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  1. Miranda lass

    The 13th Death of 2023

    No more use for his dick
  2. Miranda lass

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    June Spencer is 105 next time is she considered at all? Or are we to assume she becomes one of the future supercentenarians?
  3. Miranda lass

    6. Jimmy Carter

    But it's without a doubt hard in the hospice.. he's dying to get out
  4. Miranda lass

    how long till' the next hit ?

    The grim reaper will return on Halloween
  5. Miranda lass

    The 11th Death of 2023

    No more barking for Bob
  6. Miranda lass

    The deaD of 2023

    Doreen Mantel has died at 97. A lot of acting roles, but probably best recognised as Jean Warboys in One Foot In The Grave from 1990 to 2000.
  7. Miranda lass

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    For the first two, I do know they wouldn't be the first ones from their respective show/movie to throw in the towel for lack of a better phrase rn. But hopefully Laura will do the Robbie Williams and show them lot she is actually better off without them just doing her own thing. I believe in her. I don't have much for the last 3 people you mentioned other than they are in their 80s and is common to die with little to no warning at their age
  8. Miranda lass

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    My 2024 draft 1. James Earl Jones 2. Joe Biden 3. Doreen Mantel 4. Barbara Knox 5. Maureen Lipman 6. Bill Hayes 7. John Prescott 8. Dick Cheney 9. Mel Brooks 10. Jimmy Carter 11. Julie Goodyear 12. George Lucas 13. Judi Dench 14. John Savident 15. Phillip Lowrie 16. Cleo Laine 17. Shannen Doherty 18. Fred Lorenzen 19. Steve Halliwell 20. Malcom Hebden 21. Tom Jones 22. Kim Novak 23. Hank Marvin 24. David Gates 25. Glenn Tipton 26. Thelma Barlow 27. John Williams 28. Michael J Fox 29. Donald Trump 30. Stan Waterman 31. Shawn Crahan 32. Amanda Barrie 33. Chris Chitell 34. George Lazenby 35. Vin Diesel 36. Clint Eastwood 37. Tommy Steele 38. Dustin Hoffman 39. Ozzy Osbourne 40. Robert Englund 41. Billy Dee Williams 42. Henry Fambrough 43. Doris Goodwin 44. John Edwards 45. Ken Farrington 46. Bernardo Ruiz 47. Barbara Rush 48. Mark Damon 49. Kenneth Cope 50. Laura Whitmore
  9. Miranda lass

    King Charles III

    I did accurately predict the birth of my nephew, which was September 30, 9pm so it can be done
  10. Miranda lass

    King Charles III

    On the day of the coronation I did release a song titled king charles is a fucking cunt, based on the Boris Johnson song of that name
  11. Miranda lass

    47. Linda Nolan

    Linda states "I propose to be living with my cancer for an awful long time" but up for interpretation as since 2017 is quite some time.
  12. Miranda lass

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Tom Cruise is 61 today. Okay so he's been in many a movie, but I like him best for the mission:impossible ones. Totes syked for the new one!
  13. Miranda lass

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    So assuming that nobody else gets on that list first, the Carters only need live 3 more years to make third place
  14. Miranda lass

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Jack Carter, the eldest child of Jimmy and Roselyn, is 76 today. Like his parents, he too has taken quite a keen involvement in politics. Sidenote: possibly the oldest person with both parents still alive
  15. Miranda lass

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    The news be cut-throat depressing But I always look once in a while at list of notable deaths on wikipedia

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