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  1. friedbutty

    36. Robert Durst

    I'd only heard of this guy last week and he just dropped dead. Giving that death list has broke it's record, I celebrate with a doomed prediction. Of another low ranker (giving that you guys rank fairly healthy 90+ folks over gravely ill 75 or 80 year olds). More specifically, I reckon Nigel Starmer-Smith will be the next to pass away.
  2. friedbutty

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Another Dick, with head added to it had a heart transplant a decade ago in November. Van Dyke's just old. If you guys really want a 90 or 100 something on the top, pick Kissenger. He's wheelchair bound now.
  3. friedbutty

    Bob Dole

    No, not really. He has appeared in the Carry On collection, so that boosts his familiarity by a bit.
  4. friedbutty

    Bob Dole

    With all due respects, not a lot of people under 40 know who he is. I didn't even know what gender he was till I googled him
  5. friedbutty

    Sir Frank Williams

    He ended up managing 35! Rest in Peace Frank.
  6. friedbutty

    Jimmy Greaves

    He'll be playing more footy with Gordon after he's buried with them.
  7. friedbutty

    Abdelaziz Bouteflika

    Plus I've just heard the 9th death happened the following day! I denounce my statement.
  8. friedbutty

    Abdelaziz Bouteflika

    The longest DL gap in 10 years has finally closed. Which if you see the gap between Betty Ford and that M*A*S*H actor, it's exactly the same to the day. And just like this year, 2011 was a failure.
  9. friedbutty

    Walter Mondale

    It's now 3 months since the last DL candidate ever to die, popped his clogs.
  10. friedbutty

    Voice Actors

    Was he scattered on a boat while the song was playing?
  11. friedbutty

    Voice Actors

    The lady's turning 83 next month. Last surviving cast member of Alice in Wonderland and was a surprisingly short time after it was filmed. Was also Peter Pan's Wendy and inaugurated a Disney Legend in 1998. I don't know if she's famous enough for a thread, we just just looking for new people. Since a lot of DL favorites have went in the last 3 years. P.S. Hope this makes up for the Holly Johnson fiasco.
  12. friedbutty

    Ronnie Wood

    Thank goodness it wasn't metastic. Or the legend would be totally screwed.
  13. friedbutty

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    The guy who started the thread did. Which would be typical of someone pining for his death.
  14. friedbutty

    Holly Johnson

    Haha. I meant it in a different context. Calling Thatcher, Reagan and the televangelists mongs for their stupid actions. Rather than people with Downs, which indeed you should be disgusted by. Like if you called Cucker Tarlson fans retarded as opposed to someone who's legitimately intellectually-disabled.
  15. friedbutty

    Holly Johnson

    If anyone deserves a thread, it's the ex front-man of that 80s band, FGTH. One of the last pre-2000 Death listers alive, Holly Johnson ended up on mid-nineties death lists from his HIV diagnosis. Unfortunately, three decades years ago it was the doctor telling you, "you're gonna drop dead before your gran". Due to the homophobes blocking medical research and world leaders calling it, "God's cleansing" or some mong phrase like that. Happily, we beat prejudice, folks with the infection could become centenarians and Holly's now an otherwise healthy 61 year-old. Who probably won't be appearing on any list for twenty years. Sorry this was so long, x.

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