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  1. John Key

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I'm glad I can rely on Deathlist to be a blazing party whenever someone huge dies!
  2. John Key

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    The problem with discussions like this is that you can literally both be right. There is no singular definition of racism and it can be complicated. I'm not sure how long ago that idea clicked in my head, but it has made viewing reddit, this forum, and other places on the internet much more pleasant when viewing or participating discussions/arguments. Both sides assert that they are correct, when they could both be right.
  3. John Key

    People who've got a thread

    Ched Evans (born 1998) Footballer, rapist 1988 not 1998!
  4. John Key

    Hugh Bonneville

    On top of the weight loss, he was also misguided enough to use a video-chat filter in interviews. Looks terrible.
  5. John Key


    In my shadow deathlist the first two times I made them (2018-2019) I had picks like these that had no reason to die but could. In 2018 I had Grace Mugabe at #50 (while Stan Lee was at #51, just missed) In 2019 I had Kevin Spacey at #49 and Lil Xan at #50. I snuck Wendy Williams in the middle of my list too with the reason of 'crazy eyes' If I was still doing it 6ix9ine he might have been a pick in 2020. Should have done something fun this year, I wasn't happy with my deathlist. I predict a low death year for me and the main Deathlist.
  6. John Key

    Faye Dunaway

    Who knew a place with people who have been here for years obsessing about people that could die would be so unwelcoming A new thread isn't the end of the world for this woman that I've never heard of.
  7. John Key

    Deathlist Correctlist 2021

    DM'd my list, good luck all!
  8. John Key

    Shadow Lists

    1. Tom Parker 2. Leon Spinks 3. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk 4. Linda Nolan 5. Yoo Sang-chul 6. James Whale 7. Tom Smith 8. George Alagiah 9. Michael Cullen 10. Carlos Menem 11. Leslie Philips 12. Bill Turnbull 13. David Gulpilili 14. Rush Limbaugh 15. Sarah Harding 16. Lata Mangeshkar 17. Derek Draper 18. Larry King 19. Henry Kissinger 20. Dick Cheney 21. David Attenborough 22. Dilip Kumar 23. Luke Halpin 24. Constantino Chiwenga 25. Ryan O’Neal 26. Cloris Leachman 27. Mikhail Gorbachev 28. Bill Freehan 29. Norman Lloyd 30. Jean-Marie Le Pen 31. Valentine Strasser 32. Prince Philip 33. Bob Dole 34. Joni Mitchell 35. Desmond Tutu 36. Morissey 37. Bob Barker 38. Jeff Bridges 39. Samula Anoa'i 40. Doddie Weir 41. Bernard Tapie 42. Beverly Cleary 43. Barbara Walters 44. Pope Benedict XVI 45. Anne Buydens 46. Rob Burrow 47. Rosalynn Carter 48. Clarissa Eden 49. Jimmy Carter 50. Sandy Gall 51. Dick Van Dyke 52. Jiang Zemin 53. Nichelle Nichols
  9. John Key

    Last of the Vice Presidents

    I went for Dan Quayle but Biden's probably healthier than the rest.
  10. John Key

    Recent Profile Visitors

    I would be surprised if anyone was thick enough to take the swearing thing seriously when hidden in a wall of emoji-pasta, but I guess you can claim anything is hidden behind a wall of 'secondary sarcasm'. My clunkers are great I don't think I need to actually address very many of the comments here about me, though it's very tempting to respond to some of the bait. I would like to make an apology about only making 195 posts in my time here, I assure you that I will make an effort to immerse myself in your society! I noticed an admin opted me out which goes against "I think it's a feature that should be taken away completely rather than each profile being able to opt out." It's like tax loop-holes, people are unlikely to pay a larger amount of tax just for charitable reasons, if everyone else is in I'm still gonna have it enabled.
  11. John Key

    Recent Profile Visitors

    My wildest dreams are coming true, I have so many people to thank! My larger point was to try point out how weird it was that we can see that info and that I never see it discussed rather than an actual ego tug, I think it's a feature that should be taken away completely rather than each profile being able to opt out.
  12. John Key

    Recent Profile Visitors

    The only way to express a response to this is through emojis, but emojis aren't allowed here. So allow me to show you what my reply should have been: https://ibb.co/mDTyqy7
  13. John Key

    Recent Profile Visitors

    Viewing in incognito, I legitimately haven't thought of that, I love it Incognito here I come
  14. On deathlist I kind of don't click on peoples profiles because I'm scared that I'll be stuck in their "Recent Profile Visitors" list. I would be more comfortable stalking individual users if this was not a feature on here. It also hurts my feelings that apparently no one has viewed my profile since April How do y'all feel about the recent profile visitors tab?
  15. John Key

    Ideas for position no. 1 on 2021 DL

    They haven't had the #1 die since 2016, that's quite disappointing. Philip and Phillips just seem to be on there because they are nearing 100, while I agree with their inclusion on the list seeing them at #1 would be disappointing. Being a nonagenarian isn't always a death sentence, though from the main death list who could tell the difference. #1's should be up and coming certainties, I had John McCain in 2018, Leah Bracknell in 2019, and Alex Trebek in 2020. I like the suggestion of Rush Limbaugh, but he's terminal without a public estimation of time. Also Tom Smith, though outside of Deathlist I've never heard of him, but that's the same with my choice of Bracknell.

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