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  1. John Key

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Jesus christ, she's melting! He's always been in better shape than her in most photos I've seen.
  2. John Key

    How old will Jimmy Carter be

    I'll keep choosing him because he's too big to miss. He's 94, just takes a bad turn and he's out of here!
  3. John Key

    The Dead of 2019

    Jeffrey Epstein, with ties to the President of the United States, getting arrested for sex trafficking would understandably bigger news in mainstream media than a 20 year old B-list Disney star dying of natural causes. I don't get you saying that it's not big news though, mainstream media IS picking up his death, but it's even bigger on social media by young people posting, sharing and commenting about it. I was still watching Disney channel when Cameron was on Jessie and am very sad to hear of his unexpected death.
  4. John Key

    9. Doris Day

    I'm too young to really know her and her acting career, but her voice is legendary through these songs. RIP.
  5. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    0-21? Now this is embarrassing. In the unlikely event I make a comeback, just use whatever of my list remains + the living Presidents of the United States 1. Carter 2 Trump 3 Clinton 4 Bush 5 Barry O, chuck in Putin, Merkel, May if that doesn't make enough. Also known as the "I give up" list. Thanks for letting me play, was fun! Good game folks
  6. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    It was fun while it lasted
  7. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Just sent in my list, if Death Impends 15 points from March is anything to go by, I don't stand a chance!
  8. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Read as: You hate the Tories, an age old British tradition from what I've heard.
  9. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    I haven't minded any of our modern PM's that I've remembered in my lifetime. I feel like they all wanted the best for NZ and really did try, Helen Clark, John Key, Jacinda Ardern and even Bill English were all decent people. Jacinda feels special though, everything she does is an effortless political statement. I won't celebrate just yet, just before I thought I had no chance when it was 3-0!
  10. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Bugger, Heef just ruined our tied nil-nil score. Puts me in a bad position :p
  11. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Best of luck, I'm not too confident about anyone on my list dying but we'll see!
  12. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    just put in my team.
  13. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Are there rules for losing names from this months list for next month?
  14. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    True, maybe I should broaden the New Zealanders I know... just as long as they're not common people.
  15. John Key

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Maybe I should be knowing some of these NZers, but I don't know either of these nobodies Good job Torva on leading the month!

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