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  1. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    I^D also like to drop the 's' of my login not too fussed though it can remain seeing as prior attempts at coming up with another login failed dismally! Unless, 'Guacomole' is free without an affix of numbers123 And of course no-one is offended.... <nowhiding> Happy New Year Everyone, 2018. \^^/
  2. Pampams

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Happy New Year. Suggest you upgrade your postal delivery service
  3. Quoted, changed mind and then delted the quote and pressed submitted. Did not realise it still submitted even and empty quote. ;x Also notice, that while doing the same thing in replying to your message it does not include the quote. Perhaps needed a space bar there. ;/
  4. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    Im guessing i am gonna end up as pissflaps then. Is this all of the King Michael successors agreeing? ><
  5. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    RIP King Michael. Only found five successors of the twelve votes; Uschi, Coffin Lodger, Ebless, Life is Beautiful and IceCriticGamer1661. Well with that many votees the name is not gonna fit. :/
  6. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    Here there is no ranking. Interesting.....
  7. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    Does not triangulate cesspit.
  8. Pampams


    Awesome. Trying to find a bottle pendulum. Swingers party! x
  9. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    Nice! Paticularly happy about gaining a theme tune. XD
  10. Doubtfull, you could however save up on prescriptions! Not that ive ever thought about this!
  11. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    Accepted. A bit taken by 'Dame Pissflaps' has a certain ring to it.
  12. Pampams

    Name Shame?

    Great choice! Although based upon correctly guessing the seventeenth death of 2017 from the deathlist! Its a consecutive bonus. Need a name change and thought putting the opportunity out there alongside a secure seventeenth death makes it a bit more interesting and encourages votes! Glad to see full advantage taken, 'Mr Pissflaps', so lovely, was not expecting a sex change aswell! Each to their own . .
  13. Pampams

    Horse Racing

    In light of recent inception and the visit of Royalty. Do not panic . Bowing out.
  14. Pampams

    Horse Racing

    Cheers Ghost Himler for that flashback friday. Sad times. Great programme.

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