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  1. Miranda lass

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    How is that show even still allowed?? Plus they should have ended it if only out of respect
  2. Miranda lass

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    Angie actually turns 97 nxt year just clarifying
  3. Miranda lass

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I was looking into the fords and how i notice so i do, they both died at age 93. Maybe her majesty will mirror her hubbys age. I think most will agree she's not saying her goodbyes until 2025. I certainly won't put her on my nxt years list
  4. Miranda lass

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Well there's like 12 of us singing our choice of songs. We all meet for some drinks and bit of munch before, but i asked the organizer of the event and she's promise it's all safe and noones made to do owt they don't wanna
  5. Miranda lass

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Because Johnson and Hancock like to Elbow people, numerous others believed it was okay and did the same. I preffer to reffer to the priminister as BJ his initials but has a rude implication (well it's him) or in formally speaking it's the Supreme leader!
  6. Miranda lass

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    What way did it help to cancel our programs to announce his death? Coulda just announced on the regular 1.30 news program. We didn't benefit in anyway to find out any soober
  7. Miranda lass

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    So what's the probability that karaoke night on July 17 goes ahead?? My first night out o'fun in donkey years
  8. Miranda lass

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    And Phillip Lowrie who last appeared in coronation street in 2014 but in 2020 they killed off his character. Usually it's because the actor died (but i checked and he did not) but he's not doing anything now
  9. Miranda lass

    23. Rosalynn Carter

    Depends on the first lady tbh Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama seemed to get a lot of mention and still do sometimes. Compare to Laura Bush who scarcely got a mention.
  10. Miranda lass

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Like someones' grandma who was 91 (didn't look a day over eighty)
  11. Miranda lass

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    How about Joe Biden? I was always worried he wouldn't even live 4 more years It's silly cause from what i could find u could be 100 and still run like there no max age
  12. Miranda lass

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    There is some hope world covid death toll will ease up as the Supreme leader wishes for the whole world to be vaccinated within 18 months of now. The only concern is being able to carry out his word.
  13. Miranda lass

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    There's this commercial where a woman says "my mother has really got me through this whole period" kinda thinking there's a double meaning to what she said.
  14. I've noticed for a lot who die, they were on the deathlist every year until they died. At least mine is a reboot in the sense it includes nobody from the last 3 years. Okay, I admit it caused me to miss some hits i could have had by keeping them as ppl from previous years have died this year.
  15. Miranda lass

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Still so many deaths in the world If this doesn't stop, we will reach 5 milllion for end of the year and 8 million by end of 2022

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