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  1. LWCZ

    American Football Players

    Kent Kramer, former TE (f.e. San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints or Minnesota Vikings), dead at 79 (confirmed by his son on Twitter/X).
  2. LWCZ

    Country For Old Men (And Women)

    Roni Stoneman, banjo player and a Hee Haw cast member, dead at 85.
  3. LWCZ

    Toby Keith

  4. LWCZ

    Dying Off The Radar

    Georgia "Georgie" Davis of the Davis Sisters (who joined Skeeter Davis after Georgia's younger sister Betty Jack tragically passed away in a 1953 car crash), has passed away in 2022. (the link doesn't work for EU, you can use a VPN, but I'm sending a screenshot below)
  5. LWCZ

    1. Jimmy Carter

    All ages on the DL are the ages the deathlistees are supposed to be turning in the given year.
  6. LWCZ

    The 3rd Death of 2024

    The DL's only person in Epstein's Little Black Book, Ethel Kennedy.
  7. LWCZ

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2024

    Made one more edit (hopefully the last one). Replaced Joe Biden in the list with Lee Grant (actress, Hollywood blacklistee), then replaced Julie Walters with Biden.
  8. LWCZ

    The 20th Death of 2023

    Bob Newhart out of the blue.
  9. LWCZ

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2024

    Hopefully there won't be any last minute change shenanigans due to late deaths like there were last year for me. Anyway: Abdul "Duke" Fakir (singer) Akihito Alain Delon Andy Taylor (Duran Duran guitarist) Berry Gordy Bob Newhart Buzz Aldrin Cindy Birdsong Cleo Laine David Attenborough Dick Van Dyke Don King Ethel Kennedy Frankie Valli George Lazenby George Soros Glynis Johns Harrison Ruffin Tyler (engineer, John Tyler's grandson) Iris Apfel James Earl Jones James Whale Jim Lovell Jimmy Carter Joanne Woodward John Ashton (guitarist) John Astin (actor) Jonnie Irwin Josef Fritzl June Spencer Katherine Jackson (Jackson clan matriarch) Lee Grant (American actress) Leontyne Price Maggie Smith Mel Brooks Noam Chomsky Pope Francis Prince Edward Richard Williams (tennis coach) Roberta Flack Rosemary Harris Shannen Doherty Sonny Rollins Sophia Loren Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama) Tom Lehrer Vanessa Redgrave Willie Mays (baseball) Woody Allen Yoko Ono Zhu Rongji (former chinese PM) Substitutes Dennis Skinner Garnet Mimms Joe Biden Marianne Faithfull Wole Soyinka
  10. LWCZ

    The deaD of 2023

    Founder of The Jack and Jill Foundation, Jonathan Irwin, passed away at 82 according to the foundation's twitter (x).
  11. LWCZ

    Dead Pop Stars

    Don't think he's eligible yet. Denny Seiwell (the original drummer) is still alive at 80.
  12. LWCZ


    Derek Chauvin, George Floyd's convicted killer, seriously injured and hospitalised after prison stabbing.
  13. LWCZ

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    Think any notable US presidential children/grandchildren could be a shout, a lot of newspapers/news sites often obit them (although they're mostly low hanging fruit due to their age). Harrison Ruffin Tyler (John Tyler's grandson, turning 96 next year, was mentioned several times across the forums and when it was discovered he's still alive the news got pretty big media coverage; additionally, he's been suffering from dementia for the last 11 years and had multiple mini-strokes) Eleanor Roosevelt Seagraves (FDR's granddaughter, turning 97 in March, she and her brother Curtis-who died in 2016-were pretty popular in 1930s as "Buzzie and Sistie", she often attends Democratic events; she gave an interview in May this year and still looks sharp, but at her age it can change at any given moment) John Roosevelt Boettiger (another FDR's grandchild, half-brother to Eleanor, turns 85 next year, widower and retired psychology professor; pretty much a stretch, but one for the future? Maybe, maybe not, more likely not, but still.) Franklin D. Roosevelt III (same deal as John, turns 86 next year, retired economist and academic close to Hillary Clinton, haven't seen many news about him recently so I really can't judge) Luci Baines Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson's daughter, turns 77 next year, philantropist; seemingly in good health at the moment but she suffered from pretty rare Guillain–Barré syndrome back in 2010) and her sister Lynda Bird Johnson Robb (who turns 80 next year and is currently the oldest living presidential child) Susan Ford Bales (Gerald Ford's daughter, the youngest person on this list-turns 67 next year-but suffers from heart problems and has been living with a pacemaker for the last 13 years, so possibly a name for a distant future?) I know most names on the list seem like a long stretch, but I also think that some of them on it could be considered for the DL, in the future at least that is.
  14. LWCZ

    The 16th Death of 2023

    Tough call between Shane MacGowan and Jimmy Carter, but MacGowan, although I can see Ethel Kennedy surprising everyone and being the next hit.
  15. LWCZ

    Internet Celebrities

    Yep. Plus her death date on the grave is just all the letters and numbers copypasted from those that already were on the tombstone.

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