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  1. Nick

    Inverse Dead Pool 2024

    Thank you for running this again! 1. Joe Biden 2. Donald Trump 3. Michael J. Fox 4. Ozzy Osbourne 5. William Shatner 6. Clint Eastwood 7. Buzz Aldrin 8. Billy Connolly 9. Phil Collins 10. Andy Taylor 11. Janey Godley 12. Dick Van Dyke 13. Robert Wagner 14. Mel Brooks 15. Prunella Scales 16. Willie Nelson 17. Rupert Murdoch 18. Erik Jensen 19. Bruce Willis 20. Pope Francis 21. Bob Newhart 22. Stanley Baxter 23. Cleo Laine 24. Dave Myers 25. James Whale
  2. Nick

    The 3rd Death of 2024

    Went for Joanne Woodward
  3. Nick


    I picked Wilson Fittipaldi for my F1 theme team in the DDP this year. Wouldn't be surprised at all if a few other teams took him as well.
  4. Nick

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    I've sent in my teams for this year. Good luck to everyone! I've decided to send only two teams instead of three like I did last year. The third team I sent in last year was fairly rushed, and I don't want to submit a team I'm not happy with.
  5. Nick

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2024

    Here is my submission for this pool. Thank you for running it again! 1. Jimmy Carter 2. Noam Chomsky 3. Mel Brooks 4. David Attenborough 5. Joanne Woodward 6. Roberta Flack 7. Eva Marie Saint 8. Alan Greenspan 9. Bob Newhart 10. Dick Van Dyke 11. Bruce Willis 12. Shannen Doherty 13. Imelda Marcos 14. Jean-Marie Le Pen 15. Yoko Ono 16. Brigitte Bardot 17. Glynis Johns 18. Ted Turner 19. George Lazenby 20. Pope Francis 21. Sonny Rollins 22. Toby Keith 23. Vanessa Redgrave 24. Willie Nelson 25. Bernie Ecclestone 26. Franz Beckenbauer 27. Tom Brokaw 28. Alice Munro 29. Frank Gehry 30. James Earl Jones 31. Willie Mays 32. Jack Hanna 33. Alberto Fujimori 34. Violetta Chamorro 35. Quincy Jones 36. Steve McMichael 37. Norman Jewison 38. Ethel Kennedy 39. Mahathir Mohamad 40. James Watson 41. Jim Lovell 42. Johnny Gilbert 43. Mitzi Gaynor 44. Philip Zimbardo 45. Cleo Laine 46. Michael Tilson Thomas 47. Rob Burrow 48. Esther Rantzen 49. Frank Field 50. James Whale
  6. Nick

    Shadow Lists

    Gianluca Vialli Constantine II Gina Lollobrigida Pervez Musharraf Burt Bacharach Chaim Topol Harry Belafonte Rolf Harris Tina Turner Milan Kundera Tony Bennett George Alagiah Bob Barker Rosalynn Carter Henry Kissinger Sandra Day O'Connor Norman Lear 17/50, a new record for me! There are still a few weeks left in the year, and a few names I can see dying (Jimmy...), so maybe my list will go just a bit further.
  7. Nick

    Crazy Eight Dead Pool Mk.III

    Henry Kissinger
  8. Nick

    Reality TV

    Jody Kelly, a contestant on The Amazing Race 16 who competed with her granddaughter, died "suddenly but peacefully" on September 5th. Picked in the DDP last year, but it doesn't look like she has a QO yet. She is the 9th racer from the US edition of The Amazing Race to die, and the oldest woman to compete on any edition of the show.
  9. September 8 72 Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield — What Have I Done To Deserve This 66 Bangles — Manic Monday +4 62 Erasure — Sometimes 45 Kim Wilde — You Keep Me Hangin' On 39 George Harrison — Got My Mind Set On You 27 Dire Straits — Walk Of Life 25 Simply Red — Holding Back The Years 22 David Bowie — Absolute Beginners 13 George Michael — Faith 11 The Pogues Ft. Kirsty MacColl — Fairytale Of New York 8 Jan Hammer — Crockett's Theme -6
  10. Nick


    Alright, I've picked out an avatar.
  11. Nick

    Shadow Lists

    Gianluca Vialli Constantine II Gina Lollobrigida Pervez Musharraf Burt Bacharach Chaim Topol Harry Belafonte Rolf Harris Tina Turner Milan Kundera Tony Bennett George Alagiah 12/50
  12. Nick

    Death By Numbers 2023

    Out: Ali Khamenei Billy Connolly Jesse Jackson Rhod Gilbert In: Cale Yarborough Esther Rantzen Jimmy Carter Simon Cowell (Wildlife) Again, thank you for running this!
  13. Nick

    Crazy Eight Dead Pool Mk.II

    Tony Bennett
  14. Nick

    The 6th death of 2023

    Bob Barker, again
  15. Nick


    Two time contestant Keith Nale has died at the age of 62. He had been battling cancer "for the past few months".

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