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  1. Heef

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Not long after John R Reid, another NZ stalwart - John F Reid - has passed away. Much younger and more unexpected of course. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/300194432/former-new-zealand-cricketer-john-f-reid-dies-aged-64
  2. Heef

    2020 ANZAC List (Score: 9/50)

    Anyway, now that's updated. If anyone would like to submit a list of potential starters for 2021, then just PM me. Chur.
  3. Heef

    2020 ANZAC List (Score: 9/50)

    Annoyingly, Ken Shadie is on the list twice and I can't currently find the original spreadsheet to replace him. Still, I make the score 9/50.
  4. Heef

    2020 ANZAC List (Score: 9/50)

    Updating this. It's been a while. Margaret Guilfoyle died: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7020589/pioneer-politician-margaret-guilfoyle-dies/?cs=14264 Jean Hurring: https://www.odt.co.nz/sport/swimming/otago-swimming-great-dies Cliff Green: https://www.smh.com.au/national/gifted-writer-behind-screenplay-for-picnic-at-hanging-rock-20201209-p56lxx.html As noted, so have: Bruce Reid: https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/essendon-icon-dr-bruce-reid-dead/news-story/a91e3bdb61877a5b80526238d6adf9bf Deane Sutherland: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/kiwi-musician-deane-sutherlands-family-kept-from-farewelling-him-due-to-lockdown/4ZXATHBTTBP2G7B5XWA66FNTEA/ Ken Shadie: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=DTWEB_WRE170_a&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailytelegraph.com.au%2Fnewslocal%2Fken-shadie-crocodile-dundee-cowriter-and-brooklyn-identity-dies-at-84%2Fnews-story%2Ff0f7d38ed169a60f98bae5e9d45c07d5&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium John R Reid: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/cricket-new-zealand-great-john-r-reid-dies-at-92/JU63RUK4Z7CDKO2JGQNHFWT764/ Jeanne Little: https://www.smh.com.au/culture/celebrity/legendary-australian-entertainer-jeanne-little-dies-20201107-p56cgs.html
  5. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Did anyone pick Mike Moore this year? If not, he should be on the List of the Missed. Pretty sure I picked him previously. Can't open the DDP website anymore. Seems to have been barred for some reason.
  6. Heef

