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  1. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool II

    Updated for Kirstie Alley: Scoreboard: wannaker:50 LadyFiona:50 MariNisia:50 theoldlady:50 Bibliogryphon:50 Lewd-Squirrel: 50 JustPassingThrough:50 bmugnoz:50 Captain Chorizo:50 Yorkshire Banker:50 Lewd-Squirrel:50 tracy:50 Book:50 Hell:50 gcreptile:50 Gooseberry Crumble:50 BuffaloPhil:49 Captain Hemlock:49 Great Uncle Bulgaria:49 Khtonia:49 Shaun:49 ThereWillBeDeaths7:49 TheSpinosaurus:49 Deaths: 1)Dietrich Mateschitz (20th May 1944-22nd October 2022) (78) Picked by TheSpinosaurus 2)Christine McVie (12th July 1943-30th November 2022) (79) Picked by ThereWillBeDeaths7 , Great Uncle Bulgaria and Captain Hemlock 3)Kirstie Alley (12th January 1951-5th December 2022) (71) Picked by Shaun BuffaloPhil and Khtonia
  2. Sean

    Hollywood Possibilities

    That is a shock!
  3. Sean

    50. Shane MacGowan

    Beat me to it
  4. Sean

    50. Shane MacGowan

    It is anyway isn't it?
  5. Sean

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Was also the invisible man in spitting image.
  6. Sean

    Lara Roxx

    A pity Jeremy Kyle got cancelled.
  7. Sean

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Carolyn Bryant Donham I would argue is notorious enough for Death List inclusion.
  8. Sean

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Frank Field should also make an appearance.Not sure what is wrong with him but 80 terminally ill and was in a hospice over a year ago.Astounded he hasn't gone this year really.
  9. Sean

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Stan Bowles the former QPR and England footballer is worthy of a place.74 on Christmas Eve and has had Alzheimers for nearly a decade.Now in a nursing home and according to family has deteriorated further since admission.
  10. Sean

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Not notable enough.
  11. Sean

    Sandi Toksvig

    Or bake her a nice cake.
  12. Sean

    Kanye West

    Just watched the interview in full.Although clearly unstable the arsehole has enough insight to realise in large part what he is saying.It is a dangerous and dark watch but also hilarious as he is so out of his depth intellectually even next to that piece of shit Alex Jones.There are so many memorable quotes.I have never seen anyone royally and utterly decimate their legacy so spectacularly yet simultaneously without any skill.
  13. Sean

    41. Pelé

    This seems to be the news coverage at the moment.
  14. Sean

    41. Pelé

    How many deaths has he announced on here?
  15. Sean

    41. Pelé

    When I saw Thatcher had posted I thought that was it!

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