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  1. runebomme

    Elvis Presley

    "Great Balls of Fire" there are things one should not do with Tabasco sauce
  2. runebomme

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    watched Borat 2 and its a shadow of its former self
  3. runebomme

    A Joke

    Chris: How do you know if a Frenchman has been in your backyard? Teddy: Hey, I'm French, all right? Chris: Your garbage cans are empty and your dog's pregnant.
  4. runebomme

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    does not lard work for this problem
  5. runebomme

    Conspiracy Theories

    every one who posts here is a same person with a multiple personality disorder who thinks they are a different person each time they post
  6. the dwarfs will turn on you one day
  7. runebomme

    Watched Any Quality Porn Lately?

    no but I do like running with a blade when I shave
  8. runebomme

    Watched Any Quality Porn Lately?

    not unless they do anal
  9. runebomme


    Ash Cake
  10. runebomme

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    it looks like the main thing is not to stop people from getting it but to stop the medical services from being overrun

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