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  1. friedbutty

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Biden has obvios cognative issues and broke a leg petting his dog. And Trump's much sharper and survived a deadly pandedmic. Which is a bit unfair. Giving how much he's shat on his body over the years.
  2. friedbutty

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    And managed to tick of a last minute bucket list tab. Rest in Peace to a fantastic war hero, campainer and uniter of a a nation
  3. friedbutty

    Larry King

    With him, fair enough. They missed a massive one. But I think picking the big maybe's' more fun. If they picked people who are irrifutibally likely to die, it would get very dull and predictable after a while.
  4. friedbutty

    4. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole has been claimed?
  5. friedbutty

    2. Betty White

    “I have a two-story house and a bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs all the time.” The dementia's keeping her young.
  6. friedbutty

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    Jesus Christ. This society's such a pissfest that it goes to decoration rather than actual treatment or med producing? Dunno why I gets out of bed.
  7. friedbutty

    Larry King

    Bloody Hilarious.
  8. friedbutty

    Larry King

    Or Pulmonary rehab. Actually, if one of the oldest notible survivors in the world with 3 heart attacks and stroke behind him does that, I may as well swim across the channel.
  9. friedbutty

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    At 100, I'd rather die a week long death watching the seaview, doing something I've wanted to do for deacades probably. Rather than a long, safe and miserable death in a care home surrounded by a bunch of empty souls. Plus he saved the lives of at least thousands. When the Corona-Karens do nothing but whine!
  10. friedbutty

    32. Yoko Ono

    What did they expect her to do in a defeated and nuked country at the time? Honour them through begging?
  11. friedbutty

    14. June Brown

    Is that what you suspect because all her best bits are so & so's death? Maybe they've been digitally restoring the late June since 2017.
  12. friedbutty

    12. Alan Greenspan

    If his false teeth popped out at AOC's idea to tax the rich at 70%, what would he make of that Great Reset crap? That bullshit New World socialist order that privileged Prince Charles, Prime Minstrel Trudeau and president-elect/nursing home escapee Joe Biden keep worshiping.
  13. friedbutty

    Sean Connery

    It would be a record if we included him, Little Richard and Roberta McCain. This unexpected boost of dead people and not one of 'em took by the virus. Anyone find it strange?
  14. friedbutty

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Are the details really to bloody follow

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