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  1. 20 /20

    1920 Fanny Waterman Javier Perez De Cuellar 1921:Carol Channing Hugh Downs 1922:Betty White Denis Norden 1923:Jill Knight Lee_Teng-hui 1924: Mary Warnock Doug Ellis 1925:Katherine MacGregor Hal Holbrook 1926:Cloris Leachman Valery Giscard D'estaing 1927: June Brown Sidney Poitier 1928:Marion Ross Walter Mondale 1929:Joan Plowright Roger Bannister
  2. Fantasy Football 2017-2018

    That is better.
  3. Fantasy Football 2017-2018

    You will have to try harder.Am called far worse on a daily basis.
  4. Fantasy Football 2017-2018

    Got my first point with Jimmy Armfield.Am substituting him with George Cohen.
  5. Predict The Drop 40

    And less than a quarter of those diagnosed last 12 months.
  6. Predict The Drop 40

    The 5 year survival rate is 3%
  7. Predict The Drop 40

    34/40 Pretty good.
  8. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Actually there are 2. Pete Frates made the list too.
  9. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I stil love the game.The obit rules make it more interesting.I avoided cancer mums and most FFBI.The only FFBI out of my 60 is Noel Conway but if he overturned the the law on assisted dying would go down in history.Also I consider him an activist.
  10. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Also surprised at some of my uniques.
  11. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Pleased 12 of my main team picks are in the Drop 40 and all 3 of my jokers are in the drop 40.
  12. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I like the summary on my main team.Very complimentary. I have some stiff competition to retain my place in the top 20 this year.
  13. Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    Ah I see my bad.Chris Rea as a sub and Terry Jones for my main team then please.
  14. Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    My team: 1)Elizabeth II 2)Dick Van Dyke 3) Betty White 4)Angela Lansbury 5)Alberto Fujimori 6)Stephen Hawking 7)Valerie Harper 8)Clive James 9)Jimmy Carter 10)George H W Bush 11)Leslie Philips 12)Nobby Stiles 13)Catherine Nevin 14)Donald Trump 15)Doris Day 16)Kirk Douglas 17)Olivia de Havilland 18)Vera Lynn 19)Billy Graham 20)Prince Philip 21)Denis Norden 22)Stan Lee 23)Henry Kissenger 24)Pope Benedict 25)Terry Jones sub:Chris Rea