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  1. Sean

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I am sorry but both the BBC and his family should not have approved the released footage of him dribbling.The guy is 107 and clearly not up to giving interviews.
  2. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool

    Updated for Dudley Sutton: ZZL :50 Davey Jones Locker :47 Shaun of the Dead :47 Bibliogryphon:44
  3. Sean

    Next shocking death?

    Herman Wouk
  4. Sean

    Next shocking death?

    Peter Falk.
  5. Sean

    Betty Boothroyd

    I remember she was in a coma after heart surgery about 10 years ago and it was not looking like she would pull through.
  6. Sean

    Betty Boothroyd

    Yeah she has had serious heart problems and used to be a heavy smoker for many years.
  7. Sean

    47. Olivia Newton-John

    Terribly embarrassing typo:L
  8. Sean

    47. Olivia Newton-John

    She qas diagnosed with secondary spinal cancer nearly 18 months ago and this is her third battle with breast cancer.It is unlikely to be good news.
  9. Sean

    47. Olivia Newton-John

    It is relevant.Shows how aggressive and persistent this cancer is.
  10. Sean

    British Character Actors

    Just Googled and orbits have poured in on all news sites in the past few minutes.Surprised he was only 75.
  11. Sean

    British Character Actors

    BBC covering it now and loads of Co stars commenting on it.
  12. Sean


    Never heard of him.
  13. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool

    Another disclaimer.If the Queen outlived all 50 picks put forward by the four players each player will have to submit another list of 50 names born on or before 20th January 1936.Again the winner would be determined by the highest number of surviving picks upon QE2s death.In the event of a draw it would again go to sudden death until a winner is found who has the highest number of survivors.Highly unlikely scenario but you never know.
  14. Sean

    World War II Veterans

    Seems a bit pessimistic seeing as life expectancy is going up.

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