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  1. odeon

    10. Bob Dole

    bigger chance bob shoots someone elses face of instead of him croaking this year
  2. odeon

    31. Willie Nelson

    he aint going anywhere the coming years
  3. odeon

    8. Emperor Akihito

    this huy aint gonna die for the next 2 years im guessing
  4. odeon

    48. William H Gates

    since hes basically just known as the father of bill
  5. ah I see, people in their 20's and younger don't really know him I meant, most I spoke about cat with was my girlfriends mother & some older collegues. might also be because im from the netherlands. Or that he decided to dissapear lol
  6. Nah I like that one lol, I dislike how many times. Its just a bit too much tbh I don't expect anyone to be a big fan but I always find it refreshing to come across people who actually know him
  7. Thats interesting, didn't know it ever even got on the radio anywhere. when it comes to young people listening to something old, I think the music still speaks for itself. I discovered his music by accident in my teens so I might be very biased (probably am) but if you ask me foreigner suite is an incredible musical composition. There's a really weak track on the album that ruins the entire album for me tho
  8. im a big cat stevens fan check out foreigner suite
  9. odeon

    48. William H Gates

    not me, other people have said that before, I was siding with that opinion if I had said that before I'd say "Like I said before"
  10. odeon


    damn those old posts are crazy racist.
  11. odeon

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2020

    imma get in on this next year
  12. odeon

    48. William H Gates

    like said before not really a fair pick
  13. odeon

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    no need to be so rude
  14. odeon

    18. Jimmy Carter

    maybe i misunderstood, but are you trying to say something about me here? Im a classical liberal btw if you're guessing what my believes are. Not that it should matter imo
  15. odeon

    Donald J Trump

    im drinking 10% beer actually! highly recommended

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