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    I'm fascinated with longevity & I like checking for progress in things.

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  1. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    It’s clear, I was just wondering why.
  2. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    As a new member I'm just trying to understand the way this site works. I'm not questioning that you know better than me, how could I? I like you and your comments, Toast. I'm trying to learn from you. No need to be disprespectful to me. I'm just asking some questions which I expect you know the answer to. All in all I'm just a fan of Buzz and I know I'd be bumping this thread regardless every year anyway.
  3. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    But that thread has been around since 2004. I know what you’re trying to say though, but I feel like it’s a bit of a waste of your energy trying to police people making threads about famous 90+ year olds just because of some old site dogmas
  4. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    Is there much to say about Dick van Dyke?
  5. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    I understand but I don't know, Buzz is quite the different beast than just your average "moonwalker" IMO. Someone who will be remembered for millenia shouldn't be just lumped with the rest of them astronauts. Maybe just my personal bias.
  6. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    Isn't that a bit weird and constricting? We basically wouldn't be able to discuss Buzz then simply because he wasn't on the list or some dude didnt make a thread 15 years ago? Maybe I misunderstand you.
  7. odeon

    Buzz Aldrin

    I thought he had a thread already?
  8. odeon

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Sexy pictures
  9. odeon

    22. Tony Bennett

    Mb didn't see. Just wanted to brag about Cat.
  10. odeon

    22. Tony Bennett

    Cat stevens made the cover art to his own albums. Stuff like tea for the tillerman and teaser and the firecat
  11. odeon

    13. Henry Kissinger

    this year seems appropriate for him
  12. odeon

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    He is a 99 year old man recovering from heart surgery.
  13. odeon

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    So its basically about nothing. Shock.
  14. odeon

    George R. R. Martin

    remember when this guy released books
  15. odeon

    37. Willie Nelson

    Seems very sharp, with more energy than me.

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