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  1. Grim_Rita

    Simon Maccorkindale

    Who is he and why's he on the list?
  2. Grim_Rita


    So have I got to guess at what your real names are then?
  3. Grim_Rita


    This is very off topic but is anyone here on Facebook? If so gimme a message with ya details, would be good to see what you all look like!!
  4. Grim_Rita

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Richard O'Brien was on Loose Women today promoting his new show Dead Strange about all things death related. The women asked him if there was anything he found offensive and he said all those Dead Pool websites! He said he appeared on a few as well!
  5. Grim_Rita

    Arthur C Clarke

    2008: A Death Odyssey?
  6. Grim_Rita

    Heath Ledger

  7. Grim_Rita

    Heath Ledger

    Just such a shame that he died so young. If it is drug related than its especially sad after Brad Renfro.
  8. Grim_Rita

    The Second 2008 Success Poll

    Didn't think the ole chap would still be up for it!!
  9. Grim_Rita

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Is it worth me trailing through this list or is it just full of obscure people??
  10. Grim_Rita

    Eli Wallach

    Just seen him in The Holiday, stole every scene he was in but that wasn't difficult considering what a pile of rubbish it was! Looking very spry as others have said, dunno what he's doing on here? Can Grim Reaper inform us?
  11. Grim_Rita

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Please would someone be so kind as to do a little run-down of all celebs who've announced illnesses in the last 6 months. also everyones thoughts on the celeb they reckon will be next to go! Cheers
  12. Grim_Rita

    Anna Wing

    She was on Loose Women this afternoon, very entertaining and lucid. The old birds got a couple of years left in her for sure!
  13. Grim_Rita

    Charles Lane

    Happy Birthday Charlie, 102 today!
  14. Grim_Rita

    Muhammad Ali

    Article from The Sun on his 65th birthday: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,3-2007020516,00.html
  15. Grim_Rita

    Michael Winner

    From his Sunday Times column: PS I have been in hospital since January 2 in Barbados, from which I took a Swiss Air-Ambulance to the London Clinic. I have had two operations (both serious!) but such is my dedication, I shall continue to amuse unless I kick the bucket!

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