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  1. I don't think he's fellow prisoners will even want to rape him
  2. runebomme

    A challenge

    "August" care to share
  3. runebomme

    A challenge

    you have introduced me to a bad new world now I expect sexual favors from feet
  4. runebomme

    Liam Neeson

    he is cool I hope he lives another 20 years
  5. runebomme

    Do We Live In A Simulation?

    I think number 4 would be: Humanity keeps collapsing into earlier technological age and can't reach anything too advance
  6. runebomme

    Kim Jong-Un

    they don't mess about when they give out medals
  7. is it the angel of death or the grim reaper who is portending to be the Guardian angel
  8. runebomme

    Docter Docter!

    have a bit of an itch down below can you recommend a cream

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