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  1. lospalmas7

    Norman Wisdom

    I went to university and didn't think that using DeathList was the cleverest way to make friends. Then I got out of the habit and almost forgot about the site. Then I heard that Norman Wisdom had been performing at my local Esso having escaped from Brinsworth House. That sparked some memories.
  2. lospalmas7

    Norman Wisdom

    Either that or he's still going strong. I'm not really sure. Apparently the show went down quite well.
  3. lospalmas7

    Norman Wisdom

    Norman Wisdom, of falling over fame, did stay at Brinsworth recently. He did a runner and was found doing a show on the forecourt of a nearby petrol station. Hello.
  4. lospalmas7


    Born and live in West london. Moving to Hull on Saturday.
  5. lospalmas7

    Ted "Double Duty' Radcliffe

    That could produce some unfortunate results.
  6. lospalmas7

    Where's Mr Josco?

    If you watch that with the right persective in mind it's a little bit like Josco On Ice. As splendid as it is though (and it really is) it might be nice to include a natural end or at least a warning that there will be no end. I'd like the last 10 minutes of my life back.
  7. lospalmas7

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    Alex Higgins is not in particularly good health, maybe he could be a candidate.
  8. lospalmas7

    Richard Attenborough

    I assume you mean Lord Richard Attenborough, getting old and his daughter's death and grandkids in the Tsunami probably didn't help his old heart. I assume you mean Richard, Lord Attenborough. Is this an active role. I know that he is Life Vice-President (or something like that) of Chelsea FC but this doesn't mean he has any responsibility. Perhaps his role at the film studio will be similar.
  9. lospalmas7

    Horse Racing

    Balding is a lesbian.
  10. lospalmas7


    I like to think there's some similarity between me and my avatar. I don't really think that this thread's going to make any sense to anyone reading this back. At the rate people keep changing avatars (avatae?) this thread's becoming even more incomprehensible than your usual deathlist fare.
  11. lospalmas7

    500 members (almost)

    I hope you don't think that anyone in the south thinks that 'deferred success' was a good idea! I suppose I knew what you meant it just gets on my wick a little that traits such as that are seen as almost exclusive to Northerners when in reality the whole country probably has a similar outlook. I get tired of being told about the north/south divide and the specific characteristics of different regions when the people I meet are so similar. I realise that this post is hardly going to associate me with 'northern pragmatism' or separate me from some idea of a whinging soft southerner but I'm not sure I really care.
  12. lospalmas7

    500 members (almost)

    I've not encountered this Northern pragmatism before. What are the unique features of this pragmatism? Are other pragmatisms available?
  13. lospalmas7

    Crew Of USS Enterprise

    It's nice to see that amongst such highbrow books as Graham Greenauthor's (sic) The Third Man and some of Aristophanes' more racey work Art has time to read The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's () Stone. It's a shame he hasn't read anymore of Harry's adventures and an even greater shame he hasn't yet read JC Jones' Influx. Perhaps someone should send him a copy.
  14. lospalmas7

    how did you come here

    I'm fairly sure that I read about deathlist in the Guardian. It was something like 'Why I love... deathlist.net' but I can't find any trace of it now. Does anyone remember this being published?
  15. lospalmas7

    William Gladstone Stewart

    Just A Minute "Nicholas Parsons hosts the devious panel game. Remember the rules: no hesitation, repetition or deviation."

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