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  1. Heef

    British Science Fiction Series

    Fantasticly smooth, lustrous voice that he had. Did loads of tv too - from Hitchhikers to playing Kevin the Teenager's dad in Harry Enfield and Chums. One of those stalwart actors whose name you might not know straight away, but you recognise from years and years of work.
  2. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    I think that moves me up to my highest position - 39th. Any chance of a theme team update?
  3. Heef

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 9/50)

    9th hit with Reg Watson. Don't think I've missed any other hits at this stage.
  4. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    More points for my Politics XX with Chirac, I think. Might have beaten my tally from last year now.
  5. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Hmm. My Politics XX seems to be having another good year. The dizzy heights of #31, but all my bigger scorers have already gone. Still, there we are.
  6. Heef

    Nature In Your Backyard

    Mainly sparrows, blackbirds, silvereyes, the occasional tui. Used to get a few hedgehogs, but the big DOC200 rat trap seems to have taken them all out. Shame, I like hedgehogs but they are an invasive pest here. Should catch 'em and send 'em in the post to Blighty - I understand you're running a bit short over there.
  7. Heef

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 9/50)

    Up to 8 with Brian Lochore
  8. Heef

    Kiwi Karkers

    Sir Brian Lochore. Absolute legend of New Zealand rugby - from the Wairarapa to the All Blacks. No legends left to present the Heartlands Championships (Meads Cup and Lochore Cup) this year. I see this has got obit on BBC and the Telegraph.
  9. Heef

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 9/50)

    Looks like we're up to six hits with Bob Hawke and Ron Elvidge.
  10. Heef

    Kiwi Karkers

    Anzac Wallace, star of the Geoff Murphy classic Utu has died. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/111875092/utu-actor-anzac-wallace-dies-from-cancer Quality film, that.
  11. Heef

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    @msc - if, by some late quirk of fate, I somehow emerge from the Kiwi Grudge Match as the winner, then please use the same team with the next sub on my list to replace the departing Hammer. I think this scenario is, by now, unlikely but better to have a team in just in case. And, assuming that I do lose to John Key, then I will be able to empathise with a generation of different NZ Labour politicians.
  12. Heef

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Not much time left to salvage the insipid Kiwi derby. Mind you, at least our tie has much in common with the football managed by our All Whites national football team. Dull and uninspiring. Certainly well off the pace compared to our more illustrious Northern Hemisphere colleagues.
  13. Heef

    Jamaican Jamming

    I fondly remember his interview on the Jonathan Ross show.
  14. Heef

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    I, of course, blame you. If you hadn't dropped him he'd only be worth 3 points and I'd still be ahead on age count back. Anyway, I never trusted my former PM. I suspect his security team wouldn't be beyond knocking a few people off. I mean, it's a reasonably short leap from tugging waitresses' pony tails to having people bumped off... isn't it?
  15. Heef

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-47607556 EDIT: I see there are plenty to QOs by now. Still...

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