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  1. Sean

    Celebrity Chefs

    Nearly picked him for the DDP.Only didn't as thought there were a few stronger candidates.
  2. Sean

    Wendy Williams

    Or could it be that the drug and alcohol issues spiralling put of control could he a consequence of fronto temporal dementia which causes disinhibition and impulsive behaviour?
  3. Sean

    Steve McMichael

    If he was unconscious or delirious when ill which is a very real possibility then I believe it would kick in. Yeah his wife is very selfish though I would say to do that though.Moral of the story.Be very careful who you give power of attorney to.
  4. Sean

    King Charles III

    Even if it's terminal it was caught by accident and treatment has started nearly immediately so I reckon you are probably right.
  5. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool II

    Updated for Safka and Weathers and to give a point erroneously taken away from Book back .Sorry Book. Scoreboard: wannaker:50 theoldlady:50 Bibliogryphon:50 JustPassingThrough:50 bmugnoz:50 Captain Chorizo:50 Yorkshire Banker:50 Lewd-Squirrel:50 Hell:50 gcreptile:50 Gooseberry Crumble:50 BuffaloPhil:49 Captain Hemlock:49 Khtonia:49 LadyFiona:49 Lewd-Squirrel: 49 MariNisia:49 Shaun:49 TheSpinosaurus:49 tracy:49 Book :48 ThereWillBeDeaths7:48 Great Uncle Bulgaria:47 Deaths: 1)Dietrich Mateschitz (20th May 1944-22nd October 2022) (78) Picked by TheSpinosaurus 2)Christine McVie (12th July 1943-30th November 2022) (79) Picked by ThereWillBeDeaths7 , Great Uncle Bulgaria and Captain Hemlock 3)Kirstie Alley (12th January 1951-5th December 2022) (71) Picked by Shaun BuffaloPhil and Khtonia 4)Dame Vivienne Westwood (8th April 1941_29th December 2022) (81) Picked by Lady Fiona 5)Rosi Mittermaier ( 5th August 1950_4th January 2023) (72) Picked by Book 6)Treat Williams (1st December 1951-12th June 2023 (71) Picked by Book and tracy 7)Jane Birkin (14th December 1946-16th July 2023) (76) Picked by MariNisia 8)Terry Funk (30th June 1944-23rd August 2023) (79) Picked by Lewd-Squirrel 9)Melanie Safka (3rd February 1947-23rd January 2024) (76) Picked by Great Uncle Bulgaria 10)Carl Weathers ( 14th January 1948- 1st February 2024) (76) Picked by ThereWillBeDeaths 7 Dead before game: 1)Luan Peters (18th June 1946-24th December 2017 (71) Picked by Great Uncle Bulgaria
  6. Sean

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    Sven Goran_Eriksson as my third sub please.
  7. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool II

    Updated the list to reflect Luan Peters who died before the game started.
  8. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool II

    I'm afraid so.
  9. Sean

    King Charles III

    Got sent this by a friend an hour after the news broke.Terrible but I did chuckle.
  10. Sean

    King Charles III

    It sounds more hopeful than optimistic in nature.
  11. Sean

    King Charles III

    My money would be on colon or bladder cancer given its close proximity to the prostate. A medical friend of mine said my pessimism could be right however more likely a scenario is its simply too early to tell and further investigations could still be going on which would make sense also.
  12. Sean

    King Charles III

    Second thing I noticed now that I have read the statement is that Is devoid of any reassuring information such as "the cancer hs highly treatable " "The Kings prognosis is excellent" "the cancer is localised and at a very early stage" and such like.If the announcement was meant to dull speculation it would be a 100% own goal like throwing petrol on a fire and I don't think the King and those around him believe it would do anything other than create a tsunami of speculative headlines and cause people to question his mortality. I also think the fact he has been advised not to partake in any face to face events strongly suggests he has started chemo and therefore is likely to have a compromised immune system going forward.
  13. Sean

    King Charles III

    Only thing that's ominous is he isn't saying what cancer it is especially as he would know the speculation would be colossal

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