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  1. Sean

    Bruce Willis

    Were they sedated?
  2. Sean

    Bruce Willis

    Although he was making movies when he was clearly unable to function properly and none of his family stepped in and let him carry on acting in movies that seriously compromised his dignity so maybe you are right.
  3. Sean

    Bruce Willis

    Geting dental work done on someone with frontotemporal dementia is probably nearly impossible unless you sedated them. I think it is less about them not caring and more a demonstration that he just isn`t mentally stable enough to get the necessary work done on it plus if he had a false tooth odds are he wouldn`t be able to look after it or let anyone else look after it.He could of course be at risk of eating it as people with fronto-temporal dementia and other forms of dementia are at risk of eating small objects and inappropriate things.
  4. Sean

    Michael Heseltine

    I don`t think he is ready for the Death list but he is one to watch closely going forward due to his serious cardiac history from many years ago which could well impede him from living to his late 90`s or beyond.Yeah I don`t think this or next year is likely to be his year though.
  5. Sean

    Michael Heseltine

    George Chakaris and Rupert Murdoch
  6. Sean

    Michael Heseltine

  7. Sean

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Yeah he was 97 when he crashed his car too.
  8. Sean


    First unique hit I have had in a fair while.
  9. Sean

    Last appearances

    It doesn't look like he suffered at all.The collapse looked like an act which got the laugh which in turn masked the laboured irregular breathing. He left this world doing what he did best making people laugh.
  10. Sean

    Last appearances

    Prince Philip a month before his death
  11. Sean

    Last appearances

    2007 DL hit Tammy Faye Messner pictured giving her last interview two days before her death.
  12. Sean

    World's Oldest

    https://globalsupercentenarianforum.com/index.php/community/deaths110-2023/ada-thompson-1910-2023/ Also cross posted on the 110 club forums and the Oldest People in Britain site has been updated.
  13. Sean

    World's Oldest

    Ada Thompson second oldest person in Britain died yesterday morning .She was the last British person born in 1910.
  14. Sean

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy is now really justifying his place on the immortals list.
  15. Sean

    Gary Glitter

    Don't know what is more stupid getting caught for this or asking PC world to look at your computer knowing there is 4000 child porn images on it. I have been half expecting him to get caught in one of these paedophile stings online since he got let out.

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