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  1. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Never occurred to me til now that by having the same person in my main and theme teams I was denying myself a unique pick. Thanks for the organising, team.
  2. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Ah well, 38=. Can't ever seem to top my best ever 17th. 4th in theme teams on my first go, though. 2020 teams in. Happy New Year, all.
  3. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    I see I have (I think) my first unique hit in 11 years of DDPing.
  4. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    And vice versa!
  5. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Echoing the thanks, Spade. Well done.
  6. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Hello. I can't believe I've been doing this for 11 years. The frequency of my picks is: 168, 144, 113, 103, 62, 59, 59, 52, 35, 29, 27, 6, 6, 5, 5, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1. This is barely of interest to me, so I can only imagine of how little interest it is to anyone else. Good luck!
  7. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Hello. Shouldn't teams with a unique hit really get a namecheck in the round-ups? Rather than "...one team..."? My uniques are still very much alive, btw. Cheers.
  8. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Hello. People I Think Might Die In 2017 team should of course be ...2018. Many thanks!
  9. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Hello. I looked up my DDP record (number of hits in brackets). Probably of no interest to anyone else, but: 2017 29= (9) (to date) 2016 41= (8) 2015 30 (6) 2014 70= (4) 2013 33= (8) 2012 17= (8) 2011 103= (3) 2010 164= (3) 2009 162= (6) I don't know what that proves, other than that a few hits went a long way in 2014 and I've been quite consistent for the last three years. Double figures and Top 20 for 2018 would be nice. Still tinkering. Good luck, Spade!
  10. marinade

    DDP 2018 Town Hall

    Not much chance of that hap- oh.
  11. marinade

    DDP 2018 Town Hall

    Hello. I'd swap the bonuses for Unique Pick and Party Pooper. I always feel the former deserves greater reward and the latter less (or to be honest, IMO, none). Also, under each team's years in DDP and best position, maybe have their high score? Thanks.
  12. marinade

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Hello MiB - how many Cardinal Dalys did you get, then? He must have been a couple of hours from making it to 2010. You should have got one from me, at any rate (People I Think Might Die in 2010 United). Step up, sub Vera Lynn... Good luck running t'ing.
  13. marinade

    Tony Hart

    Tony Hart + Oliver Postage is a sad one-two in the nostalgia gut. Still, my very first points in the DDP.
  14. marinade

    Your DDP 2009 Entries

    Your wish is evidently time's command...
  15. marinade

    Your DDP 2009 Entries

    Hello! My first go at this, though I do run a Death League on Facebook. Frederica Sagor Maas Peter O'Sullevan Henry Allingham Michael Foot Oscar Niemeyer Ray Harryhausen Leila Denmark Liz Dawn Bobby Robson JD Salinger Peter Falk Tony Hart Edward Kennedy Richard Attenbrough Paul Gascoigne (joker) Eric Hobsbawm Fidel Castro Karl Malden Les Paul 'Mad' Frankie Fraser

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