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  1. A single loud cluck – if your chicken emits a very short, clipped sound, and then stands bolt upright in what is known as the 'vigilance' posture, it's likely signalling it thinks there's a predator nearby
  2. "I’m off to the beach" A nudist one?
  3. cool and don't sell rare things locally
  4. It would do more than that if they carried nukes
  5. people often think of the statue of liberty surviving into post apocalyptic world but its not a solid metal its a thin layer of copper and probably would not last that long into post apocalyptic world
  6. the books were university level and not common in every university
  7. it was not school stuff
  8. runebomme

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    a typical kebab has about 2000 calories that's your daily allowance in one meal
  9. runebomme

    A Joke

  10. runebomme

    A Joke

  11. Its hard to find a local buyer for specialized items like text books Facebook is probably best for heavy common items
  12. tried text books once but the rate of getting a sale was a bit slow and them being heavy postage was not all that either

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