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Roseberry can't be the most common name. Is he former Middlesex-opener (and County Durham born) Mike Roseberry's dad, I wonder?
  7. The ANZAC List belatedly makes a return. Thanks to all those that contributed to the list. I put this together on Friday,, but have been out and only got round to posting today. In the meantime, Mike Moore died this morning so that's theoretically a first hit. If anyone is concerned about the fact I haven't posted the list before he's scuttled off this mortal coil, then I'll bring in a sub, but he was a returner from last year and I've picked him for DDP teams for a number of years. 25 people return from last year (last year's position in Brackets) and 25 newbies on the list. David Gulpilil takes the #1 slot, but the majority of the list was pretty volatile. 1. David Gulpilil (b. 1 Jul 1953, Arnhem Land) Australian 2. Elizabeth Chong (b. 27 May 1931, Canton) Australian 3. Levi Holley (b. ~1975) New Zealander 4. (18) Neale Daniher (b. 15 Feb 1961, West Wyalong) Australian 5. (47) Alan Davidson (b. 14 Jun 1929, Lisarow) Australian 6. Fred Nile (15 Sep 1934, Kings Cross) 7. (13) Graham Richardson (b. 27 Sep 1949, Sydney) Australian 8. (32) Margaret Guilfoyle (b. 15 May 1926, Belfast UK) Australian 9. (10) Barry du Bois (b. 4 Aug 1960, Sydney) Australian 10. Judith Durham (b. 3 Jul 1943, Essendon) Australian 11. (22) Neil Harvey (b. 8 Oct 1928, Fitzroy) Australian 12. (34) Mary Ward (b. 6 Mar 1915, Fremantle) Australian 13. Gavin Robertson (b. 28 May 1966, St Leonards) Australian 14. Bruce Reid (Aussie Rules bloke) (b. 4 Apr 1946, Melbourne) Australian 15. (30) Neale Fraser (b. 3 Oct 1933, Melbourne) Australian 16. Deane Sutherland (b. mid-late 1960s, ) New Zealander 17. (49) Loongkoonan (b. 1910, Kimberley) Australian 18. Bruce Beresford (b. 16 Aug 1940, Sydney) Australian 19. (24) Ken Shadie (b. 8 Dec 1935, Bondi) Australian 20. (11) Butch Miller (b. 21 Oct 1944, Auckland) New Zealander 21. (50) 'Superstar' Mick Dundee (b. 24 October 1943, Scotland) Australian 22. (25) John R Reid (b. 3 Jun 1928, Auckland) New Zealander 23. Jean Hurring (b. 23 Dec 1930, Dunedin) New Zealander 24. (1) Jeanne Little (b. 11 May 1938, Sydney) Australian 25. Neal Blewett (b. 3 Dec 1933) Australian 26. Dame Miriam Dell (b. 14 Jun 1924) New Zealander 27. Ray Lawler (b 23 May 1921, Footscray) Australian 28. (37) Sir Richard Hadlee (b. 3 Jul 1951, Christchurch) New Zealander 29. (4) Ken Rosewall (b. 2 Nov 1934, Sydney) Australian 30. Sir Murray Halberg (b. 7 Jul 1933, Eketahuna) New Zealander 31. (17) Roy Emerson (b. 3 Nov 1936, Blackbutt) Australian 32. (33) Clive Revill (b. 18 April 1930, Wellington) New Zealander 33. (27) Tony Garea (b. 20 Sep 1946, Auckland) New Zealander 34. (39) Fred Stolle (b. 8 Oct 1938, Hornsby) Australian 35. Marie Bashir (1 Dec 1930) Australian 36. Luciana Arrighi (b. 1940, Rio de Janeiro) Australian 37. (3) Olivia Newton-John (b. 26 Sep 1948, Cambridge UK) Australian 38. (14) Pauline Parker (b. 26 May 1938, Christchurch) New Zealander 39. Sir Roger Douglas (b. 5 Dec 1937, Auckland) New Zealander 40. Ken Archer (b. 17 Jan 1928, Yeerongpilly) Australian 41. (43) Mike Moore (b. 28 Jan 1949, Whakatane) New Zealander LINK 42. Molly Meldrum (b. 29 Jan 1943, Orbost) Australian 43. [DUPLICATE] 44. (21) Frank Sedgman (b. 29 Oct 1927, Mont Albert) Australian 45. Sir Michael Hardie Boys (b. 6 Oct 1931, Wellington) New Zealander 46. Peta Murphy (b. 1 Nov 1973, Goulburn) Australian 47. (6) Rod Laver (b. 9 Aug 1938, Rockhampton) Australian 48. Cliff Green (b. 6 Dec 1934, Melbourne) Australian 49. Donald McAlpine (b.13 Apr 1934, Quandialla) Australian 50. Howard Sattler (b. 1945, Cootamundra) Australian
  8. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    I'd think that a theme team has to reasonably be some kind of small minority to be picking from. Allowing a team that can be picked from ~50% of the world's population doesn't seem particularly on. But, it depends whether the theme team league is a "fun" thing or a competitive thing. Let's get statistical and weight teams based on the percentage of the overall population that their team consists of. Therefore, a hit in the "all male" or "all woman" team might be weighted at 0.5 based on women/men being approx. 50% of the population. Then, on the other hand, selecting a team from the cast and crew of the 70s film for masochistic children, Watership Down (like my better half did a couple of years back) would afford each hit a weighting of ~100/7.5bn. So, if Ray Merrin had received a QO, then he'd have been worth the standard number of points divided by (100/7.5x10^9) which would have meant Merrin would have scored ~3*10^8 points for her (300,000,000) compared to only 8 points for the hypothetical person selecting Merrin for their all male theme team. I think we can all agree that the simplicity and satisfaction in appropriately awarding niche teams would go a long way towards making the Theme Team League a more highly respected competition.
  9. Heef


    Yes. He shouldn't have been in the Basil Brush thread. He should have been in a Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister one. Heartbeat. Pffft. What next? A thread for Lovejoy?
  10. Heef

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 11/50)

    Any more for any more for the 2020 Anzac list? @Davey Jones' Locker @Dr_T I'll drop in Chorizo and Whoami's suggestions into last year's master list to see what the model drops out, but still 10 days to go to get any suggestions in.
  11. Heef

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Ah jeez. I miss the DDP moving house and I now miss the Cup because I was away. I thought this started a bit later in the year, but I guess it already is later in the year. Good luck to the fair ship Deathlist Cup and all the ragged, tormented line-ups that dwell therein. Plus, someone give John Key, that slurred-voiced, megolomaniacal cryptofascist a good old fashioned thrashing please. Tear down the Tall Poppies.
  12. Heef

    Canadian Eh! List 2020 (9/50)

    Dammit. Gonna be tough to challenge this list with an ANZAC one that's gonna be a month late from starting! Surely Margaret Atwood is tough as nails though.
  13. Heef

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 11/50)

    11 out of 50 for the first run at the ANZAC list, it would seem. A bit late to start this year's on time, but if people would like to message me with their list of names for 2020 then I'll throw up a new list by the end of January.
  14. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Ha. I missed out on defending my Theme Team crown by 1 point to a theme that represents >50% of the global population. Why do I always insist on picking Michael Somare? Anyway, I've been away and also moved house over the last 2 weeks, so didn't get to submit in for 2020, so have a ball all! And belated congratulations to DI.
  15. Heef

    British Science Fiction Series

    Fantasticly smooth, lustrous voice that he had. Did loads of tv too - from Hitchhikers to playing Kevin the Teenager's dad in Harry Enfield and Chums. One of those stalwart actors whose name you might not know straight away, but you recognise from years and years of work.

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