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  1. Boring Bob

    At What Age Should One Retire?

    Life without work would feel so empty. It should be a legal requirement to work 60 hours a week minimum.
  2. Boring Bob


    I know, I included a link to an article about him in my post. I was more questioning what the point of starring out a name any good dead pooler cottoned onto at least 3 weeks ago when the aforementioned charity event happened.
  3. Boring Bob


    How exactly is starring out their surnames of any use here? The first one presumably Martin Bashir, the second one answers on a postcard. I'm sure you have your reasons, but these are BBC journalists, so seems odd to censor names. Anyway, good deadpoolers spotted this three weeks ago https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/19262561.martin-bell-hosts-private-talk-blind-veterans/
  4. Boring Bob

    India - How bad can it get?

    Theoretically, there's no really point in guessing how bad it could get as there's such a wide range from a bit worse to most of india's population being wiped out. Based on other countries you'd expect that a broadly similar pattern of a large peak followed by a gradual decline as the government take action.
  5. Boring Bob

    The Roaring Twenties

    Indeed, indeed. I've just finished mopping down the bath room floor, whilst not quiet orgasmic I do have a warm glowing feeling that may in my younger days have coincided with feeling orgasmic. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to alphabetize my CD collection.
  6. Boring Bob


    Of course much more famously covered by Waylon & Willie on their smash hit duet album in 1978
  7. Boring Bob

    The Roaring Twenties

    I'm glad someone is understanding of a natural disposition towards people returning to a more peaceful and tranquil existence following the pandemic. I think many people don't actually want sex, drugs and rock and roll but have been misled by a societal expectation to want it to believe they do. Hopefully the pandemic has opened millions more to the benefits of staying in watching some good documentaries, reading a good book or tidying their house up. The simple pleasures in life like making sure the toaster is perfectly straight may have become more appealing than sweating buckets in a rave to incessant dance music or whatever you call that rap that's constantly on the radio with every other word bleeped out these days.
  8. Boring Bob

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Icelandic delegation member as well. Thankfully they can show a video instead if they want too. It's nice to see BBC4 being utilised for worthwhile programming though, following the amount of repeats. Doe raise the question of if the semi-finals will go back to BBC3 when that comes back onto the telly soon?
  9. Boring Bob

    Bill Gates

    There's no obvious reason he couldn't live that long.
  10. Boring Bob

    Disc Jockeys

    From the looks of previous posts in this thread it appears that this forum intends to follow the long-standing misnomer of classifying radio presenters as disc jockeys despite the two roles being entirely different jobs and having been that way for several decades now. Many a disc jockey will take offense to a radio presenter classifying themselves as a disc jockey for obvious reasons, giving the very different skillsets required. A radio presenter just needs to be confident talking into a microphone these days, often with the songs they play selected by production teams for them, where as a disc jockey needs an intricate knowledge of music that flows well and an ability to use mixing software. Some people can do both, but that doesn't make both roles the same. That minor correction to the thread title aside, I notice Annie Mac has retired after 17 years on Radio 1. She's only 42 years of age. This seems rather odd. She's claiming it's to spend more time with her children as their at school, but surely she could be offered the Annie Nightingale deal of a late night slot pre-recorded and record it while the children are at school. She claims to want to come back to radio in the future, so it's less of a retirement and more of a career break, whilst it may truly be do to with family stuff - a tiny part of me thinks it could be a good wildcard for dead pools next year - we've seen prominent celebrities disappear from public life and turn out to have a terminal health problem in the past. It's certainly one to watch over the next 6-7 months towards Christmas. Turning to Annie Nightingale, she must know where the bodies are buried regarding past Radio 1 presenters, surely? The only explanation I can think of that they continue to allow an 80 year old with a completely wrecked voice doing a weekly 1 hour bass slot at midnight on Radio 1. Her voice unbelievably crackly, I understand that her and Pete Tong are basically untouchable at Radio 1 but if they can move even Trevor Nelson to Radio 2, and sack Trevor Nelson, Chris Moyles and many others, how the heck not her?
  11. Boring Bob

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Acclaimed mathematician Jacques-Louis Lions numbers were up twenty years ago today in 2001 at the age of 73. He won the John von Neumann lecture prize in 1986. His work Mathematical analysis and numerical methods for science and technology makes for a splendid long term bedtime reading project.
  12. Boring Bob

    The Roaring Twenties

    Hopefully you shall find your way back to the way of morality in due course.
  13. Boring Bob

    The Roaring Twenties

    Contrary to the hedonistic vision of the 2020s outlined in the opening post of this thread, I'm rather minded to believe that the pandemic might finally spur those who inhabit our sacred planet to understand that they can live without the excesses of the last seventy or so years, and instead focus on family and close friendships, rather than mass participation and culture driven distraction that often serves only to benefit big corporations that sell alcohol and criminal networks who sell drugs. I'm rather hoping we'll see the slumbering twenties with a death of mass-participation activity, a mellow musical tone - perhaps the return of classic style pop crooners to the mainstream and small pub events being the mainstay of the entertainment industry rather than decadent raves. Maybe just maybe, the nation could at last find it's god again as well.
  14. Boring Bob

    Barack Obama

    With lifespans of thousands of years, I'd probably adopt an aquatic sponge.
  15. Boring Bob

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    The Queen is a woman of duty, and unlike Prince Albert's her husbands death was relatively expected. She knows the line between duty and personal, and she did a grand job of the state opening under difficult circumstances.

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