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  1. Doulton

    Angela Lansbury

    How I adored her performance as Mrs. Nellie Lovett in Sweeney Todd and her brilliant Rose in Gypsy in London. And Madame Armfeldt in A Little night Music.
  2. Doulton

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    This is the first time I've seen the NYT retract an obituary. I don't know if they are less punctilious than in the past, or if there's a failure to communicate between the Dow household and the rest of the world.
  3. Doulton

    MMMDP 2022

    MMMDP Form Guide #18 Luis Echeverria Mexican lawyer, academic and politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), who served as the 57th President of Mexico from 1970 to 1976.
  4. Doulton

    Next Monarch

    I sort of like Charles. I read many of the black spider letters and think he's intelligent and well-informed. But he is a narcissist and needs a lot of coddling and handling.
  5. Doulton

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    My team: 1. Michael Tilson Thomas 2. George Pérez 3. X.J. (Joseph) Kennedy 4. Robert Brustein 5. Al Jaffee 6. Bernard Kalb 7. Jorie Graham 8. Samuel Adler 9. Bernard Cribbins 10. Frank Gehry 11. Lee Adams 12. John Kander 13. Doc Severinson 14. Robert Massard 15. Seiji Ozawa 16. Peter Schickele 17. Leontyne Price 18. Marilyn Horne 19. Leslie Phillips 20. Armin Mueller-Stahl 21. Hans Blix Subs: James Ivory Len Deighton Mitzi Gaynor Thank you very much for running this competition!
  6. Doulton


    I really did check my spelling.
  7. Doulton


    R Robyn Griggs Ronnie Atkins This is from a team list. Then if I search for them using correct spelling, I get results like this for both: Robyn Griggs. Search No Matches Found for "Robyn Griggs" It's the same with Ronnie Atkins. "No Matches Found for Ronnie Atkins" The team with these players is the winning team currently. I was browsing them--honestly, looking to poach. But I don't see the fairness in them getting potentials who are not open to all.
  8. Doulton


    I see a team has at least two players who are not in the DSCDP data base: Robyn Griggs and Ronnie Atkins. I am not sure how they can be on somebody's list if they are not available to all players.
  9. Doulton

    Queen Elizabeth II

    And it was a great achievement: they avoided the paps and the British Media. It's refreshing to have a members of the family who are not in cahoots with the tabloids.
  10. Doulton

    Not Today Mister Death

    Most of mine have long since shuffled off.... People who still excite me include: 1) Angela Lansbury (what a career!) 2). Sherrill Milnes (stirring impressive baritone) 3. Richard Howard (poet: "not / Death but a fruit-stand) 4. Anne Tyler (American novelist) 5. Leontyne Price (oh, that warm voice) 6. I believe Diana Ross is still purring! 7. Imelda Staunton (Just a kid, really) 8. Joan Baez (she sang me through elementary school) 9. Stewart O'Nan (fine novelist) 10. Donna Leon (every word she says is addictive) 11. Wendell Berry (poet) 12. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter I have (mostly) avoided politics, Zelensky is swiftly climbing into the very small, modest list of political leaders
  11. Doulton

    Queen Elizabeth II

    There are some other signs of decline: Her Maj has stopped wearing bras (I think her mother wore them to the full 101). She also has some dresses that are close to mumus with a loose fit. In addition to Philip, she's had a couple of close confidantes die recently. She has not ridden in ages. In one photo her green coat was very unkempt: there was nobody to smooth it down so that it looked like a bit like a drawing by a 2 year old. No matter how much she loves her Prince Paedrew, she cannot but feel some measure of regret that he got caught. And the commemorative plates have the misprint "Jubbly" on them.
  12. Check out the Double Van Dyke on the Inverse List, Sean.

  13. Doulton

    Inverse Dead Pool 2022

    Just a note that Sean has two Dick Van Dykes on his list. I cannot send him a message so I hope that this note reaches Sean.
  14. Doulton

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    Ady Barkin Alan Brownjohn Bobby Caldwell Christos Sartzetakis Clare Marx Deborah James Francoise Hardy Frank Field WILDCARD George Alagiah George Perez WILDCARD Glynis Johns Hazel P. Chinery Jack Nicholson Jake "The Snake" Roberts James Earl Jones James Galway Jeanette Lee Jean-Louis Trintignant Jerry Lee Lewis Jimmy Carter Joe Exotic Johnny Ruffo June Brown Khalida Zia Leslie Phillips Lester Piggott Marsha Hunt Nehemiah Persoff Nichelle Nichols Nigel Starmer-Smith Pele Peter Marshall Phil Collins Queen Elizabeth II Ralph Nader Rob Burrow Rolf Harris Rosalynn Carter Rupert Murdoch Sacheen Littlefeather Soeur Andre WILDCARD Stanley Baxter Susie Steiner WILDCARD Tim Bilton Tom Parker Tom Smith Tom Weiskopf Vic Seixas Vicky Phelan WILDCARD Violeta Chamorro Subs: Colin Jeavons Henry Kissinger Angela Lansbury Bill Treacher
  15. Doulton

    Prince Andrew

    A great point, Toast, but I suspect that in the rule-book of royalty, a King's secondary titles are not to be used. They could probably use something that has been extinct for a while. The Duke of York was Bertie's name before he became George VI. The Duke of York was Bertie's name before he became Edward VIII. But public sentiment about the necessity of having a Bertie in the family seems to be draining away quickly. Whenever Fergie goes on vacay alone, it's time to put a "suicide watch" alert on top of the teddie bears.

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