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  1. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Paul Bocuse and Dorothy Malone died too
  2. The Joker's Dead Pool 2018

    I will take Senator John McCain
  3. Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Yep,I figure my chances are gonna ride on whether one of my druggie punts(Chasey Lain,Nick Stahl etc) pulls a Chyna this year.
  4. Five4Three2One Deadpool - 2018

    Barnsley Owner Patrick Cryne from my team is dead http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42776060
  5. The Rolling Probabilistic Ddp Scoreboard

    The Sun and Daily Mail had articles on Cappotelli's cancer in 2017,it's a safe bet they would also have an article announcing his death.
  6. 2018 Names for 2018

    ya i have not entered a team at all
  7. Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    It's in the first post of the thread
  8. Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Only 1 Lithuanian on the team? No wonder they needed the refs help to win
  9. Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    None of these are drop 40 or 41-50
  10. Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    1 Angela Lansbury 2 Donald Trump 3 Dick Van Dyke 4 Henry Kissinger 5Queen Elizabeth II 6 Paul Gascoigne 7 Val Kilmer 8 Jimmy Carter 9Alberto Fujimori 10 Stephen Hawking 11 Terry Jones 12 Stan Lee 13 Simon Ricketts 14 Linda Nolan 15 Bob Barker 16 Dennis Norden 17 Devin Lima 18 Olivia Newton-John 19 Little Richard 20 Doris Day 21 Prunella Scales 22 Catherine Nevin 23 Prince Phillip 24 Olivia DeHavilland 25 Kirk Douglas sub Vera Lynn
  11. The Joker's Dead Pool 2018

    1Joss Ackland 2Paul Alock 3Satoru Anzaki 4Pope Benedict Benedict XVI 5Leah Bracknell(joker) 6George Bush Sr 7Gay Byrne 8Monsterrat Caballe 9Matt Cappotelli 10Mary Carlisle 11John Cocks 12Patrick Cryne(joker) 13Fernando Del Paso 14Ken Dodd 15Dean Francis 16Aretha Franklin 17Doug Ford 18William Frankland 19Greg Gilbert 20Vanessa Goodwin 21Rev Billy Graham 22Jimmy Greaves 23Clive James 24Freddie Jones 25Jose Jose 26Tessa Jowell 27Ingvar Kamprad 28Kenneth Kaunda 29Barrys Kit 30Dilip Kumar 31Devin Lima 32Ted Lindsay 33Jerry Maren 34John McCain 35Liam Miller 36Patricia Morrison 37Stirling Moss 38Robert Mugabe 39Linda Nolan 40Sidney Poitier 41Charlotte Rae 42Fernando Ricksen 43Mitzi Shore 44Stefan Karl Stefansson 45Nobby Stiles 46Nabi Tajimi(joker) 47Marieke Vervoort(joker) 48Eileen Whelan 49Herman Wouk(joker) 50Franco Zeffirelli backup Prince Phillip Olivia DeHavilland Jens C. Skou Harrison Dillard Joni Mitchell
  12. The Joker's Dead Pool 2018

    Just for clarification are hits by DDP rules correct? IE if someone has their 108 yo Nan as joker and they don't get points in that pool they don't count here either?
  13. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Looks like my theme team cost my main team a unique,thought for sure at least a few others would go for Yamaguchi-San.
  14. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Tonetta from my Theme Team is listed as (Actress) but is Male and Musician http://www.derbydeadpool.co.uk/deadpool2018/teams.html#DDPTeammarytson18
  15. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Looks like she was only 1 or 2 more teams away from sneaking in.