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  1. runebomme

    Christopher Tolkien

    the fall of gondolin would make a brilliant film/series in the right hands
  2. runebomme

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    or not to live near a chemical plant
  3. runebomme

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    sounds like air mattress instructions for an idiot
  4. runebomme


  5. runebomme

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    cobra kai is surprisingly good
  6. https://www.historyextra.com/period/ancient-egypt/7-moments-in-history-you-might-think-are-made-up-but-arent/
  7. runebomme

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    In reality Mercury would be even smaller it is bigger as its closer to us than the sun
  8. runebomme

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    "it is about to explode in a supernova" this would mean that it exploded long time ago
  9. Russell Brand must have very low standards
  10. runebomme

    A Joke

    Paddy and Murphy fancy a Pint but only have a euro between them. Paddy goes off and buys a sausage. Murphy says are You mad? Now we're skint! Come on says Paddy follow Me. They go into the pub order two pints and drink them before they pay. Paddy shoves the Sausage through the zipper of his Jeans and tells Murphy to get down on his Knee's and suck it. The Barman goes berserk and throws them out. 10 pubs and 10 pints later Murphy says.. 'I cant do this any more, my Knees are sore and I'm pissed. How do you think I feel? Says Paddy, I can't even remember which Pub I lost the Sausage in!?
  11. runebomme

    A Joke

    what did the lepper tell the prostitute after he had shot his bolt? keep the tip
  12. runebomme

    A Joke

    A vampire walks into a bar, 'pint of blood landlord' he says. The barman gives him his order. A second vampire walks into the bar, 'pint of your finest blood please' he says. Again, the barman pours his order. A third vampire walks into the bar and says 'a mug of hot water please barman'. The barman looks puzzled at the vampire, and asks- 'why the f*** do you want hot water for?' The vampire answered- 'i found a used tampon and i'm making tea'.
  13. runebomme


  14. runebomme

    Best Star wars movie

    hard to choose the top one from the original its New Hope IV from the prequels Attack of the Clones yes some scenes suck and the acting is not all that but the final battle did it for me and Christopher Lee was not bad nor was Yoda in the after battle from the sequels the Rise of Skywalker the other two I felt did not work and it was a pleasant surprise rogue one is brilliant
  15. runebomme

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    I wonder if there are more Oscar winner alive than dead

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