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  1. Funeralopolis

    Businesspeople, Investors, CEO's

    Chris Stone dead at 64 after a battle against brain cancer. Sophie Wilmes, his wife, former Prime Minister of Belgium, retired from politics last year to assist him. https://www.parismatch.be/actualites/politique/2023/11/25/le-mari-de-sophie-wilmes-est-decede-AVXYQ4FSFZGU5JZXNBK2ZMILBY/
  2. Funeralopolis

    Crazy Eight Dead Pool Mk.III

    Jonnie Irwin
  3. Funeralopolis

    Last Sweepstake

    Jamshid bin Abdullah of Zanzibar
  4. Funeralopolis

    Political Frailty

    she will probably be discharged tomorrow.
  5. Funeralopolis

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Jamshid bin Abdullah
  6. Funeralopolis

    Who are the immortals?

    all hail to the king.
  7. Funeralopolis

    Gangster, Gangster

    not dead yet.
  8. Funeralopolis

    Giorgio Napolitano

    e tutti gli angeli in colonna?
  9. Funeralopolis

    Academic Footnotes

    in the photo posted by Caminada he looked like a real corpse on a hospital bed. if it had been a scam, it would have been directed by Kubrick.
  10. Funeralopolis

    Professional Cyclists

    His conditions have improved, he seems to be awake and according to his teammate Attila Valter "he's doing good". https://www.eurosport.it/ciclismo/infarto-al-volante-e-incidente-gravi-le-condizioni-di-nathan-van-hooydonck-corridore-della-jumbo-vis_sto9792647/story.shtml
  11. Funeralopolis

    Professional Cyclists

    Nathan van Hooydonck in critical condition after a heart attack. He was driving and was with his eight-month pregnant wife, who is unharmed. https://www.gazzetta.it/Ciclismo/12-09-2023/ciclismo-van-hooydonck-gravemente-ferito-in-un-incidente.shtml
  12. Funeralopolis

    Time Added

    Dead. https://espndeportes.espn.com/futbol/uruguay/nota/_/id/12514838/murio-waldemar-victorino-campeon-america-nacional-seleccion-uruguaya
  13. Funeralopolis

    The 100 Club

    https://torinocronaca.it/news/torino/304500/torino-dice-addio-a-bruno-segre-ma-lui-e-vivo-e-sta-bene.html Still alive. It's a case of homonymy. Segre's carer also said that "he is fine and returned yesterday from the mountain." In September he will be 105. Bruno Segre, the dead one, is a journalist and essayist born in 1930.
  14. Funeralopolis

    Time Added

    Italian football manager Carlo Mazzone dead at 86. https://www.ilmessaggero.it/persone/carlo_mazzone_morto_oggi-7583318.html
  15. Funeralopolis

    Who are the immortals?


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