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  1. 25. George Bush Senior

    Sepsis at 93 with a history of health problems including parkinsonism and persistent lung infections.Still very serious.
  2. 25. George Bush Senior

    Can I have May 8th?
  3. Elizabethan Deadpool II

    Replacing Troyer with Wolfgang Bosbach.
  4. Hollywood Possibilities

    No but Tmz said he was baptised in hospital recently so I am guess liver failure.
  5. Hollywood Possibilities

    Verne Troyer dead at 49.
  6. 25. George Bush Senior

    Almost forgot George H W Bush has a 92 year old sister Nancy who is still going.
  7. 25. George Bush Senior

    I think Columba Bush's mother is still alive too but I wouldn't bet on her getting a QO.She has Alzheimer's though and if still alive is about 98.
  8. 25. George Bush Senior

    A lovely tribute.I reckon he will deteriate after the funeral.Aside from George H W Bush can't think of any other Bush family member who will be troubling our lists any time soon. I believe Laura Bush's mother is still alive at 99 though.
  9. 50/50

    My list for next round: 1)Robbie Coltrane 2)Sergei Skripal 3)Shane Macgowan 4) Kenny Sansom 5)David "Kid" Jensen 6)Ian McNeice 7)Chris Rea 8)Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif 9)Genesis P_Orridge 10)Phil Collins 11)John McDonnell 12)Bruce Jones 13)Vini Reilly 14)Prince Ernst August of Hanover 15)James Hewitt 16)Eric Pickles 17)Mike Gapes 18)Diane Abbott 19) Keith Vaz 20)Gordon Brown 21)Andrew Lansley 22)Peter Gabriel 23)Tim Healy 24)Henry Mountcharles 25)Frank Miller 26)Tony Blair 27)Rose West 28)Nile Rodgers 29)Dave Anderson 30)Cherie Blair 31)Theresa May 32)David Berkowitz 33)Val Kilmer 34)Linda Nolan 35)Kamala 36)Timothy Spall 37)Jennifer Saunders 38) Simon Cowell 39)Peter Mandelson 40)Tom Billington 41)Big Van Vader 42)Jon Trickett 43)Derek Acorah 44)Peter Hain 45)Jimmy Nail 46)Jane Campbell Baroness Campbell 47)Randy Quaid 48)Bill Turnbull 49)George Alagiah 50)Tony Slattery
  10. 50/50

    Msc scores a unique with Dale Winton who I rather foolishly dropped.
  11. Dale Winton

    That show was epic when I was a young kid.
  12. The 5th Death of 2018

    Bush Snr
  13. 29. Barbara Bush

    Yeah he will go.Will McCain make it that is the question.
  14. 29. Barbara Bush

    Comfort care is hospice care.Same thing.
  15. 25. George Bush Senior

    He won't last long without Barbara.He will probably do a Callaghan and died a day or two after the funeral.