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  1. CaptainChorizo

    25. George Bush Senior

    Clinton and Trump could go either way,no matter what neither one of those dudes is seeing 90 and maybe not 85 even due to their love of Fast Food
  2. CaptainChorizo

    The Dead of 2018

    It may have faded in memory across the globe,but the show has been a fixture of cable reruns in the Usa for decades.Not to mention the actor who played her husband on the series got a Daily Mail Obit when he died a few years ago. I would be shocked if she didn't get an obit,particularly since her charecter and her daughter on the series Nellie, were the main antagonist of the Ingalls family throughout most of the series.
  3. CaptainChorizo

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Lucho Gatica The Chilean Singer is dead at 90. One of the most popular Bolero Singer's of the 50s and 60s,was especially a favorite of my Abuelita. There was an interview with him in Billboard earlier in the year,and he has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.So some english language obits should roll in over the next week.
  4. CaptainChorizo

    The 12th Death of 2018

    Ian St. John .......in an auto accident
  5. CaptainChorizo

    Windy City Deadpool 2018-19

    Will do an update over the weekend Any other hits on here since the last update besides Lee,Ellis and Norden?
  6. CaptainChorizo

    Donald J Trump

    Outside of Florida which always is a 1-2% for both parties,he flipped Senate seat's in State's Dems were not realistically looking to compete in 2020 on the Presidential level(Indiana,North Dakota,Missoura) His 2016 coalition won't be enough to hold on in Michigan,Pennsylvania and Wisc due to demographic changes and a likely decrease in 3rd party votes. Unless the Dems *** up and back someone bad as Hilary again,he will need to win over some new voters in a way that doesn't piss off his base coalition
  7. CaptainChorizo

    Deathrace 2019

    Deathrace Form Guide #13: Dorothy Morrison Turns 100 on Jan 3,the former child actress is one of the last surviving performers to appear in the Our Gang Short films. Her older brother Sunshine Morrison was the first black actor to sign a long term contract with a film studio.
  8. CaptainChorizo

    Academy Award Winners

    QO for DDP https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-46139415
  9. CaptainChorizo

    Imelda Marcos

    She may not be a shoe in to die in 2019,but she would be a shoe in to bring a ton of traffic to this site whenever she does(If she is one of the 50 picked by DL committee).
  10. CaptainChorizo

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    What a jerk Ted Mack is for not dying a week earlier for 54321 Deadpool purposes
  11. CaptainChorizo

    Big Brother

    Interesting the Us version was never even remotely popular as the UK in it's respective home country,but the Us version will chug along forever as a profitable cheap to produce summer series so long as network tv exists in the Usa.
  12. CaptainChorizo

    So, How's Your 2019 Shortlist Looking?

    In addition to all that he played Julie Christie's husband in the Oscar nominated film "Away From Her" and was the main cop in the not quite Oscar nominated film "Blacula". So 110% QO lock
  13. CaptainChorizo

    Thoughts On The 2018 List

    40 left ranked from most to least droppable Ronnie Wood-Swing and a miss from the committee this year. Sod's law really,people from iconic 60's band seem to go the year's when no one takes a gambit on them Louis Farrakhan -One of the healthiest people on the list and still giving sermons to his congregation,could be here in a decade Dick Van Dyke-Maybe the healthiest name on the list,year's away from being an undroppable name Linda Nolan-Despite being terminal in remission,most likely a 2020-2022 death Joni Mitchell-Could go tomorrow but maybe she has 5-10 years left.Despite being my favorite person on the list,imo think the committee can risk dropping her for 2019 Valery Giscard d'Estaing - Much as I like seeing more non Usa/UK based names, there's at least a dozen Geriatric head's of state who are older,more ill and at least as or more notable that are worth a spot in the top 50 next year ahead of him. Mel Brooks-He might live to 120,not a risk if dropped next year Jimmy Carter-Unless his cancer comes back aggressive he is not in immediate danger.If QE II can be risked being left off some years so can he Ian St. John-Seems to be a tough old dude,probably one of the safer names to drop next year. Henry Kissinger-Despite being an evil sob and one of the more iconic name's on the list he still appears frequently in public and as a very good bet to see 2020 Sean Connery-Can see why some might want to keep him on the list until he dies,really though outside of Van Dyke,Wood,Farrakhan he is probably the safest bet to see 2020 of the names on the list Honor Blackman-Can see the temptation to keep her until she die's, but really one of the healthier names on the list Stanley Baxter-A slightly better gambit then Brooks,but still a bit of a gambit pick despite being in his 90's Prunella Scales-No gurantee she is in the late stages of Alzheimer's,probably could afford to drop her next year Valerie Harper-Sods law,if the committee drops her then she is dead before Easter,if they keep her she see's 2019 out Paul Gasciogne-Always like these trainwreck picks,and he is definitely on the clock the next 3-5 years.Can see the benefits of dropping or keeping him next year Leah Bracknell-She might just manifest herself into being alive in 2020. Worth considering as a drop name Jimmy Greaves-Can see the committee going either way with this name. I would drop personally even if ill, he is not too ill and also not Pope Benedict/Prince Phillip level to keep on the list being only kinda illish. Olivia Newton-John-I guess she could skyrocket to the top 10 or be dropped entirely depending on late in the year health updates. Stirling Moss-Those in the know seem to think he is a goner soon.Not familiar enough with Autosport fame to say whether he seems like a droppable name in 2019 or not. Betty White-Look decent enough at the Emmy's,can see the justification either way with dropping her in 2019 or keeping her June Brown-As I always say smoking kills,this young lady is a decent bet to go in 2019 Hosni Mubarak-Gut feeling say's he is 2019 or 2020 death Pierre Cardin-Probably too old/big of a name to drop Jill Gascoine- The Monica Vitti of the UK who seems to have had Alzheimers forever ,can see why she will probably stay on this list until she is dead Stan Lee-The family is vulturing for the inheritance now,definitely a strong death possibility in 2019 Doris Day-At one point the biggest female movie star on the planet,too old now to drop ever Bob Dole--Looks a lot worse now then he did a year ago,would not bet on him being alive a year from now. Bob Barker-In and out of the hospital in 2019,maybe not one of the bigger name's on the list but too ill to drop Pope Benedict-Not sure if he his health is being exaggerated but probably undroppable at this point Leslie Phillips-One of those how he is not dead yet names. George Herbert Walker Bush Robert Mugabe-Posting a lot less lately,think 2019 is his year Prince Phillip-Don't think he is one of the top 25 most likely to die but still a good enough pick and probably too important ta miss Herman Wouk-103 and needs an oxygen tank.Anyone picking him this year is a bit unlucky he hasn't come through with a hit Kirk Douglas Javier Perez De Cueller-Competing with George Bush to star in a remake of Weekend at Bernie's. Undroppable name Clive James Olivia DeHavilland Vera Lynn-May she have a life that lasts long as Jeanne Clement
  14. CaptainChorizo

    Five4Three2One Deadpool - 2018

    1 Tim Conway 2 Dilip Kumar 3 Johnny Clegg 4Reverend Robert Graetz 5Carrie Meek

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