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  1. Sean

    Fernando Ricksen

    Sad but inevitable.Heart goes out to his wife and daughter.He had an incredible attitude and determination.R.I.P
  2. Sean

    Alex Trebek

    Much like Bob Barker.
  3. Sean

    Alex Trebek

    As a Brit I had never heard of Trebek before he was diagnosed but he is clearly a massive name in the US.
  4. I do smell a rat in Luxembourg.Insisting the press conference was outside in front of loud anti brexit protestors seems like a deliberate ploy to me.
  5. You would think that she would come across as less insane given the other parties but no.
  6. Sean

    Alex Trebek

    He needs to be on the list if he makes January 1st.
  7. Sean

    Alex Trebek

    Not surprising at all.Previous updates were optimistic to the point of delusion.
  8. Sean

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Dog the Bounter Hunter hospitalised with a suspected heart attack.
  9. Sean

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Sir Rod Stewart has been battling prostate cancer for 3 years.
  10. Sean

    Fernando Ricksen

    Not me.I hope Fernando has a long time left.If he wants it that is.MND is one of if not the cruelest of fates.
  11. Sean

    George Alagiah

    Looks thinner.Says he started treatment again this week.
  12. Sean

    George Alagiah

    He was on the local news
  13. Sean

    Political Frailty

    Looks like I will regret picking him in George V deadpool.2 years ago when I picked him he seemed good physically and mentally for his age despite his weight. Just watched the program.He sounds bad too.
  14. Sean

    Political Frailty

    Jesus he looks like death warmed up.Looks like cancer to me.A must have for 2020
  15. Sean

    Famous farmers and agricultural people

    Most likely.I would say Jimmy Doherty is second.Doherty has slipped off the radar lately.

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