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  1. Sean

    Joe Biden

    I think it is a case of they don't want to go through all the problems you have mentioned but they know they have to or they will hand victory to Trump on a silver platter.
  2. Sean

    Joe Biden

    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/i-named-a-uh-the-biden-stumbles-over-lloyd-austins-name-calls-him-black-man/articleshow/111843859.cms Appears to forget Secretary of Defence Llloyd Austin's name referring to him as " the black man".
  3. Sean

    Joe Biden

    Rep Adam Schiff has now gone on record saying he should stand down.Biggest name of Congress so far to do so.
  4. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    I hope it goes well for you been waiting for nearly 3 weeks.Was supposed to arrive today so I stayed in all day but no delivery.
  5. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    As there is interest I will accept late nominations up to midnight tomorrow.As I can't access my computer the master list won't be up before then.Midnight tomorrow is absolutely the final curtain call however.
  6. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    Not yet still awaiting on broadband.Resilts should be out by Wednesday.Apologies.
  7. Sean

    Joe Biden

    Bader Ginsburg , Feinstein?
  8. Sean

    Joe Biden

    Probably thinks JFK has told him to stay in the race.
  9. Sean

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    Stanley Baxter to replace Jane McAlevey please.
  10. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    Nope no bonus gfor that I'm afraid.
  11. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    I had to edit a few times as forgot how many of my picks were knighted.I also had Sir Lindsay Hoyle twice so replaced 37 with Ruth Cadbury.
  12. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    I will calculate the by election results next week as still have no signal at my house.Without a PC makes it difficult to calculate.
  13. Sean

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    By election bingo entry: 1)Sir Roger Gale 2)Sir Christopher Chope 3)Marie Rimmer 4)Jeremy Corbyn 5)Graham Stringer 6)Jon Trickett 7)John McDonnell 8)Martin Vickers 9)Diane Abbott 10)Sammy Wilson 11)Gregory Campbell 12)Jim Allister 13)Jim Shannon 14)Sir Iain Duncan Smith 15)Sir Edward Leigh 16)Ed Miliband 17) Sir Keir Starmer 18)Emily Thornberry 19)Jamie Stone 20)Alastair Carmichael 21)Sir Ed Davey 22) Sir Lindsay Hoyle 23)Wera Hobhouse 24) Sir John Whittingdale 25)Christine Jardine 26) Hilary Benn 27)Julian Lewis 28)Mark Francois 29)Grahame Morris 30)Mark Pritchard 31)Clive Betts 32)Barry Gardiner 33)Sir Stephen Timms 34)Sir Geoffrey Clifton_Brown 35)Valerie Vaz 36)Ian Lavery 37)Ruth Cadbury 38) Sir David Davis 39)Sir Bernard Jenkin 40)Andy McDonald 41) Dame Nia Griffith 42)Nigel Farage 43) Sir Nic Dakin 44)Daniel Zeichner 45)Liz Twist 46)Mary Glindon 47)Gill Furniss 48)John Healey 49)Harriet Baldwin 50)Rupert Lowe 51)Fabian Hamilton 52) Sir Alan Campbell 53)Peter Dowd 54)Dan Norris 55)Nick Smith 56)Andy Slaughter 57)Sir Geoffrey Cox 58)Bob Blackman 59) Sir Chris Bryant 60)Wes Streeting 61) Dame Siobhan McDonagh 62)Kit Malthouse 63)Carolyn Harris 64)Sir Desmond Swayne 65)Neil Coyle

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