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  1. TLC

    Death List Convention

    Not that for a minute I thought you were referring to me there LG, but if you were, I was actually going to use excuse no. 2 (no.1 is the aforementioned too much weed excuse) which is I'd run out of weed and was in too much of a dark mood for it to occur to me I might have had social events to attend!
  2. TLC

    Death List Convention

    Missed it; butter my useless arse! Thought it was next weekend but I've got plenty of emails etc. telling me when it was so it's completely my fault I failed to turn up of course. Hope you all had fun, and hopefully I'll start visiting here again a bit more, as I imagine my up-to-date death-related posting has been sorely missed. I have a good imagination. Here's hoping there'll be more DL conventions! TLC
  3. TLC

    Death List Convention

    Same as millwall32 just said; not been on here much recently but should be there for the get together... Expect me to be full of my usual insights about potential celebrity deaths!
  4. TLC

    A Joke

    I knew there was something I'd been missing on my DL break.... awesome stuff. Shall I leave it another few days for the punchline to be posted? I can hardly wait.
  5. TLC

    Room 101

    Anyone who goes to Leicester Square for film premieres unless they're in it, helped make it etc; the important distinction being whether you're going to actually get in and see the film. My quickest way to & from work includes cutting across Leicester Square, except for at this time of year because there are thousands & thousands of people there who scream like maniacs at Limos going past which have blacked out windows for f*ck's sake.... from which the occasional 'personality' will emerge, have a couple of photos taken then leg it inside. I have still not seen one single famous person in my 6 months of working about 100 yards from Oxford & Regent Street, and I'm quite pleased about it. Well I say 'not seen', but I suspect that 'not recognised' is closer to the truth, or 'not paid attention due to apathy'. I've been away from the DL for over a month, and this is my blockbuster return post. You can probably see how my life has changed direction recently through my snazzy new writing style. Erm.
  6. TLC

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    I hear the Sudan is where you pick up old tricks? I suggest your wedding outfit should comprise a pair of underpants and two pencils and that to overcome the language barrier try the word "wobble". Has to be 'wibble' or else it won't work... although saying that it wasn't a complete success for Captain Blackadder either.
  7. Belated congratulations Bou! I hope you raise your new bundle of joy (you can tell I'm not a parent!) to eventually become a successful entertainer at weddings, which I believe is the family tradition.
  8. TLC

    I Destroy the Royal Family

    Let me break the glass for just a minute and say, I think it would be a major low blow to give a Royal Forum terrorist a respected job on these forums, and not give some others the opportunity who have dedicated more time here. As I put myself above the editing job, I'm glad one of our veteran female posters got the ticket. Lady Grendel was among those who did deserve it. So you either turned the position down, or put yourself out of the running before it came up to avoid having to respectfully turn the position down... Wow, very noble of you Mr Scream. I am also glad to see Lady Grendel get the position*, especially since I now know you weren't passed over. *Insofar as it makes any difference to me as I've never had any problems with the mods that I can recall, but still, congratulations LG!
  9. TLC

    Room 101

    Be careful of what you sign. For you can not erase your name. Unless you sign in pencil, in which case an eraser works fine.
  10. TLC

    Oscar Niemeyer

    I guess I should probably avoid posting on this thread too.... Frankly, giving cigarettes up is easier but I owe it to the site to give it a go.
  11. Hmm, sounds like a contradiction to me TLC . It does sound like a contradiction, but let me explain: I never apologise for my behaviour if I am the only one it embarrasses, or I may as well have a 'sorry' placard made up and superglued to my hand... What I meant was I didn't do anything to anyone that required my apologies, embarrassment by association doesn't count! I'm going put my big sticky beak in here and suggest that the contradiction is between the going to the 80s club/wearing of the beige suit etc, and the nothing to apologise about... Again, I shall not apologise for embarrassment caused by my association, or apologise if my actions or appearance only cause embarrassment to me. I usually have too many more serious things to make grovelly apologies for; pride is something that long since disappeared in the rear-view mirror of my life*. * I know I used that expression only the other day, but it got wiped from the Castro thread and I quite like it.
  12. TLC

    Tony Blair

    I presume the 'Brown Bread' headline has already been copywrited, just in case?
  13. Hmm, sounds like a contradiction to me TLC . It does sound like a contradiction, but let me explain: I never apologise for my behaviour if I am the only one it embarrasses, or I may as well have a 'sorry' placard made up and superglued to my hand... What I meant was I didn't do anything to anyone that required my apologies, embarrassment by association doesn't count!
  14. TLC

    Fidel Castro

    Crumbs, someone's been doing the spring cleaning! This is now only my second post on the Castro thread ever, so presumably the other one was missed by accident as I doubt it was on topic either. Fair enough, this thread was very messy and I contributed to that in no small way, but I was quite pleased with some of my replies to the nonsense predictions that still seem to continue unabated. Of course my posting often goes off topic, but is generally relevant to the post I reply to. Which is the grown up way of saying 'but he started it!' Oh well, I suppose it was long overdue. I expect this one'll get wiped in the next clean up; not to worry, I won't encourage any more Castro nonsense by coming back to this thread unless I have some health news i.e. not at all.
  15. Sorry for the late reply, but thank you all for your kind words. I went to an 80's club for the big night in full beige suit (sleeves rolled up of course) t-shirt diamond stud earring & mirrored aviator mode... and sang along word perfect to almost every cheese encrusted song that was played! Unfortunately my friend with the camera seems to have been too drunk to have taken any pictures of me at my very coolest, or else I'd put some on here somewhere. I am also disappointed to report that although I got very drunk I had nothing to apologise to anyone about the next day, that's how out of practice I am. Must confess I've been seeing another internet site behind DL's back of late, facebook. As I am unable to multitask (unitasking is hard enough) it has been at the expense of posting here, although I've still been keeping up to date reading everyone else's posts. Plus I am of course still recovering from the completely expected relegation of Charlton Athletic, although on the bright side we'll probably win some games next season... I'm sure I'll soon tire of facebook though; as a 33 year old in touch with hardly anyone from school or university there is limited 'networking' I can do, most people on facebook are loads younger than me. No-one from my school year and only 8 from my entire graduation year are registered, most of my friends didn't even join friends reunited and probably still think computers are only either for nerds, or for downloading porn. Or nerds downloading porn. I'll be back in full effect soon, like it or not. TLC

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