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  1. Going Underground

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Remember a story me Dad used to tell me way back. Him and his mates were talking about David Wilkie down the pub one night and one bloke piped up with. "I hate that baldy-headed bastard". Incidentally, is big Dunc still with us? (goes off to check Wiki)
  2. Going Underground

    Life In Prison

    My mate submitted a DDP team years ago called "Picktons Pork Pies" I never understood this team name until today when I read Picktons Bio Seemed like a nice guy.
  3. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    I would have loved to have seen 'Tesco Lifer ' Pat Bevan on the till.
  4. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    wow. If there was ever a case to NOT link a qualifying DDP pick to a WIki entry then this is it.
  5. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Great work guys, amazing you got this all done in just over 2 weeks, That has to be a modern-day record. So my unique hope didn't make it. Daniel Hersl is my incarcerated pick this year. I am hoping to make it 4 in a row. 2021 - Peter "Wiseguy, brother of John" Gotti 2022 - Russell "Babes in the Woods Killer" Bishop 2023 - Ted "Unabomber" Kaczynski On the subject of Hersl. Try and give the crime drama mini-series "We Own This City" a watch. It tells the story of the rise and fall of the infamous Baltimore PD's GTTF (Gun Trace Task Force). Of which Hersl was a major player.
  6. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Ahh for gods sake. I made exactly the same mistake last year. Forgot to remove her from my possibles list. Ah well. Andy Taylor comes. He's an outsider at best
  7. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    I was worried about my Maxwell pick but I saw Spade and Pan Breed has picked him too. A bit more confident now. Hersl hopefully is unique, but a QO is dodgy even if he does happen to cark it. Team Name Going Underground Craig Maxwell JOKER Derek Draper Rob Burrow Shannen Doherty James Whale Bruce Willis Steve McMichael Esther Rantzen Jonnie Irwin Simon Cowell Christina Strutt Frank Field Charlie Bird Janey Godley Joe Shannon Dave Myers Jason Smith Stuart Gray Theo Burrell Daniel Hersl
  8. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    That is pretty formidable deadpooling. Best I've seen in my 18 years.
  9. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Crumble-Meister I am seriously impressed you managed to pick 58/60 unique. Torben Ulrich and Polly Perkins the only pair letting you down. In your honor, I may submit a cake & dessert-based theme team for next year. Perhaps called "I can't go back to savory now " After a very quick recon mission, the first on the list will be Tony "The Viper" Eccles. Darts player and convicted nonce.
  10. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Ann Clwyd I love it when one of the "Crumble" Teams gets a hit. Always makes me wanna go away an devour Crumble & Custard
  11. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Other than Frank McGarvey LOL
  12. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Looking at some of the DDP heavyweights picks, I don't think I've missed any massive open goals this year. One outside chance of a unique in Ken McGinley. Johnnie Irwin JOKER Simon Cowell (NOT the probably immortal square headed individual partly responsible for the death of music) Juan Carlos Unzue Steve McMichael Christina Strutt Ryuichi Sakamoto George Alagia Kate Keltie Ted Kaczynski Marlyne Barrett Faye Fantarrow Janey Godley Gianluca Vialli Johnny Ruffo Ken McGinley (Nuclear test veteran) Rob Burrow Michael Tilson Thomas James Whale Charlie Bird Andy Taylor
  13. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    I imagine there were teams already submitted that included all of Pope, Babs Walters and Pele. If another of their low hanging fruit falls off the tree before midnight, I wonder if they will be give a 4th sub?
  14. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Ok, team "Going Underground" submitted for my 17th attempt at this ace game. About 16 hours earlier than usual this year. Now I sit and wait until around about this time tomorrow, when it becomes evidently clear I have yet again missed a Gary Burgess type open goal sitter. Thanks in advance for all the effort I know goes into running this thing.
  15. Going Underground

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Bloody Hell. Didn't realize Natty Wailer left us a few weeks ago. Although a minor part of Bob Marley's legacy I'm really surprised he didn't get some kind of UK obit. Ah well. Wouldn't be the same without one of my lads making the "List of the lost"

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