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  1. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Queen Beatrix

    A new picture was posted today on the occasion of Beatrix' 85th birthday. The King is on a visit to the Caribbean territories at the moment but it is said to have been made recently. I would say she looks about her age, some wrinkles but still active and no public health scares after her positive covid-test at the end of 2021. She might well make 90 but wouldn't bet on it, longevity in the Dutch royal family is quite a recent phenomenon. While her parents passed away at 94 and 93, she is only the second descendant of King Willem I (r. 1815-1840) to make 85, the first one being her own mother Juliana.
  2. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Meanwhile: the DLers who joined in 2018 and love lists
  3. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    Inverse Deadpool 2023 - TWBD entry 1. Donald Trump 2. Vladimir Putin 3. Rhod Gilbert 4. Shane MacGowan 5. Phil Collins 6. Ozzy Osbourne 7. Dick Van Dyke 8. Bill Cosby 9. Rupert Murdoch 10. David Attenborough 11. Clint Eastwood 12. Billy Connolly 13. Buzz Aldrin 14. Prunella Scales 15. Mel Brooks 16. Linda Nolan 17. Yoko Ono 18. Francoise Hardy 19. Burt Bacharach 20 Shannen Doherty 21. Tim Bilton 22. Ted Kaczynski 23. Randy Jackson 24. Eva Marie Saint 25. Johnny Ruffo Subs: Michael J. Fox, Janey Godley
  4. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    World's Oldest

    Susannah Mushatt Jones was the last oldest person to not make it to 117, dying in may 2016 at 116 years old. Since then we've had Morano, Brown, Tajima, Miyako, Tanaka and Randon all making it. In contrast, after the Calment/Meilleur/Knauss combo, it took more than fifteen years until Misao Okawa managed to reach 117 in 2015. So in short, only 10 confirmed cases of people living to 117 or older, of which seven occured in the last ten years!
  5. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    how long till' the next hit ?

    February 2nd
  6. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Mysterious thread…

    Some of the mysteries besides some of the above which I'm sometimes wondering about: 1. Who built the moʻai statues on Easter Island? 2. To what extent did stadtholder Willem III (the later King William III of England) know about the lynching of the brothers (Johan & Cornelis) De Witt in 1672? 3. The death of Rudolf Diesel in 1913. 4. The identity of Tank Man and what happened to him during/after the Tiananmen protests. Did the government get him, is he still alive somewhere? And some existential mysteries I don't expect ever being found out or confirmed: 5. How did the universe come to be and perhaps on a more philosophical note, why? 6. What is the meaning of life and does there exist some version of an afterlife? (I'm of the opinion it's unlikely there is a greater plan or afterlife, but the thought of some place where you could reunite with your loved ones after you pass away would be wonderful)
  7. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    And you can add me to that list, sorry @TQR Like some of the other youngsters here, I think Michael Jackson was the earliest celebrity death I can actively remember, followed by Miep Gies. I only started paying more attention to famous people who passed away around mid-2015 and probably stumbled upon this forum for the first time about a year later.
  8. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Kill or Save: UK No.1-hits of the 80s

    All six are all right or even great songs, but if I had to choose, Call Me does beat Ghost Town. I'm sure this round will be over within hours anyway!
  9. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Kill or Save: UK No.1-hits of the 80s

    49 Soft Cell — Tainted Love 41 The Human League — Don`t You Want Me 32 Blondie — Atomic 31 David Bowie — Ashes to Ashes 14 The Specials — Ghost Town -6 7 Blondie — Call Me +4 Like this?
  10. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Cardinal George Pell

    Ofcourse that thing with minors had to come back to him in some way But have to agree, quite a shock compared to the lingering Constantine II passing away.
  11. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    FIFA World Cup Players

    You didn't translate it from Portugese to English so most of us here can't read it without pulling it through google translate
  12. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    20/20 + 2

    Mildred T. Stahlman please
  13. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    I'd like to join this game again! Thanks for running it @Spade_Cooley
  14. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    The DL Prediction Game 2022

    Yay! While it won't go in the records, I think this is the first game I've won on here. And congrats to @Bibliogryphon, well played!
  15. ThereWillBeDeaths7

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool V

    Two uniques: Thelma Ruby for Coronation Street and Kanye West for Brit Awards winners (one can hope) Just missed out on a unique in F1 as @arghton and I both have Keke Rosberg. Of the living world champions born mid-1940's and later he seems to be the frailest (since we don't know anything concrete about Schumacher).

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