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  1. CastAway

    Prince Charles

    Should be noted that if George becomes 'King' before becoming an adult (which is to say, Elizabeth, Charles and Wills all cark it), Harry becomes regent until such time George becomes an adult. Which would be an interesting time in and of itself because if Harry refuses that, regency goes to resident paedo Andrew.
  2. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    i don't think you quite understand how bored i am to create that list tbh - if we weren't on a full, countrywide lockdown, i would very much be doing anything else.
  3. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    A couple of updates: NYT journalist, Alan Finder https://thehill.com/homenews/media/489227-former-new-york-times-reporter-alan-finder-dies-of-coronavirus José Folgado, Spanish businessman and politician, dead at 75 https://www.economiadigital.es/directivos-y-empresas/coronavirus-muere-jose-folgado-ex-presidente-red-electrica_20046609_102.html Walter Robb, American engineer (GE) and minor league sports owner, dead at 91 https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/GE-executive-philanthropist-Walter-Robb-dies-of-15151449.php Lucien Sève, French philosopher, political activist and member of the French Communist Party, dead at 93 https://www.humanite.fr/disparition-lucien-seve-sest-eteint-686686 Borja Domecq Solís, Spanish businessman and cattle rancher, dead at 75 https://www.abc.es/cultura/toros/abci-muere-borja-domecq-ganadero-jandilla-coronavirus-202003231916_noticia.html Germà Colón, Spanish philologist, dead at 91 https://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/sha-mort-el-linguista-germa-colon-victima-de-la-covid-19/ Pino Grimaldi, Italian designer, dead at 71 https://salernosera.it/addio-a-pino-grimaldi-genio-innovatore-del-design/ Benito Joanet, Spanish football player and manager, dead at 84 https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/rcd-espanyol/20200323/4844560948/espanyol-benito-joanet-coronavirus.html José María Loizaga Viguri, Spanish businessman, dead at 83 https://www.expansion.com/directivos/2020/03/22/5e77aed7468aebf8178b45dc.html Mike Longo, American jazz pianist, dead at 83 https://www.wbgo.org/post/mike-longo-prominent-jazz-pianist-known-his-tenure-dizzy-gillespie-dies-83#stream/0 Vicenç Capdevila, Spanish lawyer and politician, dead at 83 https://www.elperiodico.cat/ca/hospitalet/20200322/mor-per-coronavirus-lexalcalde-de-lhospitalet-vicenc-capdevila-7900146 Might do these daily, might not. Let's see.
  4. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Spanish Deputy PM Carmen Calvo hospitalised w/ respiratory infection, waiting results of Covid-19 test https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-spain-minister/spains-deputy-pm-carmen-calvo-hospitalized-with-respiratory-infection-idUSKBN21A1L0
  5. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Reminders: Rand Paul's father, Ron Paul, is peddling 'Covid-19 is fake' videos on Twitter Rand Paul had a part of his lung removed about last year (maybe 2 years back, not too far ago anyhow), making him high risk with an underlying condition Make of that what you will
  6. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Couple of names: Carlos Falcó y Fernández de Córdoba, 5th Marquess of Griñón (minor Spanish nobility, as far as I can tell), dead at 83 Marino Quaresimin, former mayor of Vicenza (one of the hardest hit regions), dead at 82 French Senator between 1986-2004 Jacques Oudin, dead at 80
  7. CastAway

    The Death Penalty

    IDK about this, but I know with some of them, the "executioners" are chomping at the bits to do so - they interviewed the guy who was going to do the hangings in the aforementioned Nirbhaya rape case in India about a month or so ago, and he basically was like 'can't wait.'
  8. CastAway

    The Death Penalty

    Cause for celebration here tbh - one of the few silver linings here
  9. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Just in case you thought Iranian politicians had stopped dying from this: Hamid Kahram, ex member of Parliament, dead at 62. https://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2020/03/20/Former-Iran-MP-Hamid-Kahram-dies-from-coronavirus.html
  10. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    I'll find the article at some point, but there's a vaccine trial going live on humans within the week w/o any animal trials. Assuming that works, it's still a 12-18 month wait for approval for the shot.
  11. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Some more over in Iran: Hashem Bathaie Golpayenagi, Grand Ayatollah and politician, dead at 78-79. One of those would have chosen the new Supreme Leader once Khamenei kicks the bucket https://news-24.fr/un-haut-dignitaire-religieux-iranien-parmi-ceux-charges-de-choisir-le-chef-supreme-succombe-a-une-infection-a-coronavirus/ (French obit) Nasser Shabani, brigadier general in the Revolutionary Guard https://www.aa.com.tr/en/latest-on-coronavirus-outbreak/iranian-gen-shabani-dies-from-coronavirus/1765725
  12. CastAway

    Donald J Trump

    Just in case anyone is wondering what he's trying to do politically while the pandemic distracts people, he's considering pardoning Flynn: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/15/donald-trump-full-pardon-michael-flynn
  13. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    And that's w/o the level of stringent testing that current vaccines have gone through. Not that there's any alternative, because one academic paper i saw said that level would take a decade, but just in case you want to prepare yourselves for the inevitable anti-vaxxers from now.
  14. CastAway

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    S. Korea's infection cluster started in a church/cult with younger members, so the people infected were younger than the 'danger zone.' For an unknown reason, looks like the same is happening in Germany. Still a lower mortality rate in S. Korea than expected, but one of the main reasons for the controllability isn't exactly something replicable. Source: https://medium.com/@andreasbackhausab/coronavirus-why-its-so-deadly-in-italy-c4200a15a7bf

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