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  1. you have to ask bladen about that he is the master of voodoo I only suggested that he has options he was not aware of
  2. you could convert a sex doll into a voodoo doll and give it some loving five times a day
  3. "You've just met someone you used to teach out, so what?" in these days everything is wrong and everyone is quilt
  4. free custom plates
  5. runebomme

    Donald J Trump

    I had my first KFC delivered last week
  6. runebomme

    The Weather

    how about a rally with tanks different models racing
  7. runebomme

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    the new hell boy film is ok
  8. "pussi´╗┐" does not that sound a bit like your favorite item the one made from steel
  9. "Before I die I must know: Is this word derived from Bastet, the Egyptian goddess" nah it's probably because they are both hairy
  10. runebomme

    Death Anniversary Thread

    most annoying face and voice combo ever
  11. runebomme

    A Joke

  12. runebomme

    A Joke

    a man walks into a zoo the only animal in the entire zoo is a dog. it's a shitzo
  13. that's a pussy drink are you sure your not part Swedish why not try this with vodka https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pussy_(energy_drink)
  14. its made withe the use of benzene which is a carcinogen is few extra percent of purity worth risking cancer

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