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  1. CastAway

    Dying Bigots

    He probably left a will asking it not be released to fuck with people tbh
  2. CastAway

    The 2nd Death of 2019

  3. CastAway

    Murder On The Orient Express Cast

    I should note that I wouldn't be surprised if Depp went earlier than expected, given that he apparently went off the rails sometime back and was basically drunk through the movie's filming + publicity junkets and all
  4. CastAway

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    I don't actually think she'll die this year, but I also want an icicle
  5. CastAway

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    To the surprise of no one, she's still alive and not in a medically induced coma/dead and having her body held by the Dems: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ruth-bader-ginsburg-supreme-court-appearance_us_5c58fde5e4b09293b2078cac
  6. CastAway

    Political Frailty

    Here's my question - given the significant number of rather old Reps and Sens of the past, as well as some tottering current members of both houses, are we looking at a flood coming soon?
  7. CastAway

    Bollywood Stars

    She was at a lit fest I was at like a week ago, and seemed perfectly healthy, talking about her cancer treatment and her book about having cancer. Also managed to not look tired after like an hour's worth of book signing on top of an hour of talking about cancer and her book, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. CastAway

    The 100 Club

    Might we clear up some bed-blockers on the main DL? Still, seems like the dominos are falling this year, you're right.
  9. CastAway

    Political Frailty

    DDP pic, ex-Indian Defense Minister and perennial 'old ill person' George Fernandes has died: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/former-defence-minister-george-fernandes-passes-away/articleshow/67734194.cms
  10. CastAway

    Ice Hockey Players

    Veteran of 12 NHL seasons and 556 games Red Sullivan dead at 89.
  11. CastAway

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Prem Tinsulanonda, why not?
  12. CastAway

    Nobel Prize In Death

    Honestly depending on if he makes it to next year (and presuming on the number of hits this year), IMO he should be considered for the main DP - he's one of the really widely known Nobel winners for one of the sciences among the public, he's old, and looks like he's going senile as well.
  13. CastAway

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Additional report: https://www.vijesti.me/sport/fudbal/umro-dragoslav-sekularac
  14. CastAway

    The 1st Death of 2019

    Herman Wouk, for the 3rd year in a row.
  15. CastAway

    Bollywood Stars

    I'm hoping for a resolution in the next couple of hours, because of DDP reasons

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