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  1. Youth in Asia

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    That's a massive miss - no-one on DDP picked him
  2. Youth in Asia

    Desmond Morris

    Can he still do the animal impressions?
  3. Youth in Asia

    Who Gets A Chop For 2021

    Jo out of S Club 7 Leee John out of Imagination Paul McCartney out of WIngs
  4. Youth in Asia

    39. Imelda Marcos

    She is (or at least was) quite obese. I saw her in the Manila Peninsula hotel in the late 2000s. It's quite an achievement for her to be living into her 90s and avoiding corona.
  5. Youth in Asia

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Harvey Weinstein is placed in isolation with a 101F fever as prison doctors suspect he has coronavirus
  6. Youth in Asia

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    Yes you're correct. Kulkov died while infected with it, so he meets the criteria. So Sutcliffe is no. 9.
  7. Youth in Asia

    How many 2020 DDP picks will die of coronavirus?

    9. Updated for Vasili Kulkov (10 October) and Peter Sutcliffe (13 November).
  8. Youth in Asia

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    "He was the people's ripper"
  9. Youth in Asia

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    I believe he's the 8th DDP pick to die of Covid, and the first on DL.
  10. Youth in Asia

    Who is the best official James Bond?

    Doctor Who: Tom Baker James Bond: Roger Moore Superstars winner: Brian Jacks Children's TV host: Keith Chegwin Playschool presenter: Floella Benjamin Beauty pageant: Miss World Generation Game host: Larry Grayson [OK maybe the last one's a bit much]
  11. He will win both Wisconsin and Michigan. He should win Nevada and Maine. He'll lose Pennsylvania. So it all boiled down to the Nebraska 2nd district being flipped by Biden to take it to 270 instead of 269-269.
  12. My prediction: Biden 270 Trump 268. Trump will not accept it and launch about 200 legal cases. Pelosi will be president.
  13. Trump could even lose Ohio?
  14. Ok it's basically over. Pinellas County, the ultimate swing vote county in Florida (which also gives indications on how the mid-West will vote) went 49-48 for Trump in 2016. With 76% of votes counted, it is 53.1 - 45.7 in favour of Biden. So from Trump +1 last time to Biden + 7.5 this time. Confirms my previous post in terms of national swing. Time to celebrate a new dawn.
  15. I'm going to call this election for Biden. I just saw the first county-level data come in for Kentucky, and there is a swing of 5-7 % for Biden in counties where 60% of votes have been counted. So it looks like the opinion polls were basically right this time..

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