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  1. LWCZ

    Catherine Windsor AKA Kate Middleton

    Photos from the birthday parade
  2. LWCZ

    UK Singles Chart

    Wallace Wilson died in March 2007 according to his son "Red Rat".
  3. LWCZ

    Internet Celebrities

    Well, about a week ago the family revealed that what happened was that he fell off a 6ft ladder head-first onto a cement floor when he was in a giraffe enclosure, and that he remains in ICU. It's not looking good for him.
  4. LWCZ

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Jeannie Epper reportedly dead at 83.
  5. LWCZ


    Daniel Kramer, who basically documented Bob Dylan going electric, dead at 91.
  6. LWCZ

    Dying Off The Radar

    Continuing my post in the "People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive" thread, I found two names that kind of went under the radar, those being: Robert H. Robinson (of Somethin' Smith and the Redheads)-passed away at 80 in 2002 (the Wikipedia page also states that but doesn't include his death date, that's why I wrote "kind of" under the radar) Tommy Romano (of The Three Chuckles)- passed away at 84 in 2013
  7. I was going through Billboard's first Top 100 chart (the predecessor to the Hot 100 record chart) published on November 12th, 1955, and was surprised that at least 5 people from the chart are still with us. Those being: Pat Boone (89)- #8 At My Front Door; #21 Ain't That A Shame; #52 No Arms Can Ever Hold You Jaye P. Morgan (92)- #19 Longest Walk; #37 Pepper-Hot Baby; #68 If You Don't Want My Love Mindy Carson (96)- #33 Wake The Town And Tell The People Peggy King (94)- #61 Learnin' To Love John Perkins (92; of the Crew Cuts)-#89 Gum Drop Sadly I couldn't find any more information on session members of The Dream Weavers, The Loreleis (Gail Menefee and Peggy Reinagle), Tommy (Russ) Gilberto of The Three Chuckles, Glendon Kingsby of The Cadets, Bill Christ of The Gaylords, members of Ray Charles Singers (who performed on the "Autumn Leaves" record) and Matthew Platt of The Turbans, so there's a slight chance there's more of them around these days.
  8. LWCZ

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Sadly I haven't. I'd be glad if you would check it, as I used to have access (at least) to MyHeritage records, but I haven't really got time for it lately so I cancelled the subscription last May.
  9. LWCZ

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Thanks! I completely overlooked that That's okay. I'm sure he was George McFadden, as he's also referred to as such when he performed with the Kuf-Linx and when he later toured with George Holmes' (or Gaines Steele's) Ink Spots in late 70s. I also have a strong feeling he may have originally been from Pennsylvania, as this site suggests he joined the Jubalaires when they moved from Florida in 1941.
  10. LWCZ

    Deadpool Detective Work

    I got bit of a tricky one. I think many people on this site came across this song (which went viral about a year or two ago as "the first rap song"). I'm 101% sure that George McFadden, the bass vocalist of The Jubalaires is long dead (he'd probably be supercentenarian by now if he wasn't). However, unlike the rest of the group, there seems to be no information about him, anywhere (both when he was born and when he passed). I've been trying to find anything on him for the past few weeks, but to no avail. The only relevant info I have is that after the Jubalaires dissolved, he started performing as "Biggie McFadden" (with The Jubilee Four, with whom he also performed in 1964 Viva Las Vegas; their song "The Climb" has been reportedly produced by Elvis Presley himself), and that he performed at least until 1979 (as a backing vocalist on Ry Cooder's album Bop Till You Drop).
  11. LWCZ

    Internet Celebrities

    Also, you can compare both runners' tracks.
  12. LWCZ

    Internet Celebrities

    Thing is that he is in-a-way going to be the first one to run the lenght (or not exactly the lenght but from south to north) of Africa. Cook started his run from the most southern point of Africa (Cape Agulhas) and is supposed to finish at the most northern one (Ras Ben Sakka; 37°20′49″N), whereas Olsen (as the press release statement reads) started his Africa run from Taba (29°29′30″N; which isn't even the northernmost point of Egypt) to Cape of Good Hope (which also doesn't mean he ran the full lenght of Africa). As for how trustworthy that association is...well. It's weird. It's no official organisation, if that's what you're asking. The guy that founded it (and who released that statement) is also the same person who created that Wikipedia page (plus he shamelessly plugged his own photo and himself along the association's runners).
  13. LWCZ

    Miloš Zeman

    Moved from cardiovascular ICU to internal medicine ICU, as a member of his medical council stated today that Zeman's leg has been severely damaged and that he's frail after his fasciotomy.
  14. LWCZ

    Miloš Zeman

    In serious but stable condition.
  15. LWCZ

    Dead Pop Stars

    Singer Steve Lawrence (of duo "Steve and Eydie") reportedly dead? (according to the editor of the New York magazine's Vulture website). Can't find anything more to it, though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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