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  1. frleon

    17. Sir David Attenborough

    The beginning of the end, you say?
  2. frleon

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    So there are still miracles in the world? Miracles and hope!
  3. frleon

    Who Should Make the Deathlist in 2022?

    That would do to even out missing Belmondo. I had him on my last year's longlist but didn't take him in the end either :/
  4. frleon

    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2022 (page 7)

    Finally, my number five.
  5. frleon

    Colin Powell

    Colin Powell
  6. frleon

    Jimmy Greaves

    The Germany squad is going to start dropping like flies soon. Don't know – even Horst Eckel of the 1954 team is still alive at 89, had a serious fall in december but apparently recuperated.
  7. frleon

    Abdelaziz Bouteflika

    You crossed out the wrong one. Shukran kathiran! How embarrassing …
  8. frleon

    Abdelaziz Bouteflika

    Y e s !!, finally someone who's on my list again. That's propelling it to an all-time record of 3/50!
  9. frleon

    Betty White

    Understood, I meant the opposite, I'd like fewer than 25 people recycled so the list would get even less boring.
  10. frleon

    Betty White

    I wondered whether it's necessary to recycle exactly 25 people? Just noticed that this year the committee did go for the maximum number and can't be bothered to look up the previous year. I wouldn't mind them going more than 25 newcomers sometimes, especially after a year like last one.
  11. frleon

    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2022 (page 7)

    I remember how when we started this thread some people were joking around how we should include Liechtenstein but couldn't, for lack of known Liechtensteiners? … well, the princess just died. https://orf.at/stories/3225739/
  12. frleon

    Dilip Kumar

    Do you think he's going to be discharged tomorrow yet? Maybe he'll live for another year or two.
  13. frleon

    Nazi of SS

    According to German wiki, Sonntag has died, though no date or source are given (same result when quickly googling him).
  14. frleon

    Raul Castro

    Experience shows that after a cancer diagnosis, Castros can comfortably live another ten years.
  15. frleon

    King Harald V of Norway

    Not sure about JC: Maybe exile has a possibility of extending life. Less stress, less interaction with the nasty commoner, remove yourself from all the trouble etc.

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