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  1. Sean

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Exactly.I knew a bodybuilder marathon runner who never smoked or drank that died from lung cancer in his 50s.
  2. Sean

    1. Kirk Douglas

    I know Grace died soon after too. Does anyone know when /if Marge or the Trumpet guy died?
  3. Sean

    1. Kirk Douglas

    I know Henry Florrie Muriel Sidney Buster Gertrude and Maria died but not what happened to the others.
  4. Sean

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Are any of the subjects of that documentary still alive?
  5. Sean

    1. Kirk Douglas

    He is doing well but could easily have another stroke or infection that could finish him off.When you get to his age it becomes difficult to predict.Plus if his 99 year old wife dies or Michael gets cancer again or Cameron overdoses he could suddenly decline.All up in the air at this point.When I started deadlocking several years ago the idea of him making 105 seemed fanciful.Now it does seem to be a possibility.
  6. Sean

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    They have doing that since his heart surgery in 2011. Plus after the Queen had a cold last month there were loads of articles about what happens when she dies.
  7. Sean

    9. Linda Nolan

    I hold my hands up.This was one of my few bad calls.
  8. Sean

    Bill Turnbull

    Latest picture I could find of him from last month.A clear decline has taken place since then.I would have asked for a selfie but would have seemed in too poor taste.
  9. Sean

    Bill Turnbull

    Seeing him today I think he may see 2019.2020 though?No chance.
  10. Sean

    Bill Turnbull

    I wish I was a whore.They earn far more money and get at least a certain degree of job satisfaction.
  11. Sean

    Bill Turnbull

    Clearly an absolute gentleman though despite it all that still shines through.
  12. Sean

    Bill Turnbull

    Barely recognisable.
  13. Sean

    Bill Turnbull

    Saw him today.Clearly treatment has taken a terrible toll.
  14. Sean

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I got the sense he was embarrassed and shocked I recognised him.
  15. Sean

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    He was absolutely charming and a true gent to me.He was jolly and clearly very happy and content with life and himself. He was clearly incredibly unwell though.

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