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  1. CastAway

    The 7th Death of 2019

    Le Douglas
  2. CastAway

    The 6th Death of 2019

    Kirk Douglas until he's gone
  3. CastAway

    Political Frailty

    Former Republican US Representative for Kansas Jan Meyers dead at 90. https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article231849923.html I don't think her death is involved with the conspiracy theories re: the shot state reps, but who knows
  4. CastAway

    Donald J Trump

    I want to say something about airplanes and stewardesses, but I'm trying to avert the nightmares that would give me
  5. CastAway

    2. Herman Wouk

    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/may/17/herman-wouk-obituary Guardian obit, but I still can't find one from the BBC yet...
  6. CastAway

    The 5th Death of 2019

    I need a new go-to now that Wouk is gone, so Kirk Douglas it is for me! (Yes, this is going to be another repeat affair until I'm right - let's hope it isn't the 2 years+ that Wouk was, though)
  7. CastAway

    The 4th Death of 2019

    Another attempt at Wouk for me
  8. CastAway

    The 3rd Death of 2019

    Let's try Herman Wouk once more...
  9. CastAway

    Ice Hockey Players

    In other news, Red Wings and Leafs legend Red Kelly has died aged 91. Statement from the family confirming: https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/statement-from-the-kelly-family/c-307168446
  10. CastAway

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    No worries! I'll take Javier Perez de Cuellar - maybe we'll also get a hit for the main DL at the same time?
  11. CastAway

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    I'll take Hyun Soong´╗┐-jong´╗┐ It's been so long since a noteworthy hit anywhere that this thread completely slipped my mind. Things need to spice up soon.
  12. CastAway

    Political Frailty

    Senator Michael Bennet diagnosed with prostate cancer. https://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/senator-michael-bennet-colorado-prostate-cancer_n_5ca5786ce4b05acba4dc0d9a He planned to run for pres, and plans to still do so assuming he's cancer free post surgery.
  13. CastAway

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47611811 Shooting in Utrecht in the Netherlands, someone opened fire on a tram. No clue re: umbers/severity of victims at the moment.
  14. CastAway

    Ice Hockey Players

    I kind of wonder if Red Kelly gets a QO? I wouldn't be surprised for that, but let's see.
  15. CastAway

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Luke Perry dead:

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