williams, Emeritus Catholic Archbishop of Wellington (20 March 1930) Jonathan Hunt, Former Speaker (2 December 1938) Lloyd Geering, Heretic & theologian (26 February 1918) Sir Kenneth Keith, Judge (19 November 1937) Sir Don McKinnon, Former Commonwealth Sec-Gen (27 February 1939) Sir Murray Halberg, Olympic Runner (7 July 1933) Helen Clark, 37th PM (26 February 1950) Sir Bob Charles, Golfer (14 March 1936) Albert Wendt, Writer (27 August 1939) Sir Ron Carter, Engineering Businessman (17 June 1935) Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor (1949) Richie McCaw, Master of the Dark Arts (31 December 1980) Joy Cowley, Writer (7 August 1936) Michael Duffy, Former Attorney General of Australia (2 March 1938) Dame Catherine Tizard, 16th GG (4 April 1931) Sir Brian Lochore, Rugby legend (3 September 1940) CK Stead, Author (17 October 1932) The Duke of Edinburgh, Loon (10 June 1921) Dame Margaret Bazley, Public Servant (23 January 1938) Sir Peter Jackson, Hobbit (31 October 1961) Dame Malvina Major, Opera Singer & Retirement Home (28 January 1943) Sir Shridath Ramphal, Former Commonwealth Sec-Gen (3 October 1928) Rugby Captains Kieran Read (26 October 1985) Richie McCaw, Master of the Dark Arts (31 December 1980) Tana Umaga (27 May 1973) Reuben Thorne (2 January 1975) Anton Oliver (9 September 1975) Todd Blackadder (20 September 1971) Taine Randall (5 November 1974) Sean Fitzpatrick (4 June 1963) Gary Whetton (15 December 1959) Wayne 'Buck' Shelford (13 December 1957) David Kirk (5 October 1960) Andy Dalton (16 November 1951) Graham Mourie (8 September 1952) Tane Norton (30 March 1942) Andy Leslie (10 November 1944) Ian Kirkpatrick (24 May 1946) Sir Brian Lochore (3 September 1940) Cricket Captains John R Reid (3 June 1928) Barry Sinclair (23 October 1936) Graham Dowling (4 March 1937) Glenn Turner (26 May 1947) Mark Burgess (17 July 1944) Geoff Howarth (29 March 1951) Jeremy Coney (21 June 1952) Jeff Crowe (14 September 1958) John Wright (5 July 1954) Ken Rutherford (26 October 1965) Lee Germon (4 November 1968) Stephen Fleming (1 April 1973) Daniel Vettori (27 January 1979) Ross Taylor (8 March 1984) Brendan McCullum (27 September 1981) Kane Williamson (8 August 1990)
  14. Heef

    Who Will Win The DDP 2018 (Updated)?

    Who's going to win the theme team league? That's the big question.
  15. Heef

    Dead Pooling Regrets

    As the Deathlist Cup is the premier tournament, my biggest regret was not picking Earl Hagaman. Cost me a age-tie-breaking with against Death Impends in the Semi Final. Hagaman was a Kiwi and was going through a high profile court case against the Head of the Opposition at the time. Absolutely stupid, glaring miss and it cost me. It cost me. Ah, the thrill of the Cup!

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